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Informa Jobs in Dubai (AED 20,000 – 25,000 per month)

October 6th, 2023 at 04:01 pm

Informa Jobs in Dubai (AED 20,000 – 25,000 per month)

Informa offers a lot of positions you might look into if you’re looking for work in Dubai in 2023. Many job possibilities are available at Informa Dubai for people looking to advance their careers and themselves. A range of UAE-based job openings are included in the Informa recruitment ad on the Informa career portal. We will examine professional development options in the nation, the perspective of Informa openings, and job employment prospects in this post.

To find and choose the best people with the necessary abilities and a desire to work in the United Arab Emirates, Informa UAE often runs recruitment campaigns. The hiring procedure at Informa often entails several steps. Candidates must submit the Informa application form in its entirety. Personal information, academic qualifications, and other relevant data are collected on this Informa Application Form.

Postings for open opportunities in their offices can be found on the Informa UAE Jobs website. Jobs for Informa Salesforce Product Leads are now open. Candidates looking for Salesforce Product Lead Jobs in Dubai, UAE may submit their resumes to Informa Careers if they have the necessary experience and skill set. Following selection, the individual would be paid a high salary of between AED 2,000 and 5,000 per month.

Job Details

  • Recruitment Agency: Informa
  • Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Salary: AED 20,000 – 25,000 per month

List of Informa Jobs in Dubai

1. Sales Roles


  • Minimum Education Requirement: Degree-level education or its equivalent
  • Essential Significant and productive sales experience
  • Also, knowledgeable about computers and adept at using popular business tools
  • In addition, effective English communication skills, both verbally and in writing
  • Besides that, excellent interpersonal skills
  • Likewise, commercial sensitivity
  • Similarly, pay close attention to details

2. Operations Roles


  • Minimum Education Requirement: Degree-level education or its equivalent

Qualities necessary for the position

  • Must have effectively and independently overseen exhibition operations to a consistently high standard.
  • Also, the capacity to foresee issues and/or prepare backup plans
  • Next, good people skills and the capacity to uplift and motivate others
  • Additionally, being able to communicate with every member of the operations team and the Event Director level within event teams are examples of great communication abilities.

3. Marketing Roles


  • Minimum Education Requirement: A degree or the equivalent in education.

Background information, competencies, and experience

  • Knowledge of and experience in direct marketing and digital (PPC, SEO, and online advertising) database development and expansion, including segmentation and sophisticated targeting.
  • Also, establishing connections with stakeholders and partners
  • Analytical and inquisitive attitude
  • Additionally, powerful copywriting abilities
  • Besides that, target- and deadline-driven
  • Furthermore, experience working in a high-pressure workplace Excellent communication abilities both orally and in writing
  • In addition, able to utilize MS Office well, including intermediate/advanced PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
  • Lastly, capable of utilizing and quickly implementing new technological solutions.
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Key Responsibilities

  • Planning, execution, and optimization of both inbound and outbound marketing strategies.
  • Second, provides regular updates on these ongoing results while delivering strategic KPIs by driving web traffic, leads, and conversions.
  • Third, use tools like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, and others to find problems and possibilities.
  • Also, monitor and improve our paid advertising using vendor-specific dashboards,
  • Google Analytics, and marketing analytics reports.
  • Additionally, identifies changing SEO techniques and works with internal stakeholders and outside agencies to develop cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns.
  • Furthermore, for each step of the consumer lifecycle, develop fresh and original organic search growth tactics that take into account the distinctive digital trends and platforms of various global regions.
  • Moreover, manage and improve organic search engine performance and goal setting based on clickthrough rates, traffic, and conversions.

Analysis and Suggestions

  • By producing meaningful and timely reports, you can keep track of the campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Also, make suggestions for campaign execution based on data insights.
  • Next, determine patterns and insights, then adjust spending and output based on the insights.
  • Besides that, to boost sales or investigate new prospects, share key information with top management and the larger marketing team.

