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Top Unskilled Jobs in Australia 2023/24 Paying $22 per hour

November 7th, 2023 at 10:40 am

Top Unskilled Jobs in Australia 2023/24 Paying $22 per hour

Travelers looking for new career chances often choose Australia. Finding a job that would sponsor your visa, however, may be challenging, particularly if you lack any specialized training or credentials. Thankfully, there are still plenty of entry-level jobs available that will sponsor your visa and allow you to live and work in Australia.

This post goes into detail about the top five unskilled jobs in Australia that will sponsor your visa in 2023/24. Make sure you read the full post, regardless of whether you’re a recent graduate looking for a new adventure or just looking for a change of pace.

Top Unskilled Jobs in Australia

Fruit picking and farm work

In the past, picking fruit and working in agriculture have been two of the most in-demand unskilled jobs in Australia that sponsor visas. This is a fantastic chance to make money, build your resume, and enjoy the natural beauty of remote Australia. While agricultural work and fruit picking involve physical strain and seasonal demands, they also offer a unique chance to work outside and engage with the natural world.

Hospitality and tourism

The hospitality and tourist industry makes a significant economic contribution to Australia and draws a sizable influx of foreign workers who apply for visa sponsorship. There are lots of job prospects in this sector. There are many customer service jobs out there that don’t require a degree; these jobs range from basic ones like servers and bartenders to more specialized ones like hotel managers and chefs.

Cleaning and housekeeping

Jobs in housekeeping and cleaning are in great demand in Australia among unskilled workers looking to sponsor their visas. Hotels, resorts, and private homes usually provide room for roles. Among other standard cleaning tasks, a domestic or cleaner’s responsibilities may include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and mopping.

The ongoing demand for these services has led to a plethora of organizations eager to sponsor visas for eligible applicants. Even while these jobs might not call for a certain set of abilities, being able to work independently and with great attention to detail is still crucial.

Although pay for these jobs may vary by employer and by region, it frequently exceeds the legal minimum. Many housekeepers and cleaners in this field have flexible or part-time schedules, which is an advantage.


Australia’s growing construction industry is accompanied by a rise in the need for labor. This sector offers a wide range of low-paying jobs, such as cleaning, general labor, and site support. Although there are no official requirements for these professions, they do call for hard effort and exposure to a variety of outdoor weather conditions. Physical fitness is therefore essential.

Because it’s often difficult to staff construction projects with enough workers, employers in the construction industry frequently sponsor visa holders. This suggests that people who want to move to Australia and work in this field could be able to obtain jobs.

Warehouse worker

Because warehouse employees play such an important part in the supply chain, they are constantly in high demand in Australia. They are responsible for loading and unloading goods, examining recently purchased things, and carrying out other duties in addition to maintaining inventory.

Work at a warehouse requires physical fitness because staff may have to lift and handle heavy goods. Fortunately, a lot of Australian companies are open to sponsoring foreign workers who want to work as warehouse workers. This is a great substitute for those who need sponsorship to get a visa to Australia.

Available Unskilled Positions in Australia

Fruit Picker/Harvester

Fruit harvesting is a common menial occupation in Australia during harvest season. Collection of fruits from plantations and farms, berries, citrus fruits, and grapevines are among the essential responsibilities of this role.



  • Evaluating the freshness and purity of vegetables
  • Furthermore, harvest crops by hand using scaffolding or cherry pickers.
  • Moreover, move the articles into cartons or containers once they have been sorted.
  • Also, the use of equipment like tractors, harvesters, and pruning shears
  • Lastly, keep your workplaces safe and hygienic.

Farm Worker/Laborer

On farms, workers and employees are in charge of a range of agricultural tasks, such as crop cultivation, harvesting, and upkeep, in addition to taking care of the animals. Australia’s rural areas have a demand for this low-skilled profession.


  • Prepare the soil for sowing before proceeding.
  • Learn how to harvest and prune plants as well.
  • Furthermore, giving animals nourishment, water, and care
  • Additionally, the upkeep and operation of agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Besides that, produce packaging, transportation, and sorting
  • In addition, upkeep of houses, fences, and agricultural infrastructure
  • Lastly, cleaning and disinfecting agricultural structures and equipment


Keeping public spaces, offices, and private homes clean is the responsibility of the cleaning staff. This low-paying job is in extremely high demand in Australia, particularly in the cities.


  • Vacuuming, dusting, and mopping the floor
  • Also, wash the kitchen and restrooms.
  • Furthermore, rug and furniture cleaning
  • Additionally, sanitizing tools and surfaces
  • Moreover, the removal of rubbish and recyclables
  • Besides that, make sure you have more toilet paper and detergent in your supply.
  • Most importantly, reporting any maintenance concerns or possible risks to the appropriate authorities

Retail Assistant

Retail attendants help customers at supermarkets, retail centers, and merchandise stores. In Australia, there is a great need for this low-paying profession, particularly in cities with plenty of foot traffic.


  • Always say hello to customers and answer their questions.
  • Locating client products or dimensions comes in second.
  • Third, handling transactions and using cash registers
  • Fourth, setting up shelves and filling them with goods
  • Also, keeping the store tidy comes next.
  • Furthermore, keeping an eye on stock levels and conveying changes
  • In addition, managing exchanges and refunds
  • Lastly, boost sales and launch new items.

