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Farm Jobs in Germany with Salary €17 per hour

October 8th, 2023 at 04:37 am

Farm Jobs in Germany with Salary €17 per hour

For anyone seeking a change of pace or the chance to learn something new, working on a farm in Germany may be fascinating and gratifying. A successful farming industry creates a need for qualified workers to help with the myriad tasks that need to be finished on farms. An important perk for foreign workers in Germany is that many farm jobs provide sponsorship for visas, enabling them to work legally in the nation for a predetermined amount of time.

Numerous farming jobs in Germany

Germany’s agricultural sector is diverse, and there are numerous farm occupations accessible for persons with varying skills and interests. Here are a few of the most sought-after farm occupations in Germany.

Harvesting fruits and vegetables (seasonal jobs)

These jobs, which normally open up in the spring, summer, and fall, involve picking and packing produce including apples, grapes, and tomatoes.

Caring for and controlling cattle

Openings for people who want to take care of the animals and their daily needs are commonly available on farms that breed animals like cows, pigs, or chickens.

Farm jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship

1. Dairy farming

Many German farms are devoted exclusively to the production of milk, cheese, and other dairy products, which are known for their superior quality across the world.

2. Aquaculture

The aquaculture sector in Germany is also growing, with farms raising fish and other seafood for the market.

3. Highly specialized positions

There are several jobs available on farms, including forestry, beekeeping, and greenhouse work. On the other hand, working on a farm can be exciting, teach you new skills, and let you work with others.

German Farm Work Visa Requirements

There are a few prerequisites to meet to get a visa if you are an outside worker wishing to work on a farm in Germany. Depending on where you are from and the farm you want to work for, these requirements will change, but in general you will need to:

  • Verify that you adhere to the requirements.
  • You are required to be at least 18 years old and possess some college experience to work on a farm in Germany.
  • Depending on the farm and the region where you’ll be working, you might additionally need to speak a certain language well.
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Why It Is A Good Idea To Work On A Farm In Germany?

  • One of the many advantages of working on a German farm is the great pay and benefits packages that are common in the agricultural sector. For expats wanting to save money while working overseas, this is very helpful.
  • Additionally, working on a farm can teach you new skills while gaining expertise with livestock, crops, and agricultural machinery.
  • Third, getting a job on a farm in Germany can give you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get to know people from all walks of life and immerse yourself in a new culture. That can be a great way to get to know people from that area and learn about their culture.

In conclusion, anyone seeking a change of scenery or the chance to pick up new skills may want to think about applying for farm work in Germany. Numerous farms grant foreigners work visas because of Germany’s robust agricultural sector and high need for trained laborers.

However, it is imperative to be aware of the challenges that can come with working in agriculture, such as the physical demands of the position, the potential for language hurdles, and adjusting to a new environment.

Babbel Jobs in Germany For Foreigners 2023

Babbel supports people who enjoy studying outside of their jobs or school, whether they are at home on the sofa, in the subway, or on the go. The company has grown to become the market leader in language learning through apps. Babbel offers 14 different alternatives for learning languages, from English to Indonesian.

On the Babbel website and mobile devices, professionals can access courses. More than 700 team members from more than 50 countries tirelessly create new learning standards at Babbel.

Babbel Intensive is looking for a motivated language teacher with experience in teaching Business English. a teacher who is tech-savvy and can instruct students in a vibrant, communicative virtual classroom while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Babbel Intensive

A B2B-focused language-learning platform is Babbel Intensive. We provide private language instruction that is intended to quickly improve both individual and group language ability.


  • First and foremost, have a remarkable command of the language you want to teach.
  • Second, if English is not your first language, have a certified CEFR C2 level.
  • Additionally, you speak English well enough to collaborate with our B2B Didactics team.
  • Next, hold a teaching certificate in TEFL (or a related subject) from an institute of higher learning with accreditation. A degree in a subject area related to language is advantageous.
  • Also, teaching experience in a second language. knowledge of online business English instruction. An asset is being able to teach English in many businesses.
  • Technical know-how: You have a lot of experience using Zoom and other web-based communication tools.
  • Aside from that, take pleasure in learning about and utilizing new features in the online classroom.
  • Adaptability: You handle unexpected technology challenges and demanding instructional environments with competence and assurance.
  • Besides that, you are a dynamic person who can combine friendliness and openness with educational genius.
  • Furthermore, excited about what you do, eager to learn from your students and colleagues, and ready to change with the times.
  • Similarly, be in charge of managing your invoices and taxes
  • Likewise, you have independent contractor documents.

Why Go with Babbel?

1. Work with a truly mission-driven company

A significant personal and professional learning curve Join a team that is extremely diverse and international. a demanding environment that is quick-paced and has an innovative culture Participating in the initiative to help millions of people learn languages

2. Diversity at Babbel

We invite everyone to apply, especially underrepresented tech workers, as part of our ongoing efforts to create a diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive workplace. We encourage you to apply even if you do not satisfy all of the technical requirements because we are a learning organization both internally and outside. Candidates are assessed according to their skills, qualifications, and business needs.

In your application, please make sure to specify your pronouns and let us know if you’d prefer to be addressed by a name different than the one that appears on your official documents. If you have a disability or a specific need, kindly let us know so that we can offer you the proper application support.

Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive a job sponsorship in Germany?

All people who want to work for a living in Germany must get visa-based residency authorization. If a work permit is necessary, it will be given along with the visa for this reason.

What is the wage for farm labor in Germany?

Crop farm workers in Germany make an average of €34,931 per year in addition to €17 per hour in wages. Salary ranges for crop farm laborers typically range from €26,547 to €40,659. For this study on remuneration, anonymous employees and employers in Germany provided the salary survey data.

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