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Study In Australia: University Of Adelaide Australian Government RTP Scholarship 2024

March 6th, 2024 at 08:29 am

Study In Australia: University Of Adelaide Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship 2024

Australian Government Scholarship for Research Training Program (RTP) at the University of Adelaide for the 2024–2025 academic year. Applications for a fully financed opportunity are welcome from overseas students. The University of Adelaide offers Masters and PhD programs in a variety of topics, for which this award is available. The deadline to apply for scholarships is June 5, 2024.

Reasons to study at the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide draws top research students globally because of its international reputation, research excellence, student experience, and the high quality of life in Adelaide.

The research community is dynamic and varied, with individuals from a wide array of cultures, languages, backgrounds, and beliefs. In 2018, around 59% of our research students were nationals, 10% were permanent residents, and 30% were international students from various nations like China, Iran, India, and Vietnam.

Internationally acclaimed research

The University of Adelaide is dedicated to investing in research of the highest quality to benefit both local and global society.

For nearly 150 years, our researchers have made significant contributions worldwide, including advancements in X-ray crystallography, insulin, penicillin, and the Olympic torch.

All 67 research sub-fields at the university have been evaluated “at or above world standard” by the Australian Research Council Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) review in 2018.

The university has 6 specialized research institutes, around 40 research centers, and more than 1600 academic research experts.

The University of Adelaide regularly conducts research that provides clear and significant societal benefits at the local, national, and global levels by working closely with government, business, and communities.

Financial support and grants

Various government and university-funded scholarships are available to provide financial support during your studies, covering tuition fees and providing a tax-free living allowance. The university provides scholarships from many sources annually, including as externally sponsored major awards, top-ups, operating cost allowances, and travel scholarships, to enhance your research concentration.

Scholarships can be supported by several sources, such as cooperative research centers (CRCs), the Australian Research Council (ARC), businesses, research and development organizations, donors, and others.

Outstanding supervision

As a research-focused university, we recognize the importance of offering a top-notch setting for nurturing future researchers. The University of Adelaide’s supervisor training program and registry acknowledge that academic staff have the academic standing, essential skills, and traits required to effectively supervise students, ensuring they get high-quality assistance and advice for success.

The Annual Excellence in Supervisory Practice Awards acknowledge supervisors who offer exceptional mentorship to our research students.

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Educational Level:

The University of Adelaide offers the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship for the 2024–2025 academic year. This scholarship is fully funded and is open to students pursuing Masters or PhD level programs at the University of Adelaide.

Subjects available:

All disciplines are eligible to study under this scholarship initiative.

Scholarship Benefits:

The Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship and the University of Adelaide Research Scholarships provide several advantages.

1. Stipends:

  • The RTP stipend for full-time students is $34,210 per annum, adjusted annually for inflation.
  • RTP Stipend for part-time students: $17,105 per annum (adjusted yearly)
  • An annual stipend of $50,291 is provided to full-time Indigenous students through the RTP program, with adjustments made for inflation each year.
  • The RTP stipend for Indigenous half-time students is $25,145.50 per annum and is adjusted annually for inflation.
  • Stipend amounts may be taxable; it is advisable to seek independent financial advice.

2. Research Training Program (RTP) Fees Offset / Tuition Fee Waiver:

  • Domestic students are provided with an RTP fee offset that covers their tuition fees.
  • International students who have been awarded the RTP Scholarship are granted an exemption from paying tuition fees.
  • International students who get the University of Adelaide Research Scholarship do not have to pay tuition fees.

3. Allowances:

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC):

  • International students are provided with mandatory Medibank Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • Research Masters coverage lasts up to 27 months, while Research Doctorate coverage lasts up to 48 months.

Allowance for moving expenses:

  • Australian students: a maximum of AUD$1,000.
  • International students: a maximum of AUD$1,500.

Visa Entitlements and Requirements:

Foreign applicants are responsible for visa application fees and medical examination expenses.

Early Submission Privilege:

  • Qualified for an honorarium of up to two months upon submitting the thesis early.
  • Payment will be issued within 4 weeks after submitting the thesis.
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Eligible Countries:

This grant is available to both domestic and international students of any nationality.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Admission Criteria:

Applicants must qualify for full-time enrollment in a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) program at the University of Adelaide.

2. Global Standing:

International candidates must maintain their status as international students for the duration of their enrollment.

3. Ongoing Qualifications:

Qualifications that are not fulfilled by the scholarship closing date will not be considered.

4. Linguistic Competence:

International applicants must demonstrate that they meet the English language competency standards.

5. Limitations on Scholarships and Awards:

Applicants are ineligible if they possess specific scholarships or awards from the Commonwealth government.

6. Funding Restrictions:

Applicants for a Research Training Program Stipend should not possess money that is equal to or greater than 75% of the base stipend.

7. Preparedness for Commencement:

It is crucial to be prepared to start research during specific time frames.

Additional Criteria:

1. Former applicants:

Unsuccessful candidates may reapply in future rounds.

2. PhD holders:

Priority will be given to individuals who do not possess a comparable research degree.

3. Candidates currently enrolled:

Apply, taking into account previous work conducted before the present HDR research.

4. Native applicants:

Qualified for the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship (Indigenous) with proof of heritage.

5. Adherence:

Preference will be given to candidates who have not voiced any issues after the screening process regarding non-academic rejection reasons.

Procedure for Applying:

Step 1: Verify Your Eligibility

Make sure you fulfill the required conditions for the Australian Government Scholarship.

Step 2: Evaluate Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Comprehend the precise requirements and conditions for scholarship eligibility.

Step 3: Locate a Supervisor

Find and establish a connection with an appropriate academic supervisor for your research program.

Step 4: Submit your application online.

Follow the steps provided to finish the online application procedure.

Step 5 (Domestic Students):

Agree to the offer and register Upon getting an offer, accept it and continue with the enrolling process.

Step 5 (International Students):

Accept the offer and enroll. International students must accept the offer and complete the enrollment process.

By following these instructions, you can successfully navigate the application process for the University of Adelaide Australian Government RTP Scholarship 2024.


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