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High Paying Jobs in China for Foreigners 2024 (50,000 – 120,000 CYN per month)

October 7th, 2023 at 05:43 am

High Paying Jobs in China for Foreigners 2024 (50,000 – 120,000 CYN per month)

Thousands of lucrative positions will become open for hiring in Chinese businesses in 2024. All qualified candidates for this Chinese position must be from outside China, including professionals and foreign students studying there. Chinese businesses are renowned for offering unparalleled working conditions and pay to foreign employees. The names of hundreds of Chinese companies where you can browse for jobs and apply are included on this website.

Foreign talent is much more in demand across a wide range of fields as a result of China’s rapid economic expansion. In addition to the promise of high wages, living abroad also offers expats the chance to experience a culture rich in history and cutting-edge technology.

High Paying Jobs in China for Foreigners 2024

Let’s look at the many jobs in China that are available to foreign applicants now that you know how to apply for a Chinese work visa.

1. Healthcare Sector Jobs

One of the largest medical markets in the world, China is a top destination for healthcare professionals looking for excellent work prospects. Among the leading Chinese healthcare companies that are actively hiring are IQVIA, Johnson & Johnson China, Pfizer, Octave, SA Health, GE Healthcare, BeiGene, Sartorius, Luye Medical Group, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, and Raffles Medical.

The China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Wuhan Union Hospital, West China Hospital, and Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center are a few more of China’s top medical facilities. To secure the best jobs, aspiring doctors should look for work in these organizations.

After passing the official medical examination, acquiring P.R. China, and possessing the necessary credentials, foreign people have been allowed to practice medicine in China for more than 20 years. Before working in the Chinese healthcare sector, foreign applicants must first get a “Foreign Physicians Practising Certificate” and a work visa. For all foreign physicians to practice medicine in China, they must have this certificate, which is issued by the Chinese Ministry of Health.

Unfortunately, China only allows foreign doctors to work in hospitals; they are not allowed to practice independently. Doctors must apply for registration with the Health Administrative Department and all required paperwork before starting work.


In China, a doctor makes about 70,000 CNY a month on average. In China, a general practitioner makes about 57,000 CNY per month, clinical psychologists make close to 90,000 CNY, and chiropractors make 35,600 CNY.

Simply said, your income will increase with the level of specialization in your field. For instance, doctors in the field of cardiology can make up to 121,000 CNY every month, doctors in the field of neurology can make about 90,500 CNY each month, and doctors in the field of radiology can make about 93,000 CNY each month.


2. Construction Jobs

The building and construction sector in China offers a sizable number of employment opportunities. These include the jobs of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, architects, project managers, interior designers, building administrators, and project managers in the construction industry.

The top five construction firms in China are Anhui Construction Engineering Group, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, China Dalian International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group, China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, and China Wu Yi Co., Ltd. The sixth-largest construction firm in China is China Railway Construction Corporation Limited.


You might be able to expect to make about 17,000 CNY a month if you work in the construction sector. Certain housing and transportation incentives are included in this sum. Whatever your position in the sector, it can have a big impact on how much money you make. For instance, the typical yearly wage for a worker in the steel industry is barely around 10,000 CNY.

On the other hand, if you work in specific professions like a building sales manager (whose annual compensation is on average 39,000 CNY) or a construction general manager (whose annual salary is on average 50,000 CNY), you might expect to make a lot more money. These are the positions that need candidates to have a great deal of experience and come with a big increase in responsibility.


3. Banking Jobs

Given that it receives 40% of all venture capital investments globally, China has significantly more financial resources than the majority of other countries. In the Chinese financial and banking sector, positions are now being filled by organizations including PwC, HSBC, Accenture, KPMG China, Sequoia Capital China, BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase & Co, HAX, and Payoneer.

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There are positions available at these companies for traders, fund managers, investment analysts, client advisers, risk managers, compliance officers, operations analysts, IT specialists, and security and fraud specialists. For information on specific job positions and how to apply, visit their respective websites. In addition, Barclays Corporate and Investment Bank, OCBC Bank, and Bank of China are all currently hiring in China.


The average pay for a banker in China is about 32,000 CNY per month, however, this might differ greatly depending on your position and amount of experience. A bank account manager makes around 36,000 CNY a month, compared to a bank assistant manager’s estimated 51,000 CNY. A normal bank employee makes only 10,000 CNY per month, whereas a bank manager or other head of operations can make up to 60,000 CNY.