Warehouse Employee

Receiving, storing, and shipping goods are just a few of the responsibilities performed by warehouse employees in distribution centers and warehouses. This low-paying job is in high demand in Australia, especially in the industrialized districts.


  • First things first: receiving and examining incoming merchandise.
  • Next, how goods are arranged and stored in warehouses
  • Furthermore, picking the appropriate order and shipment package
  • In addition, the use of pallet cranes, forklifts, and other equipment for handling goods
  • Besides that, keeping inventory records and finances is also necessary.
  • Additionally, using a truck to load and unload containers
  • Lastly, make sure the warehouse is clean and well-organized

Construction Apprentice

A wide range of tasks are assigned to laborers on building sites. In Australia, the construction sector has a particularly strong demand for this low-paying profession.


  • Offloading and loading of materials and equipment
  • Next, backfilling and trench excavation
  • Also, arranging and tidying building sites
  • Furthermore, supporting concrete pouring and sealing
  • Additionally, the installation and removal of temporary structures like scaffolding
  • Similarly, using manual and electronic tools
  • Aside from that, helping skilled craftspeople like electricians, plumbers, and carpenters
  • Above all, following security guidelines and laws

Food Service Employee

In restaurants, cafes, and other places that provide food and beverages, food service personnel are in charge of preparing and serving food and beverages. This low-paid job is in great demand, especially in Australia’s tourist-heavy cities.


  • The main duty is to take client orders and enter them into a computer system.
  • Following that, cooking and preparing meals, such as salads, sandwiches, and hamburgers,
  • Moreover, using cooking equipment like ovens, fryers, and grills
  • Additionally, offering food and drinks to customers
  • In a similar vein, cleaning and disinfecting workspaces, tools, and supplies
  • Furthermore, handling money, credit cards, and additional payment methods
  • Besides that, offering assistance with inventory control and supplier acquisition
  • Lastly, follow the procedures and rules to guarantee the safety of the food.

Delivery Driver

Delivery employees are in charge of delivering goods and deliveries to clients or organizations. Australia has a significant demand for workers in this unskilled sector because of the growth of Internet shopping and residential delivery. Typical duties for delivery carriers consist of the following:

  • Foremost, packing goods and packages inside a delivery car
  • Next, deciding where to deliver the goods and which route to take to reach customers and businesses
  • Also, getting signatures from clients and performing identity checks
  • Furthermore, payment for transactions made through cash-on-delivery (COD)
  • Besides that, overseeing and informing customers about delivery issues or delays
  • In addition, keeping vehicle records and delivery information
  • Lastly, following traffic laws and safety precautions

Benefits of Top Unskilled Jobs in Australia

  • Accessibility: There are many unskilled jobs in a range of industries, including retail, construction, hospitality, and agriculture. Job seekers find it simpler to obtain employment because of this accessibility, particularly if they are recent immigrants or have no work experience.
  • Income: Although low-skilled occupations might not offer the highest salaries, they can nonetheless be a reliable source of money, particularly for people who are just starting in their careers or who lack additional training or schooling.
  • Growth potential: There are plenty of low-skilled jobs with room for improvement. With dedication and experience, workers may usually advance within their specific industries, assuming more responsibility and gaining higher compensation.
  • Rates of overtime and penalties: Australia has a large number of unskilled jobs that provide the chance to earn additional income through overtime and penalty rates. This implies that you can increase your income by working on the weekends, on holidays, or for longer hours.
  • Work-life integration: People in unskilled jobs might have more stable work schedules and hours, which would help them better manage their work-life balance and make more time for their families or other hobbies.
  • Job-related education: In unskilled sectors, employers usually offer on-the-job training to help workers acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. This could be a useful educational opportunity that raises your employability.
  • Immigrant entrance point: For those new to Australia who may struggle with language, education, or credential recognition, unskilled occupations could be a decent place to start. These positions can provide immigrants with a first source of income and the chance to get experience working in the area.

Additional Benefits

  • Industry diversification: Unskilled jobs can be found in a range of sectors, such as tourism, retail, construction, and agriculture, allowing job seekers to obtain experience in a range of industries and enterprises.
  • Social benefits: People from many origins can interact with one another through unskilled work, fostering social ties and cross-cultural learning.
  • Nets of protection: Australia has minimum wage legislation and workplace safety requirements in place to protect workers, even those in unskilled occupations. Safe working conditions and equal compensation are guaranteed by these regulations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In Australia, which unskilled jobs are in high demand?

They can, however, be a fantastic opportunity to supplement your income and obtain some Australian job experience. In Australia, some examples of low-skilled occupations are housekeeping, bartending, fruit picking, farm labor, gardening, and housekeeping.

Can I work as an unskilled worker in Australia?

To facilitate the employment of more unskilled workers in Australia, the government has loosened visa requirements. In Australia, there is a severe labor shortage, particularly during the fruit and vegetable harvest seasons.

What is the average salary for unskilled workers in Australia?

In Australia, you can anticipate making about $22 per hour if you’re searching for unskilled labor. This rate is based on the national minimum wage, which is regulated by the Fair Work Commission.

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