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    Study Abroad: Houtan Scholarship 2024

    February 23rd, 2024 at 07:18 am

    Study Abroad: Houtan Scholarship 2024

    The Houtan Scholarship Foundation (HSF) is looking for students, regardless of their background, who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and a strong commitment to advancing Iran’s culture, legacy, language, and civilization.

    The chosen candidate will get a $3500 year stipend for graduate school education. The grant is available for the autumn and spring semesters combined. The deadline for submitting the application is June 1st, prior to the award year.

    About The Houtan Scholarship

    Iran, being the cradle of the Persian Empire, which was the oldest and largest empire globally, possesses an exceptionally rich history and culture. The Houtan Foundation provides scholarships to students of various backgrounds, both Iranian and non-Iranian, who demonstrate strong academic achievement and a commitment to advancing Iran’s culture, legacy, language, and civilization.

    Applicants for the prize need to exhibit leadership skills and a commitment to creating a positive impact in their community. The Houtan Foundation is keen on monitoring the accomplishments of these students during and after the scholarship period since the foundation aims to contribute to each student’s success.

    One $3500 stipend will be granted annually to assist the chosen applicant with their graduate school tuition. The grant is available for the autumn and spring semesters combined. The deadline for submitting the application is June 1st, prior to the award year.

    Criteria for the Houtan Scholarship:

    • The applicant must possess a proficient understanding of Parsi and exhibit an engaged passion for Iranian culture, tradition, and literature.
    • The candidate must be currently enrolled in or planning to enroll in a recognized graduate school.
    • The applicant must demonstrate exceptional academic achievement or a substantial improvement in academic performance.
    • academic performance throughout his/her educational journey.
    • Financial necessity will play a role in selecting the scholarship applicants.
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    Recipient Selection:

    • The grant will be given to a qualified graduate student, regardless of their subject of study.
    • The scholarship will be sent straight to the graduate school for the field of study.
    • Once the board has evaluated the application and accompanying documents, the finalists will receive notification by mail or email.
    • Every finalist is required to undergo an interview, either via phone or in person, with Mina Houtan, PhD, the founder and chairperson of the Houtan Scholarship Foundation. This is the foundation’s initial step in forming a connection with the student.
    • The recipient will be chosen from the group of finalists based on the provided documents, the interview, and financial need. The recipient will get a notification by mail or email.
    • Upon being chosen as the winner, you must confirm receipt of the notification and reach out to us via email within one month of receiving the announcement. Not complying will lead to forfeiting the reward.

    Re-application Requirements:

    • If contact information does not change within one application year, there is no need to complete the application form again.
    • Submit all grades after receiving the scholarship.
    • The applicant must demonstrate a sustained engagement with Iranian culture, heritage, and literature after receiving the grant. Interest must be substantiated with suitable documentation.
    • Applicants are required to submit their applications before the deadline. We will evaluate your re-application with the new applicants.

    Year of Recognition:

    • Deadline: June 1st
    • Finalists will be notified and interviews will be conducted between June 15 and June 30.
    • Recipient Selection: July 1


    Message from the founder of the Houtan Scholarship Foundation

    With the creation of additional scholarships for students focusing on Persian history, culture, civilization, and language, there will be a rise in interest in studying Iran. As a result, there will be increased exposure to our old culture and civilization.

    Cyrus the Great wrote about the first human rights problem about 2500 years ago, during a time when the rest of the world was less developed. Persia started to deteriorate, while other regions began to advance.

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    It is now our responsibility to uphold the legacy of Cyrus the Great. People who are ignorant of our culture are devaluing Iran and Iranians. We must achieve victory in this war through the education of all individuals. Individually, we are not able to achieve victory, but collectively, we will succeed.

    In the past, terms like “Persia” or “Iran,” and “Persian” or “Iranian” were not commonly mentioned in the public media of the United States. Only a minority of the people were aware of several products originating from Iran, including oil, Persian carpets, Persian caviar, and Persian cats.

    30 years ago, at the 2500th anniversary celebration of the monarchy in Iran, an opportunity arose for people to gain insight into Iran and its people. Soon after, the Iranian Revolution provided another opportunity for people to become acquainted with Iran and its people. None of those windows accurately depict our past, present, and future aspirations.

    We must present ourselves comprehensively to the world through education. Progress may not be immediate, but we will reach our goal, and future generations will benefit from the results.

    Having resided in Iran during childhood and young adulthood, and in the USA for the majority of my life as an Iranian-American, I believe I possess a well-informed viewpoint on both countries. There are many striking similarities between Iran and America.

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