4. Government Jobs

All members of the Chinese government are referred to as civil servants. This includes representatives from the government at the federal, state, and local levels as well as attorneys, tax collectors, staff from the education industry, police, and firefighters.

For all positions other than police and firefighter, foreign applicants must be nationals of China and hold a bachelor’s degree. The more qualifications you have, the more qualified you are to apply for more desirable jobs.


The average monthly pay for government workers in China is 32,000 CNY, though your exact remuneration will depend on your employment. An officer in the Chinese armed forces makes about 25,000 CNY per month, while a public information officer makes about 21,000 CNY and a defense officer makes about 32,000 CNY.

A government official makes roughly 40,000 CNY a month, whereas a government affairs director (who has a higher job) makes almost 50,000 CNY a month. A soldier’s pay is 22,000 CNY, compared to the typical military employee’s 35,000 CNY.

5. Teaching Jobs

You’re in luck if you want to work in education because teaching is a great career choice for expats in China. To become a teacher, you must have a bachelor’s degree, but getting a master’s degree increases your chances of landing a better-paying job. You may make between 11,000 CNY and 30,000 CNY a month as a teacher in China.

Some of the best educational schools in China that are now hiring include China Admissions, Duke Kunshan University, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Nord Anglia Education, Aston Educational Group, Suzhou North America High School, and the Western Academy of Beijing.

6. Aviation Jobs

There are several possible job options in the aviation industry, including pilots for commercial airlines, flight attendants, customer service agents for airlines, supervisors of airport operations, planners for aircraft maintenance, aeronautical engineers, and aircraft dispatchers.

Among the major Chinese airlines where people can apply for jobs are Hainan Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Spring Airlines, Air China, and West Air.


Age, flying experience, gender, the city you work in, and the airline you fly for all affect how much you get paid as a pilot. However, the typical pilot salary in China is around 50,000 CNY per month.

7. Driver Jobs

A skill that is in high demand in China due to the rapid growth of the construction sector brought on by globalization is the ability to operate heavy machines. Forklift drivers, CNC machine operators, NC machine operators, cutter machine operators, bus drivers, crane operators, etc. are consistently in demand in the construction sector.

These Chinese businesses include Sinosteel Corporation, Anhui Construction Engineering Group, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, China Dalian International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group, China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, China State Construction Engineering, Sichuan Road and Bridge Group, and others.


Machine operators can make over 99,000 CNY annually on average by working 48 CNY per hour.

8. Insurance jobs

As one of the largest insurance companies in the world, China offers some of the best salaries in the world for financial analysts and insurance managers.

The insurance industry covers all facets of our lives, including our houses, cars, lives, and health. The following are a few examples of jobs in this sector: underwriters, insurance sales representatives, insurance claims adjusters, claims representatives, state farm agents, insurance adjusters, insurance brokers, insurance producers, insurance sales managers, and risk analysts.

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Among the biggest insurance firms in China are China Life Insurance Group Company, People’s Insurance Company of China Group, China Pacific Insurance (Group) Company Ltd., and New China Life Insurance.


Employees of Chinese insurance companies typically make roughly 30,000 CNY per month. An insurance manager can earn up to 50,000 CNY per month, compared to an assistant broker’s average monthly salary of 19,000 CNY and an actuary’s average salary of 38,000 CNY.

Directors of insurance sales earn 47 thousand CNY per month, managers of loss prevention make 41 thousand CNY per month, directors of risk management make 54 thousand CNY per month, and risk managers make 56,900 CNY per month.

9. Chinese Legal Sector Jobs

Regrettably, foreign applicants without Chinese nationality are not permitted to practice law in China. Only Chinese citizens with legal qualifications who have passed the bar exam are allowed to practice law in China. Therefore, candidates must get Chinese citizenship and permanent residency to work in the Chinese legal system.

Before opening a representative office that can only engage in legal operations if it employs Chinese citizens, a foreigner looking to open a legal practice in China must first get approval from the Chinese Ministry of Justice.

Some of the occupations in the legal field include staff attorneys, general counsels, senior attorneys, trial attorneys, contract attorneys, in-house counsel, legal counsel, litigation attorneys, associate attorneys, and paralegals.

