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Latest Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 (192 NOK/hour)

November 11th, 2023 at 11:36 am

Latest Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 (192 NOK/hour)

Norway offers jobs that sponsor visas, enabling remarkable people from all over the world to investigate professional options and advance the prosperity of their home nation. In this piece, we’ll discuss Norway’s Visa Sponsorship Jobs, shedding light on the advantages, prerequisites, and resources for finding these kinds of positions.

Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Norway’s robust economy, robust social structure, and inclusive society make it a desirable place to migrate and seek employment. The nation offers excellent healthcare, top-notch education, a high standard of life, and a strong dedication to long-term growth.

A wide range of industries, including technology, healthcare, engineering, finance, and renewable energy, are represented in Norway’s labor market. Furthermore, Norway is a great place for people looking for a balanced lifestyle and professional development because it values and prioritizes international talent.

Benefits of Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Through Norway’s visa sponsorship program, businesses can hire non-EEA nationals and expedite their application processes for residency and work permits. The immigration process might be expedited for individuals who possess a job offer from a Norwegian company willing to sponsor their visa. Jobs involving visa sponsorship have several advantages, such as:

  • Job Security: Because the company agrees to support the candidate’s immigration journey, obtaining a job through visa sponsorship brings stability and peace of mind.
  • Streamlined Immigration Process: By reducing paperwork and raising the possibility of obtaining a work permit, sponsorship makes the visa application process simpler.
  • Employers usually help sponsored workers with integration by helping with housing, relocation, language instruction, and other procedures that make it easier for them to acclimate to a new country.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Employment with a visa sponsorship opens possibilities for future career opportunities and allows individuals to network within their industry, fostering professional development.

Requirements for Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Although Norway is open to foreign talent, there are a few requirements that must be met to obtain a work visa through sponsorship:

  • Foremost, you need to be in the process of applying for a residence permit for athletes or coaches, or you need to have applied for a skilled worker residence permit with a Norwegian employer.
  • Next, you need to have had one official job offer from a Norwegian firm.
  • Most of the time, full-time employment is required.
  • Additionally, you need to be qualified to work as a skilled worker.
  • Besides that, you must first receive the necessary approval or authorization if you wish to work in a position that does. For instance, a license or permit from the Norwegian Directorate of Health must be included for health staff.
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Finding Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Finding opportunities for a sponsored visa in Norway can be done in a few different ways:

Jobs in Oslo
The Local

Noteworthy Items to Consider Before Applying for a Job Sponsorship Visa

Consider the following when applying for a position sponsoring a Norwegian visa:

  • To apply for a visitor’s visa, you must visit a Norwegian embassy and complete the necessary paperwork. In your application, please indicate that you are interested in obtaining an entry visa (D visa).
  • Also, ensure that you have included all of the documentation needed on the checklist for skilled staff if you haven’t already filed for a residence permit.
  • The embassy will consider your request for an entry visa. You can write an appeal to the embassy if your application is rejected. Your application will then be reevaluated by them before being sent to the UDI for final approval or rejection.

Visa Sponsorship Employment Available in Norway

  • IT & Communications Jobs
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Developer Jobs
  • Constructing & Development Jobs
  • Nursing & Medical Jobs
  • Driving Jobs
  • Tourism Jobs
  • Authorized Jobs
  • Instructing Jobs
  • Seafood Jobs
  • Oil and Gasoline Jobs
  • Resort Jobs

Visa-Sponsored Housekeeper Jobs in Norway (192 NOK/hour)

In the heart of Tromsø, Norway, are you seeking an intriguing career opportunity? To join our team, we are looking for devoted and detail-oriented housekeepers. Maintaining the cleanliness and general aesthetic appeal of the hotel rooms and public areas will be your responsibility as a housekeeper.

Working closely with individuals from several departments, such as quality management, technology, and reception, is essential to perform this job well. You also need to exercise extreme caution when handling cleaning supplies and terry cloth items. Our international team is seeking individuals with the necessary abilities and a strong commitment to maintaining the space tidy for our visitors.

If you would like to join our team of housekeepers and are enthusiastic about offering superior cleanliness and service in a fun and relaxed environment, apply now. We can’t wait to show you around the stunning city of Troms and have you join our team. Other than knowing basic English, you don’t need any other training or education.

Your new hire will pick up some basic Norwegian on the job. Although the job’s duties and responsibilities are quite formal and straightforward, there are significant advantages. Let’s find out everything we can about housekeeping positions in Norway that provide excellent benefits and cover the cost of your visa.

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Job Details

  • Job Title: Housekeeper
  • Location: Tromsø, Norway
  • Number of Positions: 17
  • Employment Type: Full-Time
  • Salary: 192 NOK/hour

Requirements of Housekeeper Jobs

  • You ought to be well-versed in cleaning supplies and techniques, such as action cleaning agents.
  • Also, excellent at maintaining organization and focusing on the details.
  • Besides that, it is essential to be fluent in either Norwegian or English while speaking with team members and visitors.

Job Duties of a Housekeeper

  • Hotels maintain strict standards of hygiene and cleanliness in their public spaces and rooms.
  • Also, utilize terry cloth goods, cleaning supplies, and other items correctly
  • To satisfy visitor needs and maintain a high standard of service, collaborate closely with the reception, quality management, and technology departments.


  • Most importantly, a long-term employment agreement that ensures a secure position.
  • Also, join a multinational group that celebrates individuality and teamwork.
  • Additionally, assist in relocating and in locating a place to reside.

Located in the heart of Tromsø, this is an exciting place to work. To get healthier, you are welcome to use our workout facility at no cost.

Apply for Housekeeping Jobs Here

In conclusion, becoming a housekeeper in Norway can lead to a fulfilling job in a vibrant country with a diverse population. Important things to learn on this trip include improving transferable skills, acclimating to Norwegian culture, and learning how to obtain a sponsored visa. Aspiring housekeepers can begin a lucrative and fulfilling career by considering the advice and suggestions provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can an Outsider Find Employment in Norway?

You will require a residence visa to work in Norway if you are not a citizen of the EU or EEA. If you do not already have a work-related residency permit, you must apply for one. This was known as a work permit in the past.

What is a sponsored visa for employment in Norway?

The procedure by which a Norwegian employer sponsors a foreign employee for a work visa or authorization to work and live in Norway is known as visa sponsorship for jobs in Norway.

Visit for the most up-to-date information on visa-sponsored jobs, prospective paths benefits, application processes, and others.

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