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Top 5 African countries with best medical doctors

Top 5 African countries with best medical doctors
Top 5 African countries with best medical doctors

Top 5 African countries with best medical doctors

Health care is a key indicator that a country is progressing.  A country with a healthy population means there will be growth in the economy.  Having a good health care system also improves the quality of life of the citizens.

To ensure that we have the quality of life to be productive,  we need doctors who will cater to our health needs. Below are some African countries that have the best doctors this list is compiled by the World Health Organisation and the basis was on the overall quality of the health care system, staff, doctors, cost, healthcare professionals, and equipment.

1 . South Africa

South Africa comes at the top if we search for countries with the best doctors and medical care. It has more than 200 hospitals both private and public ownership and these hospitals can compete in terms of service with others outside the continent like South America, Europe, and Asia. The South African government funds the healthcare system through taxation and point of care spending from those that use the services.

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The South African government also plans to improve the quality of their public health care by implementing the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme.  This scheme is to provide enough free services to their citizens. South Africa’s health index stands at 64.14

2 . Tunisia

The Tunisian public health care is sponsored by taxation that is administered by the Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie which caters to a greater percentage of the citizens. It also includes the provision of equipment and manpower to the district and regional hospitals by the health care providers. Tunisia’s health care index stands at 57.18 and its expenditure of 100.55.

3 . Kenya

When it comes to health care in East Africa, Kenya can boast of having the best. The country has made remarkable progress by expanding access to primary health care services. It has taken out the user fee normally paid by those that visit the facilities.

The country also provides free maternity services. In addition, those that are severely disabled or are old have insurance cover that has been subsidized. Kenya has a health index of 55.59% and an expenditure of 98.2%.

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4 . Algeria

The Algerian public health care system is fully funded by the government and it is free of charge. Also, it is open to all its citizens and the general public as well. The country’s health index stands at 54.86% and expenditure at 99.61%.

5 . Finally, Rwanda

Despite the genocide, this country suffered it has one of the most sought-after health care systems in Africa. The budget allocated to the health sector exceeds what was supposed to be the target as declared in Abuja. The Abuja declaration stated that 15% of government revenues should be allocated to health.

Rwanda contributes more than 20% of its revenues toward health. Although Rwanda has the maximum government revenue,  it does not have a lot of private stakeholders in the health sector.




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