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UK Caregiver Jobs with No IELTS Requirement (£11.20 per hour)

November 7th, 2023 at 05:49 am

UK Caregiver Jobs with No IELTS Requirement (£11.20 per hour)

You’ve come to the right location if you want to work as a caregiver in the United Kingdom. The need for caregiving expertise has led to an increase in the number of overseas caregivers in the UK. Due to a shortage of caregivers, the UK is happy to accept qualified overseas caregivers from all around the world and warmly recognizes the profession.

We covered caregiver jobs in the US and the possibilities available in one of our earlier postings. Comparably, the UK offers great choices for foreign carers, such as the chance to obtain a permanent visa following five years of productive employment.

In light of everything mentioned, it is evident that this is a great time to work as a caregiver in the UK. We’ll tell you about caregiver jobs in the UK with sponsored visas in this article.

Caregiver Job Description

Unlike registered nurses, caregivers don’t work in clinics or hospitals. They mostly work in private-sector assisted living facilities, giving each client personalized attention. Their job is to care for those who are growing older or disabled and are losing their independence. The personal care assistant services provided by the caregiver will improve the patient’s ability to function.

Unlike nurses, caregivers are not trained in any particular medical specialty, but they are skilled in providing vulnerable clients with both physical and emotional care. Moreover, they occasionally have to deal with legal and financial issues.

UK Employers Visa Sponsorship

The authority that permits UK businesses to provide a Certificate of Sponsorship to foreign people entering the country on a work visa is known as a UK Visa Sponsorship for Firms. The foreign worker must meet the requirements for the sponsored position in terms of education, experience, and skill set.

Additionally, if a foreign worker wants to work in the UK, their employer must support them in their visa application by giving them a work sponsorship certificate. This happens quite a bit in jobs like a caregiver.

NB: A foreign worker may only be sponsored by an employer for a total of five years.

Conditions for Foreign Workers in the United Kingdom

You need to fulfill the following basic prerequisites to be eligible for employment in the UK:

  • A Visa: To live and work in the United Kingdom, you may or may not need a visa, depending on your nationality. If you are an EU citizen, you do not require it. If you are a foreign national, you must apply for a work visa.
  • Bank Account: For your employer to deposit your salary in British pounds, you must have a bank account in the UK.
  • NI Number, also known as National Insurance Number: To make National Insurance contributions if you live and work in the United Kingdom, you must have an NI number. You’ll gain access to benefits including school loans and state pensions by doing this.
  • Moreover, it could take three to five months for your UK visa to be processed. Your employer will pay for your travel and lodging for a few months if you are selected for a visa-sponsored post, after which you will have to make your arrangements.
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Your language skills are essential because both you and the residents need to be able to understand each other, in addition to the usual requirements of a degree or experience. As English is widely spoken in the UK, applicants who receive a score of five or above must take the IELTS exam.

But, you should be aware that if your communication skills are weak, you might need to put in a lot of effort to develop them for your visa to be accepted, regardless of how many points (more than 5) you receive on the IELTS.

Benefits of Caregiving Jobs in the United Kingdom

Below is a list of some benefits of working in the United Kingdom.

  • Most importantly, IELTS is waived as your spouse is your dependent.
  • Also, your significant other is open to working a full-time job as a specialist.
  • Additionally, you will work for a good salary compared to your home country.
  • Besides that, you will get an appreciation for and knowledge of diverse cultural lifestyles.
  • Above all, assisting the less fortunate is a noble endeavor.

Top Caregiving Employers in the United Kingdom

These are the top ten caregiving organizations in the UK to work for.

  • Abbeyfield
  • Virgin Care
  • Marie Curie
  • Capability Scotland
  • Belfast Trust
  • Nurseplus
  • Greensleeves Care
  • Care Plus
  • Framework
  • City Health Care Partnership

UK Caregiver Jobs Available


A career brand called Fasthire offers services related to education and careers. We provide direct career services to clients in Saudi Arabia, China, the US, India, Nigeria, and other nations. We are proud to be the career brand for young professionals because we want to use our goods and services to help them with their career needs. You can look for foreign job opportunities on our website, including caregiver jobs in the US with sponsored visas.



Westgate Healthcare is a family-owned network of care facilities offering senior citizens various degrees of assistance. As it stands today, the organization has gradually changed to become one that provides various forms of care for the elderly. Additionally, they are seeking candidates for caregivers.

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Right At Home

One of the most reputable care companies in the world is Right at Home UK, located in the UK. Via its extensive global network of more than 500 locally owned and operated offices, it helps thousands of people every day to remain content and free in their own homes.


Trinity HomeCare

For more than 20 years, Trinity Homecare has offered trustworthy, excellent, and high-quality in-home care. They enable clients to live freely in the comfort of their own homes by providing customized live-in and daily care services. Their daily goal is to make a difference in your life for the better. Additionally, they have helped people maintain their independence in the comfort of their own homes, regardless of their age, level of weakness, or the presence of chronic or incapacitating diseases.


A1 Care

While promoting independence in the client’s own home, A1 Care offers trustworthy domiciliary and round-the-clock live-in care. Their commitment to providing excellent service is founded on long-term dedication, high standards, and shared values. A1 Care can sponsor visa applicants through their Visa onboarding program in the UK.

Since they are a Direct Sponsor, candidates won’t incur any additional costs or involvement from outside parties. To submit an application with them for a sponsored visa, you have to fulfill their requirements.



One of the top companies offering in-home care is Caremark, which helps people stay in their own homes and receive support. To enable you to keep living life to the fullest, they provide care services and in-home support. Additionally, they are hiring amiable caretakers and support staff members who can help with personal things like regular household chores like cleaning and grocery shopping. There are about 100 Caremark locations across the UK, Ireland, Malta, and India.


Caregiver Salary Range in the UK

The average hourly pay for a caregiver in the UK is £11.20. That works out to about £22,425 a year. However entry-level positions begin at £20,714 annually, while the majority of professionals with expertise make up to £30,323 annually.

How Many Hours Are Worked by Caregivers?

Each live-in caregiver puts in 56 hours of work in a week, or eight hours a day. Moreover, almost 50% of caregivers put in 35 hours or more a week—the equivalent of a full-time job.

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