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Jobs Opportunities in Norway For Foreigners 2023

October 19th, 2023 at 12:53 am

Jobs Opportunities in Norway For Foreigners 2023

Due to Norway’s robust economy and incredibly low unemployment rate, foreigners have several professional opportunities in this amazing country. The opening up of the global talent market presents growth-oriented firms in Norway with an enticing opportunity to hire outstanding new team members from all over the world.

On this website, you can find several collections of various job vacancies in Norway that are open to foreign applicants. However, before applying, please confirm that you are qualified.

Job Details

Position Description

Norway is a country where finding a job is easy because of its low unemployment rate and rising usage of remote work. The demands of Norway’s many industries, which demand skill and competence but cannot be satisfied by the local labor market, have resulted in an influx of foreign workers over the past few decades.

To get a job in Norway as a foreigner, you must first make sure you match the requirements and are eligible to work there. Depending on your country of origin, you may require a visa, and obtaining one requires meeting specific requirements. You might also need to have a certain level of education to get hired by a local and be recognized as a skilled worker in this nation.

Jobs Available to Foreigners in Norway

  • Jobs in Education
  • Hospitality Jobs
  • IT Jobs
  • Jobs in Healthcare
  • Driving Jobs
  • Jobs in Law
  • Nursing
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Sales Jobs
  • Advertising Jobs

Jobs Opportunities in Norway for Foreigners

It’s possible that offering the right benefits will make working with you a more desirable alternative in one of the world’s most competitive labor markets. Therefore, attracting the brightest minds Norway has to offer will require more than just meeting the minimum requirements set forth by law.


Diversity is valued by Microsoft as an employer. All eligible applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of age, ancestry, color, gender identification or expression, genetic information, marital status, health history, national origin, mental or physical disabilities, political affiliation, protected veterans status, race, belief system, gender (including pregnancy), sexual preference, or any other trait protected by the relevant laws, rules, and ordinances.

Technology Specialist

They are looking for the next big thing to take the lead in their rapidly growing team’s enterprise customers’ digital transformation in Norway. Both public and commercial clients are covered by this. As a Technology Specialist – Low-Code in the Microsoft Business Applications enterprise sales team, you collaborate with our largest clients as a functional business process and technical workload specialist.

You play a critical role in the full sales cycle by helping them with their end-to-end business transformation needs by conceiving, building, and demonstrating solutions matched to a business value within your expertise.


  • Technical consulting experience, technical presales experience, or comparable expertise
  • Also, Relevant Low-Code workload/business knowledge with one or more of the following: post-sales consulting, technical and business process presales, and relevant company/customer IT application implementation or management.
  • Additionally, in the context of the larger opportunity lifecycle, creating and putting into practice a solution strategy
  • Moreover, collaborating with sales executives and group members to recognize, market, and effectively secure pipeline and client solutions
  • Furthermore, substantial communication with teams of technical researchers creating cloud-based client solutions
  • Similarly, success working on pre-sales or consulting projects about business application workloads in conjunction with customers or stakeholders
  • Likewise, a successful history showcasing a competitive advantage and unique solution value
  • Above all, presenting customer-focused business decision-makers with technical workload demonstrations
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Account Managers Jobs

Three Account Executives, or Client Executives, are needed by Microsoft Norway’s division that oversees enterprise accounts in the public sector. Within their vertical, they are creating a second zone for power and utilities and a new territory reserved for the police, immigration, and justice sectors. In our area, they are also hiring for the role of Account Executive for Public Transport and Logistics.


  • Several years of demonstrated experience leading digital transformation, working in a related field (e.g., technology, consulting, government, education, or power & and utilities)
  • Also, a few years of experience working in an Irish industry (healthcare, government, education, manufacturing, automotive, or power and utilizations) driving digital transformation (e.g., consultancy, technology) and a master’s degree in business, technology, or a related sector
  • Besides that, proficient in Norwegian and English Account Executive with Sales Experience who has led and coordinated a remote team to meet targets

Sales Expert

Microsoft is looking for a Solution Area Specialist to cover the core of Azure and work with some of the major Norwegian customers. Along with this, you will have responsibilities related to technical competence, sales excellence, and other tasks that you will be assigned.


