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Job Vacancy at Food and Agriculture Organization

Job Vacancy at Food and Agriculture Organization

ROLE: Senior Animal Health Officer

Through the FAO Strategic Framework, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) helps achieve the 2030 Agenda by supporting the transition to MORE efficient, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable agrifood systems for better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life for everyone, without leaving anyone behind.

Organizational Setting

The Regional Office for Africa (RAF) is in charge of leading FAO’s response to regional priorities for food security, agriculture, and rural development. This is done by identifying, planning, and carrying out FAO’s most important activities in the region. It makes sure that programs use a multidisciplinary approach, figures out what the Organization’s top priorities are in the region, and works with offices and divisions at headquarters to develop, promote, and oversee FAO’s strategic response to regional priorities.

RAF also gives advice on how to include regional priorities in the Organization’s Program of Work and Budget. It also puts approved programs and projects into action in the region, monitors the level of program implementation, and brings problems and shortcomings to the organization’s attention. RAF builds and keeps relationships with regional organizations like the African Union and Regional Economic Communities (RECs).

The Regional Office helps people in the region talk about food security, agriculture, and rural development policies, makes it easier for regional partnerships to form, and helps people in the region build their skills and find resources to help with food security, agriculture, and rural development.

The tasks planned for this position will be done through the FAO Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases (ECTAD), which is a joint platform between the Animal Production and Health Division (NSA) and the Office of Emergencies and Resilience (OER).

The job is in Accra, Ghana, which is the Regional Office for Africa.

Lines of Reporting

The Senior Animal Health Officer reports to the Regional Programme Leader (RPL RAF) and works under the functional guidance of the Assistant Director-General/Regional Representative for Africa (ADG/RR RAF) on managerial/administrative issues and regional priorities, and under the technical guidance of the Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO)/Chief, Animal Health Service (NSAH) and the technical backstopping and supervision of the ECTAD Global Programme Coordinator (NSAH).

He or she will work with the Head of the Emergency Prevention System for Animal Health (EMPRES-AH), the Head of the FAO Emergency Management Centre (EMC), the Emergency and Rehabilitation Officer/ECTAD Global Programme Budget Holder (OER), the Joint Zoonotic Diseases and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Center (CJWZ) Officers, and the Animal Production and Health Officers of the Regional, Subregional, and Country Offices.

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Technical Focus

Give overall advice, supervision, and technical leadership to all of the ECTAD country teams in West and Central Africa’s subregions when it comes to threats from transboundary animal diseases.

Key Outcomes

Develop ECTAD’s regional results framework and action plans on animal health threats with the help of RAF animal health, One Health, and AMR Officers, EMPRES-AH, and EMC staff. Ensure alignment and synergy with FAO’s relevant goals (Betters) and priority programme areas (PPAs), NSAH and CJWZ’s long-term vision, Decentralized Offices, and FAO’s strategic international and regional partners.

Important Tasks

  • Plans, manages, or leads highly specialized or multidisciplinary teams; leads, coordinates, and/or participates in Organization-wide, cross-divisional committees, project teams, and working groups; or provides technical leadership or secretariat services on technical networks and/or international technical policy and standard setting bodies.
  • Analyzes global and country-specific needs and relevant technical issues in order to make important contributions to the FAO Strategic Framework, Programme of Work, work plans, and budgets and/or strategies for getting resources.
  • Puts work programs into action and keeps an eye on them. This includes creating an approach, strategies based on evidence, tools, methods, a supporting system or database, and monitoring and reporting frameworks
  • Conducts, plans, and oversees research and analysis activities to support the creation of technical standards, international instruments, innovations, technical reports, publications, and/or ongoing program development, as well as the provision of technical and/or policy advisory services.
  • Gives technical and policy advice to members and helps decentralized offices make and run their programs by giving them technical support.
  • Leads or helps lead, provides technical support for, and makes sure the quality and effectiveness of capacity development and knowledge sharing activities in Member Nations, such as policy support, organizational development, and individual learning events, including the preparation of related information, learning, and online tools.
  • Represents the Organization at international meetings and conferences, finds and implements strategic partnerships, promotes best practices and more policy dialogue, and creates and negotiates effective working relationships, consensus, and agreements with international and national stakeholders.
  • Leads or takes part in activities that bring in resources in line with the FAO Corporate Strategy.
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Different tasks

  • Leads the decentralized unit of ECTAD (NSA/OER) in coordinating and monitoring different portfolios of ECTAD projects at subregional and country levels related to transboundary animal diseases, zoonotic and AMR threats.
  • Leads the process of closely monitoring the progress of coordination mechanisms being put in place in target countries to deal with new and existing animal disease threats. This is done to help the ADG/RR RAF, the RPL, and the Subregional Coordinators (SRCs) for Central and West Africa.
  • Communicates regularly with other UN and international agencies, regional organizations, and development partners to make sure that FAO’s participation in the process is timely and appropriate.
  • Leads the process of gathering, analyzing, and sharing key information on transboundary animal diseases and emerging pandemic threats.
  • Gives advice on technical, policy, and other strategic sociopolitical issues that are important to the Organization.
  • Goes on missions and field visits and, when necessary, leads the EMC rapid deployment teams.
  • Finds new problems and starts working on them that have to do with high-impact transboundary animal and human diseases and AMR in the region.
  • Leads efforts in the region to get more money for health interventions that help prevent, respond to, and get rid of high-impact animal-based threats.
  • When asked, acts as the Chief, NSAH’s representative in the region.
  • Does other tasks related to the job as needed.
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Minimum Requirements

  • An advanced degree from a college or university in veterinary science or a related field.
  • Ten years of experience managing and putting in place control programs for TADs and re-emerging infectious diseases (rEIDs).
  • Know both English and French well enough to get by (level C)

Technical/Functional Skills

  • Work experience in more than one place or area of work, especially in the field;
  • Extensive and relevant experience in the livestock and animal health sector, with a good understanding of how to prevent and control TADs/rEIDs;
  • Proven experience applying international standards related to animal health, commerce, and trade;
  • Extensive and relevant experience writing technical briefs, reports, presentations, and project proposals.

Please remember that all candidates should follow the FAO Values of Commitment to FAO, Respect for All, Integrity, and Transparency.

How to Apply for this Job Vacancy at Food and Agriculture Organization

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Closing Date: 7th April 2023

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