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Unskilled Jobs in Norway with Visa Sponsorship (167 NOR per hour)

October 8th, 2023 at 04:57 am

Unskilled Jobs in Norway with Visa Sponsorship (167 NOR per hour)

Do you wish to be an unskilled worker in Norway? Norway is a popular location for job seekers due to its growing economy and good level of living. This post will provide you with a thorough overview of how to apply for unskilled employment in Norway and the advantages of doing so.

Norway is a European nation, which attracts job seekers. Unskilled employment might be challenging to come by in Norway. However, certain employers might offer sponsorship for a visa. We can assist if you’re looking for similar possibilities. A list of unskilled jobs in Norway that are being provided by Norwegian firms and enterprises may be found by clicking the links below. Click the “Apply Now” button for the position that best fits your qualifications. Make sure you apply for visa sponsorship as soon as an employer contacts you.

There are several benefits to working in Norway as a foreigner. First of all, Norway has a high standard of living, which makes it a desirable location for both living and working. Furthermore, Norway’s economy is strong, offering great employment prospects and work stability. Additionally, Norway has a strong healthcare system that makes sure you get the greatest medical attention when you need it.

Job Details

  • Country: Norway
  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Sponsorship Visa and Relocation Package available
  • Salary: 167 NOK Per Hour

Available Unskilled Jobs in Norway For Foreigners

1. Cleaners

Cleaners might be a good alternative for unskilled employees looking for jobs because they are in high demand in Norway. There are cleaning positions available in a range of locations, such as offices, homes, hotels, and hospitals.

Vacuuming, dusting, wiping floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, and emptying garbage cans are all common cleaning tasks in Norway. Depending on the task, cleaners may be needed to work alone or in groups.


2. Farm workers

Another alternative for unskilled persons seeking employment in Norway is farm work. The Norwegian agricultural sector includes crop cultivation, animal husbandry, and fish farming, and there are frequent job openings for farm employees, particularly during peak seasons.

Planting and harvesting crops, feeding and caring for livestock, running farm equipment, and maintaining farm cleanliness are among the tasks that farm workers could be expected to perform. Depending on the task, farm workers may be expected to work alone or in groups.

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3. Construction laborers

In Norway, there is a great demand for construction workers, and there are many openings in this field for unskilled laborers. On building sites, construction laborers support trained workers and carry out activities like trench digging, material movement, and debris cleanup.

Building, bridge, and road construction, loading and unloading construction supplies, and operating construction machinery may all fall under the purview of construction laborers.


4. Warehouse workers

In Norway, there is a significant demand for warehouse workers, and there are many opportunities for unskilled people in the logistics and warehousing sector. Workers in warehouses are in charge of a variety of duties involving the handling, delivery, and storage of commodities.

Receiving and storing items, choosing and packing orders, using equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks, and keeping the warehouse neat and organized are all responsibilities of warehouse personnel.


5. Hotel housekeepers

Another alternative for unskilled persons looking for work in Norway is hotel housekeeping. To ensure that guests have a comfortable and happy stay, hotel housekeepers are in charge of keeping common areas and guest rooms tidy and clean.

Cleaning guest rooms, replacing bed linens, restocking towels and amenities, and vacuuming and dusting public spaces are all duties of hotel housekeepers.


Minimum Salary

The minimum wage in Norway is 167 NOK per hour or roughly 19 USD. This equates to a minimum monthly wage of about 30,000 NOK (about 3,400 USD) based on a 37.5-hour workweek.

Norway Offering Jobs with Visa Sponsorships

Norway offers roles that sponsor visas, enabling great people from all over the world to look into employment prospects and contribute to the growth of the nation. In this essay, we’ll go into the subject of Norway Granting Visa Sponsorship Jobs and shed some light on the advantages, prerequisites, and methods for discovering such possibilities.

Norway’s robust economy, robust social system, and inclusive society all contribute to the country’s appeal as a labor and immigration destination. The nation enjoys a high standard of living, first-rate medical care, top-notch education, and a strong dedication to long-term growth.

The job market in Norway is diverse and includes sectors including technology, healthcare, engineering, finance, and renewable energy. Furthermore, Norway prioritizes and honors international talent, making it the ideal location for people looking for both professional advancement and a balanced lifestyle.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs Benefits in Norway

Employers can hire non-EEA citizens thanks to Norway’s visa sponsorship program, which also streamlines their residency and work permit application procedures. People can navigate the immigration process more quickly if they have a job offer from a Norwegian company willing to sponsor them.

  • Job Security: Because the company agrees to support the applicant’s immigration journey, securing a job with visa sponsorship offers stability and peace of mind.
  • Immigration Process Simplified: By reducing paperwork and raising the chance of getting a work permit, sponsorship streamlines the visa application process.
  • Integration Assistance: To make it easier for sponsored employees to acclimatize to a new country, employers usually help with the processes of housing, relocating, learning a new language, and settling in.
  • Employment under a visa sponsorship offers employees the chance to network with others in their industry, advancing their professional growth and opening doors to new job options.
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Norway encourages international talent, but there are a few requirements to meet to be sponsored for a work visa:

  • You must have applied for or will apply for, a residence permit for an athlete or coach or a skilled worker residence permit with a Norwegian employer.
  • Also, a single employer in Norway must have made you a formal job offer.
  • Additionally, the work must typically be done full-time.
  • Besides that, you must qualify to work as a skilled worker.

You must first receive the necessary approval or authorization if you want to work in a position that does. For instance, the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s license or authorization must be included by health personnel.

Websites for Finding Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs

  • Indeed
  • Jobs in Oslo
  • Adeeco
  • The Local
  • Jobisland
  • Ranstand
  • Jobbnorge

Important Information Before Applying for a Visa Sponsorship Job

Keep the following in consideration when applying for a position sponsoring a Norwegian Visa:

  • You must apply for a visitor’s visa in person at a Norwegian embassy. In your application, please state that you wish to receive an entrance visa (D visa).
  • Also, make sure to include all of the paperwork listed on the checklist for skilled workers if you haven’t yet filed for a residence permit.
  • The embassy will take into account your request for an entry visa. You can write an appeal to the embassy if your application is rejected. Your application will then be reevaluated by them, and they will forward it to the UDI for final approval or denial.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Foreigner Apply For Employment In Norway?

You will require a residence visa if you wish to work in Norway and are not a citizen of the EU/EEA. If you do not already have a work-related residence permit, you must apply for one. This was formerly known as a work permit.

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What is Norwegian job visa sponsorship?

The procedure through which a Norwegian firm sponsors a foreign worker for a work visa or authorization to work and live in Norway is known as visa sponsorship for jobs in Norway.

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