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Study In UAE: American University In Dubai Scholarships 2024

March 6th, 2024 at 08:22 am

Study In UAE: American University In Dubai Scholarships 2024

American University in Dubai UAE scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025 are available to international students. This scholarship is available for undergraduate and graduate programs in all subjects offered at the American University in Dubai. Each scholarship has a unique deadline.

Educational Level:

American University in Dubai UAE Scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic year are offered for undergraduate and graduate-level studies at the American University in Dubai.

Types of Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships:

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Scholarship for Undergraduate Study:

Scholarships offer assistance for undergraduate studies with high status.

Gebran Tueni Media Scholarship:

Scholarships are designed for students studying media-related professions.

Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication Scholarship:

Scholarships are customized for students studying communication studies.

William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship at AUD:

Undergraduate scholarships were named in honor of William Jefferson Clinton for exceptional students.

ICT offers scholarships for undergraduate admissions:

Scholarship program funded by ICT Funds, specifically targeting undergraduate admissions.

DEWA’s Intilaq Scholarship

A specialized award is offered in partnership with DEWA for undergraduate students.

AUD School Partnership Initiative (ASPI):

An initiative that promotes scholarships by forming strategic ties with schools.

AUD Senior Scholarship

Scholarships are specifically for senior undergraduate students in recognition of their academic accomplishments.

Scholarships for individuals pursuing a master’s degree:

AUD Alumni Tuition Waiver

Master’s students receive tuition waivers through funding from AUD alumni.

AUD School of Education Tuition Waiver

Tuition waivers are exclusively for master’s students at the School of Education.

Subjects available:

All disciplines are accessible for study through this scholarship initiative.

Scholarship Benefits:

Financial Empowerment for Educational Costs and Living Expenses:

  • Obtain financial assistance for tuition costs and necessary expenses.
  • Experience exceptional academic quality at the prestigious American University of Dubai.
  • Gain acceptance to a top institution known for academic excellence and cutting-edge programs.

Boosting confidence through recognition of academic excellence:

  • Boost self-confidence by recognizing academic excellence and improving personal and professional assurance.

Stimulus for Individual and Career Advancement:

  • Open opportunities for comprehensive development, promoting personal and professional advancement during your academic experience.
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Enhanced Career Opportunities After Graduation:

  • Prepare yourself for a successful future by improving your professional prospects and gaining a competitive advantage in the employment market.

Participation in Community Service and Leadership Positions:

  • Engage in community service and leadership roles to contribute to society and promote social responsibility.

An encouraging atmosphere with guidance and resources for achieving success:

  • Flourish in a supportive setting with committed guidance and ample resources, creating a favorable climate for achieving academic and personal goals.

Eligible Countries:

These scholarships are available to both domestic and international students of any nationality.

Undergraduate Eligibility Criteria:

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Scholarship:

  • High school applicants must uphold a minimum 90% grade average (or equivalent).
  • An inability to pay for school must serve as proof of financial need.
  • Open to applicants of any nationality and undergraduate program.

Gebran Tueni Media Scholarship:

  • Lebanese citizenship is mandatory for students with exceptional academic performance in high school.
  • A portfolio displaying creative work must be submitted.
  • A qualifying interview was administered by a member of the MBRSC Admissions Committee.

Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication Scholarship:

  • Arab nationals who are seeking admission to the Arabic track of the B.C.I.S. degree program.
  • High school applicants must uphold a minimum 90% grade average (or its equivalent).
  • A portfolio displaying creative work and a qualifying interview are necessary for submission.

William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship at AUD:

  • American citizens who are full-time undergraduate students at authorized four-year schools or universities in the United States.
  • High academic performance is required, with a preference for familiarity with Middle Eastern and Islamic cultures.
  • ICT offers scholarships for undergraduate admissions.
  • Available for Emirati citizens interested in computer engineering and electrical engineering programs.
  • Satisfactory academic performance on a secondary certificate or its equivalent is necessary.
  • Age limit of 24 years, without any previous convictions for specific crimes.

DEWA’s Intilaq Scholarship

  • Emirati citizens with a high school diploma averaging at least 80%.
  • Written tests and a personal interview are mandatory for successful completion.
  • Intention to work at DEWA after completing post-graduation, subject to meeting medical fitness and good conduct requirements.

AUD Senior Scholarship

  • Must have attained “senior status” in the degree program.
  • A minimum CGPA of 3.5 is necessary, and no Conduct Code breaches are allowed.
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Eligibility criteria for the Masters program:

  • AUD Alumni Tuition Waiver
  • Available for Australian Dollar alumni accepted into any AUD postgraduate programs.
  • AUD School of Education Tuition Waiver
  • Admission to the preferred program is necessary.
  • Evidence of current jobs in the education industry is required.

Procedure for Applying:

1. Investigate scholarships:

Examine the wide variety of scholarships provided by AUD based on your academic accomplishments, country, and area of study to determine eligibility.

2. Examine Application Criteria:

Thoroughly analyze the precise criteria for each scholarship you are interested in. Ensure you have the necessary paperwork, essays, portfolios, and any other required materials for a thorough application.

3. Gather necessary documents:

Collect all required documents, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements, portfolios, financial records, and proof of citizenship or residency. Ensure adherence to prescribed standards and preparedness for submission.

4. Fill out the application form:

Complete the AUD scholarship application form completely. Verify all entered information to ensure precision and thoroughness.

5. Apply:

Ensure that you submit your scholarship application along with all necessary paperwork before the specified time. Follow the given directions for submitting your work, whether it be through an online platform, email, or regular mail.

6. Follow-up:

Stay vigilant by checking your email and other communication platforms for any updates or requests for more information from the scholarship committee. Respond promptly to any inquiries to facilitate the efficient processing of your application.

7. Wait for notification:

Being patient is crucial. Give the scholarship committee ample time to evaluate your application. Any changes, award notices, or other instructions will be sent to you using the contact information you provided in your application.

Closing dates:

Click here to view application deadlines.

By following these procedures, you increase your likelihood of successfully obtaining a scholarship at an American university in Dubai for the school year 2024-2025.



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