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Study In Austria: International Students Scholarships

January 6th, 2024 at 10:18 am

Study In Austria: International Students Scholarships

It is possible that beginning your education in Austria will be a significant turning point in your life. If you are awarded one of the Austria International Scholarships, you will have the opportunity to make your goals come true. Make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity to receive an education of the highest caliber while studying in one of the most stunning and culturally diverse nations in Europe.

Mittentally located in Europe, Austria is a stunning, culturally diverse country full of life. The nation is a popular destination for overseas students due to its long tradition of academic success and a broad range of study possibilities. Austria is a great destination for international students because it offers university funding.

Over 500 scholarships are available to international students for the 2024 academic year at prestigious Austrian universities. These scholarships cover the cost of tuition, housing, health insurance, and a travel allowance, in addition to an average monthly stipend of $25,000.

The Oesterreichische National Bank, Marcus Oldham College, Webster Vienna Private University, TU Wien, and other prestigious universities are among the ones where you can apply for fully funded scholarships to study.

It might be a significant life-turning point to begin your education in Austria. The Austria Scholarships for International 2024 can assist you in realizing your future goals. Seize the opportunity to receive a top-notch education while studying in one of Europe’s most stunning and culturally diverse nations.

Why Study In Austria?

The Academic Eden

Renowned intellectuals such as Mozart and Freud have long been associated with Austria. Because so many programs are offered across many fields in the nation, students can select a school that suits their academic interests.

Education is easygoing and moderately priced.

Allow me to introduce myself now. Not that you won’t have any jobs to complete while studying overseas. That is entirely up to you! But one advantage of studying in Austria is the laid-back attitude Austrians have about higher education.

Although degree programs typically take three to five years to finish, there is no set length of time that can be spent on coursework. Accordingly, Austrian students experience far lower levels of stress than students in the UK.

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In addition, especially for those from EU countries, course expenses at Austrian universities are extremely low. Additionally, to assist while you’re there, you can apply for Erasmus financing. This relieves financial strain and creates a more relaxed atmosphere overall.

You have the opportunity to study German.

It is true that not everyone speaks German everywhere in the world. Still, knowing a little bit of German will not hurt your chances of landing a job.

Particularly those of you working in the textile, finance, automotive, mechanical, and engineering sectors. It increases your employability and makes you more desirable to companies back home in Austria and Germany.

It is much easier to learn German because most Austrian colleges require you to take a class in the language for semester credits.

English is the language of instruction for several courses.

Thankfully, right? Although attending all of my lectures in a foreign language would have been too much, I still wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to learn German. Particularly when compared to other European nations, a significant portion of Austria’s university student body is comprised of international students. Thus, it makes sense for institutions to offer English instruction, and master’s-level instruction is even more prevalent.

Numerous Scholarship Opportunities

Austria offers numerous scholarships to overseas students as part of its efforts to promote foreign education. These awards cover living expenses as well as educational fees and provide additional assistance.

Scholarship to Marcus Oldham College

A partially funded international student award is the Marcus Oldham College Grant. These prizes can be used for undergraduate programs. The Dr. Alastair Mackenzie International Scholarship Funds will cover $15,000 of the expenses for that particular academic year.

Women in Computer Science: The Helmut Veith Stipend

In 2024, the Helmut Veith Foundation for Women in Computer Science will fully fund an international scholarship. For master’s degree study, this grant is available. Over two years, the scholarship offers up to EUR 6,000 per year and covers all TU Wien tuition costs.

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To read more, click this link.

The scholarships offered by Webster Vienna Private University

Scholarships for international students at Webster Vienna Private University are offered at a partial subsidy. Master’s and undergraduate degree programs are both eligible for these awards. The annual tuition award from this scholarship is up to 21,000 euros.

To read more, click this link.

Postdoctoral Program at Vienna International

Full funding is provided for overseas students enrolled in the Vienna Overseas Postdoctoral Program. Full health insurance, additional support for each child between 110 and 170 EUR per month, and an annual gross income of 70,040 EUR are all included in the postdoctoral fellowship.

To read more, click this link.

Some Advice for a Winning Application

From crafting a compelling personal statement to obtaining compelling letters of recommendation, we offer insightful guidance on how to submit a scholarship application.

Frequently asked questions

What is the process for locating scholarships relevant to my area of study?

Have a look at the websites of Austrian government scholarship programs and universities first. Finding scholarships that match your field of study will be much easier with this. It is also possible to look for scholarships online using databases and websites that are tailored to your desired field of study. Remember to inquire about departmental scholarships with the departments of the institutions you are considering.

What do international students living in Austria have to pay?

In Austria, living expenses could vary depending on where you are studying. Monthly expenses for international students typically range from 800 to 1200 euros. This covers lodging fees, meals, travel expenses, and other expenses. Remember that Vienna could have more expensive living expenses than Austria’s smaller towns.


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