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Puma Energy New Job Announcement

Puma Energy New Job Announcement

POSITION: Learning & Development Officer

To help with coordinating training programs in Congo in an effective way, with a focus on putting Global Training Initiatives, programs, and other initiatives into action.

Responsibilities and Roles:

  • Prepare training programs for Congo for the year ahead of time.
  • Talk to the Global Head of Learning & Development to find out how the training programs (both internal and external) will be run.
  • Deal with all questions about learning and development as soon as possible. Tracks and handles all requests and questions, telling the right people what to do and giving them updates. As many requests as possible are handled on the first call, reducing the number of calls that need to be sent to the next level of support. Make sure that tasks are done correctly and successfully.
  • If necessary, follow the procurement process and send in invoices for payment. You should also keep track of payments and questions.
  • If you need to (to confirm availability for training dates, venue, printing needs, catering, etc.), contact the vendors.
  • Do all the logistics work need to set up training programs, such as booking venues, printing materials, ordering food, etc?
  • Put course information and open times on the Puma Learning System.
  • Bring nominations together (book/invite). After that, confirm who’s coming and who’s not, and make the final list of who’s coming.
  • Schedule updates meetings (as needed) and let the Global Head of Learning & Development know how things are going with all coordinating tasks.
  • After the training, get the trainer’s signature on the list of delegates, the filled-out training evaluation sheets, the necessary information on the Puma Learning System, and follow up on the payment of the invoice.
  • Manage budgets for training in the country and make sure training requests meet company needs and are relevant (accredited, job-related, etc.).
  • Finds ways to improve processes, business efficiency, and customer service on a regular basis.
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Skills & Requirements:


  • At least three years of experience in an environment for learning and development.
    Must know how to use a computer. Must know how to use Microsoft Office, especially Excel and Word.


  • Strong administration experience with learning and development, and able to work methodically and accurately.
  • Ability to effectively analyze data about learning and development
  • Able to adapt to a business environment that is always changing
  • Tries to solve problems, but is also willing to escalate when necessary.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to be able to talk to line management, colleagues, and other important people in an effective way.
  • The ability to come up with creative solutions to business problems is a basic skill.
    Fluent in both English and the local language.
  • Geared toward customer service
  • Organized
  • The ability to handle tough situations
  • Time management
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How to Apply for this Puma Energy New Job Announcement

Click Here to Apply Online

Closing Date: 24th July 2023




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