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New Employment Opportunity at SOCODEVI

New Employment Opportunity at SOCODEVI

Job Title: OED Facilitator

About the company

SOCODEVI helps to improve the living conditions of communities by helping to start and strengthen cooperative or mutual companies that are sustainable and include everyone.

Project Description

SOCODEVI helps improve the living conditions of communities by helping to start and strengthen cooperatives or mutual companies that are sustainable and include everyone.

The goal of the TogetHER Project is to give women and young adults (18–30 years old) in Ghana’s Ashanti and Western North regions, where cocoa is grown, more power. With training and help, people will be more likely to save money together, start their own businesses, and get access to financial services.

This will help the cocoa industry stay strong and help spread economic benefits and opportunities to everyone. The goal of this project is to close the gender gap in the cocoa industry and increase the flow of resources at the community level.

This will help cocoa cooperatives become more inclusive, give women and young people equal and effective roles, and help them stay empowered. Through this project, SOCODEVI is leading the way in working with all levels of Ghana’s government to make cooperatives more inclusive and resilient.

Job Summary 

The Organization and Enterprise Development Facilitator is in charge of building the capacity of supported cooperative enterprises, VSLAs, and small businesses by coordinating activities with them and taking part in the evaluation of activities that promote organizational development. He or she works closely with other project advisors and field officers to come up with growth and service development plans that meet the needs of partners and project beneficiaries.

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The Organizational and Enterprise Development Facilitator reports to the Regional Coordinator and OED Specialist and works closely with the SOCODEVI Organizational Development Department in Canada.


Capacity building

  • Help the Board of Directors and coop members, along with the partners, run their business and make decisions about it.
  • Plan, organize, and help run workshops on Coop Skills and/or other training topics, as well as use management tools and come up with new ideas;
  • Do diagnoses of partner cooperative businesses using the PerformCoop Approach, which is SOCODEVI’s method of intervention;
  • Develop, implement, and track plans for building people’s skills in a way that involves them;
  • Help the partners with training workshops on the Coop Skills material and/or other training topics, implement management tools, and bring in new ideas as agreed upon by both parties;
  • Collect data from partners on a regular basis so that you can enter it into the PerformCoop Platform and analyze it;
  • Help and advise VSLAs and small business organizations about the training they can get to develop or improve their business ideas and activities that bring in money.

Monitoring and evaluation of organizational learning

  • Track the performance of the beneficiary coops once a month and fill out the PerformCoop software data;
  • Do an annual performance review of the Coop Board with the project partners and set goals for the next year with them;
  • Follow up with the recipients to see how their business ideas and activities that bring in money are going.
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Systematization of good practices

Help document the lessons learned and new ideas that SOCODEVI and its partners in building capacity have come up with.

Skills or Experience Needed

  • Bachelor’s degree from a college or university in organizational development, business studies, or a similar field;
  • At least three years of relevant experience in Organizational Development, Business Development, or a similar role working with international organizations, NGOs, or projects funded by donors;
  • Organizational Development, Business Development, and Entrepreneurship experience;
  • Having training experience is a plus;
  • Knows a lot about Ghana’s cocoa industry and rural areas;
  • Knowledge of the legal environment for business and cooperatives development in Ghana;
  • Shown experience in training adults (andragogy) and using participatory methods in a rural setting;
  • It would be a plus to have experience with gender mainstreaming or knowledge of gender equality;
  • Good written and spoken communication skills;
  • Commitment to working as a team and helping others;
  • Creative and always learning new skills to meet changing work needs;
  • An individual who is proactive and self-motivated and has great organizational skills;
  • Expertise with Windows, MS Office, and Sharepoint;
  • English skills are high.


  • Good knowledge of how to run a business as a group;
  • Good knowledge of how cooperative government works;
  • Ability to make a schedule for tasks to be done and keep track of it (seasonality of actions);
  • Ability to analyze, synthesize, and talk about key issues (to coop, to project coordinators, etc.);
  • Ability to design and modify management and governance tools and training programs that build people’s skills and help them do their jobs better;
  • Ability to use a participatory approach in its animations and advice sessions;
  • Ability to work on a team with people close by and far away;
  • Ability to present well-documented scenarios using Excel.
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How to Apply for this Employment Opportunity at SOCODEVI

Send a cover letter, a current resume, and the names of three references to if you are interested.

The last day to send in an application is August 11, 2023. Your email’s subject line should say “OED Facilitator.”



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