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Belgium Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023/24

October 29th, 2023 at 12:23 am

Belgium Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023/24

Apply for the Belgium Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023, wherein Belgian businesses will help you with sponsorship, relocation, and visa support. Many European nations have started to provide sponsorship employment to foreign citizens due to a labor shortage.

After receiving an offer letter from Belgium Sponsorship Jobs, candidates will get a package including assistance for obtaining a visa, flight tickets, language instruction, temporary lodging, and adaptation counsel. Then, what are you waiting for? Apply joyfully at first.

Belgium has 374,348 job opportunities as of right now, according to the official announcements posted on this website. In Belgium, the job market is quite competitive. Below is all the information you need to apply for jobs sponsored by Belgium visas in 2023.

Why You Should Look Into Employment in Belgium

Not only is Belgium a beautiful country to visit, but there are many career opportunities in a thriving labor market. Numerous industries, including those in banking, healthcare, technology, and other fields, are present in the nation. People from all over the world who are looking for jobs frequently relocate there because of its high level of life and safe economy.

Types of Visa Sponsorship in Belgium

Work Permit Type A

Those who intend to stay in Belgium for no more than ninety days are eligible for type A work visas. For short-term employment such as training or business travel, this permit is ideal.

Work Permit Type B

To work in Belgium for an extended period (typically longer than ninety days), one must get a Type B work permit. Individuals who work overseas typically select this option.

Belgium Visa Sponsorship Jobs Details

Essential and Desired Competencies

The bulk of available jobs are in Belgium, and the country needs workers for the following positions:

  • Engineers, technicians, and mechanics
  • IT staff
  • Accountants
  • Nurses and midwives
  • Project managers
  • Teachers
  • Administrative Staff
  • Electricians, plumbers, joiners, and plasterers
  • Architects


Working in Belgium has several benefits, including excellent healthcare, competitive wages, and a high standard of living. It is advantageous for you to live in a multicultural and multilingual society from a personal and professional standpoint.

List of Jobs in Belgium With Sponsorship

P&G Belgium

In Belgium, P&G now employs about 1,450 people. To join a team, Procter & Gamble is looking for a diverse pool of applicants. The members of the P&G are

  • Human Capital
  • Information Systems
  • Intellectual Property/Legal Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing/Business Administration
  • Economics & Accounting
  • Sales Research & Development

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Relocation Jobs

Jobs that support visas and sponsorship are listed on this page. Fill in the location field with Belgium. All sponsored jobs in Belgium will be listed.

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GSK Belgium

GSK is a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company based in the United Kingdom. The GSK’s mission is to unite extraordinary people in a welcoming atmosphere so that they can make a significant global impact.

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EURES Job Portal

One of the greatest resources for job seekers in Europe is this website. Thousands of job openings in Belgium and across Europe can be found on EURES, the official job board of the European Union. The best place to hunt for a job in Belgium with a sponsored visa is through EURES. There is an enormous range of fields available to international students.


  • Sponsorship of a visa and moving help
  • Also, coverage for private healthcare
  • Moreover, free Exercise Activities plus a Lot More

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The international American company Accenture has its headquarters located in Belgium. Information technology consulting and services are its areas of expertise. Accenture helps candidates who need sponsorship for a visa.

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Deloitte Jobs

Deloitte offers industry-leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services to numerous globally recognized brands. At least a bachelor’s degree is necessary. All eligible candidates will be considered for the role.

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Entry-level, student, graduate, undergraduate, and experienced applicants are all eligible for KPMG Jobs. Applicants may be from any country. KPMG is a great place to start. KPMG will sponsor visas, offer housing, and assist with health, education, and other perks that are available to Canadian workers.

Career Opportunities: Graduates, Undergraduates, Students, Veterans, MBAs, BBAs, and Freshmen

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PWC’s Jobs in Belgium

Under the PwC brand, PricewaterhouseCoopers is a global network of professional services firms that function as partnerships. Together with Deloitte, EY, and KPMG, it is one of the Big Four accounting companies and the second-largest professional services network in the world. You will be a member of an international company with over 276,000 workers spread across 157 nations that has a stellar reputation for honesty and quality.

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Google Jobs

Google is happy to inform you that employment at their Belgian headquarters is available. At least a bachelor’s degree is necessary. Google employs people with equal opportunities. Without regard to national origin, age, citizenship, race, color, heritage, or religion, we are dedicated to offering equitable job opportunities.

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Ernst & Young (EY) Jobs

With its main office in London, England, Ernst & Young Global Limited is a global partnership that offers professional services. One of the biggest networks of professional services in the world is EY. It provides graduate and undergraduate degrees as well as professional job prospects.

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Show creativity, Get motivated, Be worthy, Present yourself here. Applications are being accepted in the Microsoft Belgium office at this time. Microsoft employs around 17,000 people worldwide. Apply for a job at Microsoft in Belgium.

Microsoft is an equal-opportunity employer. Without regard to age, ancestry, race, family or medical leave, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, or medical condition, all eligible applicants shall be considered for employment.

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META Careers

There are 95 available vacancies in META’s three Belgian locations. With pleasure, Meta offers equal job opportunities. We don’t discriminate based on national origin, race, religion, or skin tone.

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Apple Belgium

There are currently 164 vacant vacancies at Apple Belgium. Apple is a company that values equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace. We use affirmative action to guarantee that all candidates receive equal treatment, regardless of their race, color, religion, gender identity, orientation, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected trait.

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In Belgium in 2024, there will be a large number of jobs sponsoring visas. The nation is prosperous, stunning, and different. Whether you’re seeking a temporary position or wish to pursue a long-term career, Belgium has a lot to offer. Get the most out of this European treasure, enjoy the distinctive working style, and discover the rich culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I locate employment in Belgium?

You can use recruitment agencies, internet job sites, and networking with professionals in your industry to get employment in Belgium.

Does employment in Belgium require me to speak French or Dutch?

Although many people in Belgium understand English, you’ll be able to get more assistance and enjoy yourself more if you speak Dutch or French.

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