Planning and Managing a Campaign

  • Most essentially, work with the marketing team to meet strategic goals, such as increasing visitor traffic and exhibiting.
  • Next, monitor operational implementation plans (such as Drop Schedules, Gantt charts, Time and action Plans, Content Calendars, and Budget Trackers) to make sure that deadlines are met.
  • Lastly, help marketing managers create marketing budgets that are in line with their plans, and make sure the digital components of budget monitors are up to date.

Marketing Methodology

  • First and foremost, identify the target universe and key target universe segments in collaboration with marketers.
  • Also, help develop personas, value propositions, and messaging for each of the product’s important market categories.
  • Additionally, ensure that communications are sent through a variety of digital channels in a timely and appropriate manner and that each channel is optimized.


  • Most essentially, a degree or its equivalent in education.
  • Next, at the manager level, substantial experience with digital marketing
  • Also, a curious mindset and familiarity with Eloqua, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target Analytical
  • In addition, strong background in PPC, SEO, and A/B online and email testing
  • Moreover, excellent time management abilities, including the capacity to balance several tasks.
  • Besides that, motivated and able to work well on autonomous projects as well as ones involving several stakeholders.
  • Additionally, proven ability to meet digital channel KPIs Passion for digital marketing
  • Besides that, the ability to express ideas clearly, and effectively, and persuasion
  • Aside from that, database creation and growth, with segmentation and customization
    Similarly, target-driven and time-sensitive
  • Likewise, superior communication skills in both writing and speaking
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Background experience, skills, and knowledge

  • Foremost, knowledge and expertise in direct marketing and digital (PPC, SEO, internet advertising)
  • Also, database creation and growth, with segmentation and sophisticated targeting.
  • Next, fostering relationships with partners and stakeholders
  • Additionally, a mindset that is critical and exploratory.
  • Besides that, outstanding copywriting skills.
  • Time-sensitive and objective.
  • Likewise, experience working in a stressful setting
  • Similarly, superior communication skills in both writing and speaking.
  • In addition, capable of using Microsoft Office at an intermediate/advanced level, including PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.
  • Aside from that, technically savvy
  • Above all, capable of implementing new technical solutions quickly.

Benefits of Informa Jobs in Dubai

  • Access to a Wide Range of Employment Opportunities: Normally, employment platforms like Informa Jobs combine job ads from many businesses and industries, providing job searchers with access to a Wide Range of Employment Opportunities.
  • Convenience: These platforms offer a simple way to look for work and submit an application from the comfort of your home or any other place with access to the Internet.
  • Customized employment notifications: Many employment platforms give customers the option to build customized job notifications based on their interests and requirements, enabling them to be notified about pertinent job vacancies.
  • Company Perspectives: Some platforms let job seekers discover more about possible employers by providing details about the businesses that post job openings.
  • Job seekers can routinely check the status of their applications on these platforms and receive updates about requests for interviews and job offers.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Some job platforms make it easier to network with business leaders, which can help you progress your career.
  • Salary Perspectives: Some job-searching platforms offer salary data for certain positions, helping job searchers project their possible earnings.
  • References and Tips: Job platforms may also offer articles, resources, and tips on how to write a resume, prepare for interviews, and progress your career.
  • Global Presence: If “Informa Jobs” is associated with a multinational company, it may provide employment prospects outside of Dubai.
  • User ratings and reviews: Some job sites offer user ratings and employer reviews, which can help job searchers assess the reputations of companies and work environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of Informa?

The leading global group for academic knowledge, digital services, and events is called Informa. We are here to support the experts. We connect organizations and professionals with the information they need to learn more, know more, and do more through hundreds of brands and a variety of products and services.

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What does Informa Global Support entail?

The fifth division of Informa is Global Support. Experts in IT, finance, law, business development, communications, operations, and other specialized fields make up the team that supports the teams.

What businesses are in Informa?

Informa is divided into four operational divisions: Taylor & Francis, Taylor & Francis Markets, and Informa Connect. Derek Mapp was replaced as chairman in June 2021 by John Rishton.

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