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5 European countries with the best railway routes

5 European countries with the best railway routes
5 European countries with the best railway routes

5 European countries with the best railway routes

Travelling by train in Europe is quite a remarkable experience. There are so many great sceneries in Europe and the best way to see them is to board a train. The railway offers a comfortable experience for one to travel from one city to the other introducing them to the many great landscapes of Europe.  This is a collection of countries that have a great network of trains.

1 . Firstly, Switzerland

Switzerland is a very beautiful country that has the most effective rail network in the world. The country is noted for its serene terrains, snowy peaks and dramatic waterfalls. To see more spectacular sceneries, take the Glacier Express, which takes the Zermatt to St Moritz route. The route has an opus of snow-capped mountains, a lot of bridges that overlook lush valleys and a wild intertwine of alpine forest.

No matter the season,  Switzerland has so many sceneries that will keep you glued to your window while travelling by train.

2 . Italy

Travelling by train is by far the fastest and most convenient way to travel in Italy compared to driving or flying. The train network is very efficient and comfortable and it is linked to all the major city centres. There is no need for a lengthy check-in, payment of baggage fees or even a weight limit on your baggage.

A trip from Rome to Florence takes an hour and 30 minutes by train, and from Rome to Milan is also about 2 hours and 55 minutes.  You could actually see the entire country by taking a train. Italy has a scenic region train which is connected to the city lines.


The scenic trains give you a beautiful glimpse of the culture of the country and its people. If you want to taste what luxury is, you can onboard the Venice SimplonOrient Express while travelling and taking in the picturesque view of the most visited destination.

3 . Scotland

Scotland is a country that is rich in culture and tradition, it is also noted for its majestic and vibrant sceneries. The country has a beautiful landscape of rugged Highland, an isolated Loch and great views from the viaduct of Glenfinnan. Those that board the train are given a luxurious treatment as they move from one city to the other.

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4 . France

Travelling by train in France to the major towns in the country is the best way to go. The trains have been crafted very well and the country’s world-famous TGV travels at up to 199 mph, from one city to the other offering those on board comfortable and scenic views.

You can travel around the country to some of the popular towns like Lyon, Bordeaux and Lille from Paris and some of these places take less than 3 hours to get there

5 . Germany

Germany has one of the most effective rail network systems in the world. There are a lot of great sceneries to view, from dense forests to ancient castles overlooking sparkling lakes.



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