  • A minimum of 4 years of experience in technology-related sales or account management AND a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, business administration, or a related field
  • Additionally, experience managing accounts, selling solutions, or selling technology-related products or services.

Frontend Engineer/Senior Frontend Engineer

Microsoft is looking to hire a UX engineer to work in their search experiences group. The role will be responsible for designing incredible cross-platform user experiences utilizing TypeScript and React.


  • Establish feature requirements, and arrange design and product management.
  • Also, collaborate with partner teams who host our user experiences to verify and integrate shipping components.
  • Moreover, plan and execute features to optimize performance, testability, and common code.
  • Besides that, enhance our software engineering procedures as we release improvements across all platforms and over forty Microsoft products.
  • In addition, grow, broaden, and impart your technology expertise.


  • Foremost, familiarity with developing React experiences or apps. Experienced developers as well as emerging talent are in high demand.
  • Also, work with web projects that use JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Additionally, understanding Web components, React Native, and other modern web technologies is beneficial.
  • Besides that, passionate about creating products that offer excellent user experiences.
  • Above all, empathetic and responsible member of a team who can complete assignments and watch out for teammates
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Security Technology Specialist

Working together with a virtual team of sales, technical, partner, and consulting resources, you will enhance the team’s capabilities for extended detection and response (XDR), zero trust, and cloud security.


  • Either an undergraduate degree in information technology, computer science, or a closely related discipline and expertise in technical presales or technical consulting
  • Additionally, one must possess a master’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field.
  • Besides that, technical advice, presales know-how, or similar background

Salaries of Norwegian Foreign Workers

In Oslo, Norway, the average yearly salary as of 2024 is about 31000 NOK after taxes. Thus, one of the highest monthly average salaries in European capitals, at more than 3600 USD.


  • Stable and robust economy: Norway’s economy is stable and healthy, with a focus on sectors like technology, healthcare, oil and gas, and it provides a wide range of job opportunities.
  • High Incomes: The high level of life enjoyed by its employees is partly due to Norway’s well-known high salaries and attractive pay packages.
  • Employment Protection: The labor market in Norway is rather stable, offering a sense of employment security, thanks to laws and regulations protecting workers’ rights.
  • Standard of living: Norway has a high standard of living due to its excellent social services, healthcare, and education systems, which routinely rank well in terms of quality of life.
  • Work-life balance: Norway values work-life balance as a means of fostering employee well-being and a positive work-life balance.
  • Decreased Unemployment: Norway usually keeps its unemployment rate low, so that professionals with the necessary skills can find plenty of work.
  • Egalitarian Society: Norway is renowned for having an inclusive, egalitarian culture that embraces variety, making it a welcoming location for foreigners to work.
  • Safety and Security: Norway offers a pleasant and safe living environment, with one of the lowest rates of crime worldwide.
  • Excellent Education: Families from outside can send their kids to famous universities as well as public and international schools.
  • Medical care: Norway offers universal healthcare to all of its residents, ensuring their access to healthcare and fostering overall well-being.
  • Professional networking: By connecting with peers, clients, and experts from around the world, foreign professionals can build a worldwide professional network.
  • Cultural Contact: Working in Norway helps foreigners become more aware of and understanding of other cultures by giving them the chance to encounter and learn about Norwegian society and culture.

Additional Benefits

  • Career Advancement: Norway offers its workers chances for professional growth, skill acquisition, and career advancement, enabling them to excel in their chosen fields.
  • Natural Charm: Norway’s excellent standard of living is a result of its well-known natural beauty and plenty of outdoor activities.
  • Friendly immigration laws: The immigration process is made easier by laws and initiatives designed to draw and retain skilled foreign workers in Norway.
  • Language Learning: International candidates can improve their knowledge of English and/or Norwegian, which can help them in the employment market.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Norway provides chances for launching and growing businesses, and it is friendly to entrepreneurs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an outsider obtain employment in Norway?

You require a residency permit to enter Norway for employment. Usually, you have to look for work initially. Your level of competence and the kind of work you plan to conduct in Norway will determine what kind of residence permit you should apply for. The applicant is someone who wants to go to Norway or move there permanently.

Which positions are most in demand in Norway?

The public sector employs about three-tenths of the workforce in Norway, working in fields including health and education. Skills in nursing, medical, engineering, oil and gas, the fishing industry, building and construction, IT, and communications are in high demand.

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