The top legal firms in China are Dentons (Dacheng), King & Wood Mallesons, Yingke Legal Firm, and Zhong Lun Law Firm.


You might anticipate making anywhere between about 27,000 CNY per month and about 92,000 CNY per month as an attorney. Your income is influenced by your location, the companies you work for, and the kind of law you practice. According to our data, cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an are where lawyers can expect to make the most money.

10. Tourism Sector Jobs

The tourism industry employs 10% of China’s working population, making it a large economic contributor and a great place to look for a job! Social media is helping China’s tourism grow more than ever. People travel from all around the world to attractions like Shanghai Disney Resort and Universal Beijing Resort.

Interested applicants can apply for jobs as a destination manager, remote travel specialist, multilingual tour guide, tourism development manager, tourism and hospitality developer, travel agent, hotel manager, assistant hotel manager, etc. with Chinese travel agencies and tour companies.

Leading Chinese travel companies where job applications can be submitted include CITS Group Corporation, China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd., HNA Tourism Group, Beijing Tourism Group, and Shanghai Jinjiang International Travel Co., Ltd.


The average monthly pay for a travel agent in China is about 17,600 CNY, but if you work for the best travel firms, your pay might be as high as 28,000.

11. Hotel Jobs

The Four Seasons Hotel, Amanfayun, Amanyangyun, China World Summit Wing Beijing, The St. Regis Zhuhai, Shangri-La Hotel, Regent Beijing, and Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts are some of the best five-star hotels in China.

Each hotel’s food and beverage department, managerial jobs, hotel headquarters positions, and front office positions are all open to interested candidates. You can submit applications for several positions, including restaurant manager, kitchen staff, chef, room service staff, hotel porter, maintenance and cleaning staff, hotel concierge, housekeeping manager, marketing manager, sales manager, and hotel manager.


In China, the average income for hotel managers is close to 51,000 CNY per month. Nevertheless, this may vary according to the hotel you work for. Similar to this, the usual monthly compensation for a food and beverage manager in a Chinese hotel is close to 36,000 CNY.

12. Modeling Jobs

Candidates from outside China can get in touch with Chinese modeling agencies to work as models there. They can apply for jobs by sending in their resumes and keeping an eye on the social media pages of various companies for information on any new application requirements. Then, a modeling agency will help you start your career by setting up multiple photo shoots.

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Among other well-known modeling agencies, you can sign with Esee Models, Elite Models Asia, FMI Models, Rage Models, Synergy Model Management, Halo Models, and Style International Management.


In China, a model often makes 50 CNY each hour, or about $110,000 annually.

13. TV Jobs

Both on-screen and off-screen professions are available in the television industry. On the screen, there are news anchors, weather reporters, actors, and performers. Television industry aficionados can work behind the scenes as TV producers, production assistants, field producers, video multimedia producers, supervising producers, directors, and so forth.

Among the most watched television networks in China are CCTV (China Central Television), Phoenix Media Inv, Anhui Television, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, Zhejiang Television, Hunan Television, Dragon Television, and CGTN.


A TV producer in China might earn between 16,000 and 51,000 CNY per month. If you charge 140 CNY for each hour of work as an actor, you can anticipate making about 300,000 CNY annually.

14. Clerical Jobs

Both locals and foreigners commonly look for administrative employment. This is because many clerical jobs just require the most basic skills, such as typing, sorting, record-keeping, data entry, answering and directing phones, setting up appointments, photocopying, collating, etc.

These jobs are commonly known as general office clerks, administrative assistants, receptionists, and office assistants in offices. Additionally, administrative jobs are available in the front offices of businesses, hospitals, hotels, banks, and schools.


In China, a clerk might earn between 5,300 CNY and 15,600 CNY per month.

China will still be a great area for foreigners to find well-paying work in a variety of industries in 2024. There is no indication that the demand for foreign language skills will diminish while the nation’s rapid economic growth continues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What credentials do I require to land a high-paying position in China?

To land a high-paying job in China, you typically need the appropriate qualifications, professional experience, and, in certain situations, the ability to speak Mandarin Chinese. Every company may have its own set of regulations.

Does learning Mandarin make it compulsory to work in China?

Mandarin Chinese can be useful, particularly for networking and communication, but it might not be necessary in some professions, such as IT and global corporations. However, acquiring the language can improve your life and increase your opportunities.

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