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Unskilled Jobs in Germany With Visa Sponsorship (€45,000+ per year)

October 8th, 2023 at 04:44 am

Unskilled Jobs in Germany With Visa Sponsorship (€45,000+ per year)

The good news is that much-unskilled job is available with visa sponsorship, making Germany a popular destination for immigrants looking for labor. The number of job openings in Germany reached a new high of 1.44 million in August 2021, according to a recent Federal Employment Agency (BA) report, with a sizable portion of those openings in the unskilled labor sector. This implies that immigrants with less education or training have many opportunities.

Unskilled jobs in Germany that are extremely popular with foreigners include cleaning, hospitality, warehousing, factory work, and agriculture. Due to a labor scarcity in specific industries, these professions typically do not require a high level of education or specialized training, and foreign workers frequently do them.

This article will examine some of the entry-level jobs available in Germany to foreigners with sponsored visas, as well as the best companies and job-search websites.

Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Germany: Future Prospects for Foreigners

Germany boasts one of Europe’s strongest economies and a highly skilled labor force. For foreigners who desire to work in Germany, there are countless unskilled employment open in a wide range of industries. According to Statista, there would be about 2.7 million unemployed persons in Germany as of April 2021, with an unemployment rate of 5.9%.

When it comes to unskilled jobs, Germany’s top employers of foreign workers are the hospitality sector, construction, and agriculture. Examples of these jobs include waiters and waitresses, housekeepers, farm laborers, and construction workers. Even though they may not require a high level of skill, these occupations usually involve physical effort and may call for German proficiency. The COVID-19 pandemic has also influenced the German labor market, particularly in the hospitality industry, where several businesses have closed or reduced staff as a result.

Despite this, foreigners looking for low-skilled labor in Germany still have options. The German government has put programs in place to help link international job searchers with open vacancies as many businesses are actively looking for employees. Foreigners with the required credentials and tenacity might find satisfying employment in Germany.

German Jobs For Foreigners With Sponsored Visas

Germany offers a wide range of professional opportunities for foreigners who are sponsored for visas. There are both skilled and unskilled job openings for these positions.

  • Housekeeping jobs
  • Warehouse jobs
  • Farm jobs
  • Delivery drivers jobs
  • Kitchen staff
  • Retail jobs
  • Childcare assistant jobs
  • Hospitality jobs
  • Car wash attendant
  • Landscapers and gardeners
  • Call center jobs
  • Event staff jobs
  • Pet care assistant jobs
  • Security guards
  • Construction workers
  • Factory jobs
  • Caregiver jobs
  • Clean energy workers
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Salary Expectations

An unskilled worker in Germany might anticipate earning €9.60 per hour, or €1,664 per month, based on a 40-hour workweek. Japatips did observe that some companies might pay greater rates depending on the need for labor and the cost of living in the area.

Unskilled workers in Germany are also entitled to benefits including paid vacation, sick leave, and parental leave. According to the Federal Employment Agency, unskilled workers who have been employed for at least six months are entitled to 24 days of paid vacation per year. Additionally, for up to 78 weeks, sick leave is compensated at 70% of the employee’s average gross income.

Unskilled workers with visa sponsorship may also be eligible for additional benefits like health insurance, retirement benefits, and unemployment benefits. These rewards will vary based on the industry and position.

Top Employers In Germany For Foreign Workers

In Germany, the need for unskilled labor is expected to grow by 7% over the next few years, according to a recent survey. These prestigious companies sponsor visas for low-skilled occupations, making it simpler for foreigners to find employment in Germany. Some of these businesses in Germany that provide options for foreigners to be sponsored for visas in the unskilled sector have been compiled.

1. Amazon

Unskilled employees are employed by the international technology company Amazon to work in warehouses and as delivery drivers. Fair compensation, accommodating working hours, and superior benefits are offered by the company.

2. DHL

Unskilled workers are employed by the logistics company DHL in warehousing, delivery, and other related tasks. The company provides a welcoming workplace, as well as training opportunities and health insurance.

3. McDonald’s

Unskilled workers are employed in a range of roles at McDonald’s, a fast-food restaurant franchise, including waitstaff, kitchen staff, and cashiers. The company offers training, flexible hours, and opportunities for advancement.

4. Burger King

MBurger King is another chain of fast-food restaurants that employs unskilled workers for a range of jobs, including servers, kitchen staff, and cashiers. The business provides opportunities, training, and flexible working hours.

5. KFC

Unskilled workers are employed by the fast-food restaurant chain KFC in a range of roles including servers, kitchen personnel, and cashiers. The company offers training, a welcoming work environment, and opportunities for advancement.

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6. Subway

Unskilled workers receive employment by the sandwich restaurant chain Subway in several roles, including that of sandwich makers and cashiers. The company offers training, a flexible work schedule, and top-notch benefits.

7. Carrefour

Retailer Carrefour employs unskilled labor for a range of jobs, including sales representatives, cashiers, and warehouse workers. The company offers training, a supportive work environment, and growth opportunities.

8. Aldi

Cheap grocery chain Aldi hires unskilled workers for a range of jobs, including cashiers and sales associates. The company offers decent compensation, first-rate benefits, and opportunities for promotion.

9. Lidl

Another low-cost grocery store chain is Lidl, which employs unskilled workers for a range of jobs like cashiers and sales employees. The company offers training, a friendly work environment, and opportunities for promotion.

10. IKEA

Unskilled laborers receive employment from the furniture company IKEA in a range of positions, including sales representatives, warehouse employees, and delivery drivers. The company offers a comfortable working environment, sufficient training, and benefits.

11. BMW

One of the top automakers in Germany, BMW, employs a variety of unskilled laborers, including assembly-line workers, machine operators, and cleaners. The company provides thorough training, competitive compensation, and top-notch benefits.

12. Mercedes-Benz

Another significant German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, employs unskilled laborers such as assembly line workers, machine operators, and cleaners. The company offers good employee benefits, competitive pay, and training.

13. Bosch

German-based Bosch is a multinational engineering and technology company. The company is hiring for a range of entry-level positions, including cleaners, machine operators, and manufacturing workers. Bosch provides thorough training, adaptable work schedules, and attractive employee perks.

14. Siemens

The international corporation Siemens works in several sectors, including energy, healthcare, and transportation. The company hires a variety of unskilled laborers, including cleaners, assembly line workers, and manufacturing workers. Siemens provides training, competitive pay, and top-notch benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive a job sponsorship in Germany?

All people who want to work for a living in Germany require visa-based residency authorization. If a work permit deems necessary, you will receive it along with the visa for this reason.

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What is the German work permit minimum salary?

You need to have a job offer before your visa interview. A Blue Card application requires a minimum yearly salary of 58,400 euros (before taxes). If skilled workers are scarce in your industry, your yearly salary must be at least 45,552 euros.

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