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Farm Worker Jobs in Canada 2023/24 Paying $15.44 per hour

November 4th, 2023 at 05:50 pm

Farm Worker Jobs in Canada 2023/24 Paying $15.44 per hour

This will provide you with information on how to apply for agricultural worker employment in Canada which has received LMIA approval and is intended for foreign nationals only. The Agriculture Worker Program, which operates inside the Agriculture Stream and spans many areas of Canada, facilitates the distribution of these opportunities. For agricultural laborers, the National Occupational Classification (NOC) number is 85100.

Explore a thorough explanation of how to get a work permit, get a job as a farm worker, and prosper in Canada’s agricultural industry. The good news is that you can apply for jobs in farming, one of the most sought-after professions in Canada, even if you only have a secondary degree and no prior work experience.

Job Details

  • Job Type: Farm Worker
  • Eligibility: Canadians and international candidates from any country
  • LMIA: Available, Positive LMIA Approved
  • Visa Type: Agriculture Worker
  • Duration of Stay: 2–3 Years
  • Eligible NOC Codes: 80020, 80021, 82030, 82031, 84120, 85100, 85101, and 85103
  • Required Education: Secondary or Higher
  • Employment Type: Permanent

Canada Agriculture Worker Program: Agriculture Stream

Through the Agriculture Stream of the Canada Agriculture Worker Program, Canadian farms and employers can hire temporary foreign workers from all over the world.

Jobs That Are Eligible for the Agriculture Stream

  • 80020: Managers in Agriculture
  • 84120: Machinery Operators
  • 85100: Livestock Labourers
  • 85101: Harvesting (Vegetables, Fruit Picker)
  • 80021: Managers in Horticulture
  • 82030: Agriculture and Farm Supervisors
  • 82031: Ground Maintenance
  • 85103: Nursery

Benefits of Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

  • Jobs Available: In the thriving agricultural industry, there is a constant need for farm laborers to help with planting, cultivating, harvesting, and other tasks. Employment opportunities and job security may result from this.
  • Experience in a range of agricultural operations, such as crop maintenance, machine operation, animal husbandry, and others, is acquired by farm laborers through practical experience. This real-world experience can help with both professional and personal growth.
  • Ability Improvement: Managing animals, running machinery, maintaining crops, and following safety protocols are just a few of the many talents needed to work on a farm. These skills will make you more employable and are transferable to different areas.
  • Outdoor Work Conditions: Farm labor jobs offer plenty of chances to spend time in natural environments if you enjoy working outside and have a strong interest in agriculture and the outdoors.
  • Exercise: Farm work is often physically taxing, which may be appealing to people who want physically demanding jobs that help them stay in shape.
  • Connection to Food Production: Farmworkers directly contribute to the production of food that feeds communities. Making a positive impact on the food supply chain can be personally fulfilling.
  • Cultural Interaction: Foreign workers are employed in the agriculture industry. Engaging in work on a farm offers the chance to meet people from different cultural origins, which promotes a global perspective.
  • Possibilities for Education: Working on a farm offers the chance to gain knowledge about different crops, farming methods, and agricultural technologies. This material might be helpful to you if you’re thinking about a career in agriculture or a related field.
  • Numerous Tasks: Depending on the farm type and season, there are a variety of tasks involved in farming. This variation helps maintain the work’s interest and fascination.
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Additional Benefits

  • Prospects for Advancement: A few farm workers might be able to progress to managerial roles or pick up specialized knowledge that opens doors to more specialized roles in the agriculture sector.
  • Networking: producers, agricultural specialists, and business professionals are common members of the agricultural community. This network may offer perceptions, suggestions, and potential contacts for upcoming professional chances.
  • Contributing to Sustainable Development: Environmental stewardship and sustainability can be directly impacted by agricultural practices. You can support these programs by working on farms that place a high priority on sustainable practices.
  • Work-life balance: The agricultural sector usually offers a more conventional daytime schedule, even though it can be taxing during peak seasons. Compared to other industries, this one can offer a better work-life balance.
  • Employee Benefits: Some farm employers provide housing, meals, transportation, and access to healthcare facilities, especially for temporary foreign workers.

Employer Responsibilities

According to the requirements for the agriculture stream program, businesses are liable for the following employee costs:

  • Transportation: The employer is responsible for arranging and covering round-trip transportation for the TFW to and from their place of employment in Canada and their home country.
  • Also, employers must ensure that TFWs have access to sufficient, adequate, and reasonably priced accommodation.
  • Besides that, employers ought to offer health insurance to their employees as a benefit.
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Apply Here

How to Apply for the Work Permit?

The first stage is to act upon receiving an accepted offer letter after applying for a job. Your employer will help you with the paperwork and application process for a work permit. You can apply for a work permit once you have obtained the required documentation and all sides are in agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find work on farms in Canada?

You will require a valid work permit if you wish to temporarily enter Canada to work in the agricultural industry. For a specific amount of time, you can live and work in Canada with a work permit, which is a type of temporary residency permit. You need a work permit to work in Canada as a foreign farm worker.

What is the Canadian minimum wage for farmers?

Sure. The general minimum wage is due to all farm workers, regardless of whether they are paid on an hourly, salary, or other basis (except from the piece rate, which is discussed below). The general minimum wage is set at $15.65 per hour as of June 1, 2022.

What is the salary of a farm laborer in Canada?

In Canada, the average income for a farm worker is $15.44 per hour or $30,107 per year. Most experienced workers earn up to $40,950 annually, while entry-level roles start at $27,300.

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