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Food and Agriculture Organization Latest Job Postings

January 21st, 2023 at 10:51 am

Food and Agriculture Organization Latest Job Postings

Job Title: Senior Administrative Officer

Through the FAO Strategic Framework, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) helps achieve the 2030 Agenda by supporting the transition to MORE efficient, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable agrifood systems for better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life for everyone.

Organizational Setting

The Regional Office for Africa (RAF) is in charge of leading FAO’s response to regional priorities for food security, agriculture, and rural development. This is done by identifying, planning, and carrying out FAO’s most important activities in the region. It makes sure that programs use a multidisciplinary approach, figures out what the Organization’s top priorities are in the region, and works with divisions at headquarters to come up with, promote, and oversee FAO’s strategic response to regional priorities.

RAF also gives advice on how to include regional priorities in the Organization’s work program and budget. It also puts approved programs and projects into action in the region, monitors the level of program implementation, and brings problems and shortcomings to the organization’s attention. RAF builds and keeps relationships with institutions in the region, such as the Regional Economic Integration Organizations (REIOs).

The Regional Office helps people in the region talk about food security, agriculture, and rural development policies make it easier for regional partnerships to form and helps people in the region build their skills and find resources to help with food security, agriculture, and rural development.

The job is in Accra, Ghana, at the Regional Office for Africa (RAF).

Lines of Reporting

The Senior Administrative Officer reports to the Chief, Integrated Operations Support (Chief of Administration, Logistics, and Operations), and the Assistant Director-General/Regional Representative (ADG/RR) for Africa. He or she stays in touch with the FAO headquarters in Rome on a regular basis to get advice on administrative and related duties.

Focus on the details

Logistics management (facilities, registry, travel, medical, meetings, courier), IT, protocol, and other administrative support services are all taken care of. Effective and efficient service delivery, modernization, innovation, and change management using sound management principles, business processes, practices, procedures, and applications to manage for results. Risk management, oversight, and control, along with streamlined bureaucracy and back-office services, are all part of this approach.

Key Outcomes

Provide leadership, technical, and policy guidance for the planning, development, and implementation of projects, products, and services in line with the FAO Strategic Framework and the Organization’s Gender Policy.

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Important Tasks

  • Gives advice to the Assistant Director-General/Regional Representative (ADG/RR) on how to put together the FAO’s regional work plan and budget and makes sure they are in line with the Regional Office’s work plans and the approved Work Plan and Budget.
  • Helps the ADG/RR manage the Regional Office and make sure it runs smoothly. Gives advice on a wide range of management and administrative issues, with a focus on how to plan and use human and financial resources most effectively.
  • Helps the Shared Services Centre (SSC) and other regional projects when it makes sense to do so.
  • Keeps an eye on how much money is available for the Regular Program and field projects.
  • Oversees the creation, monitoring, and revision of the Regional Office’s budget. • Makes sure that financial commitments, expenses, and periodic budget reports stay within the limits set.
  • Finds operational, administrative, and other problems that could stop the program from being carried out, and suggests ways to improve quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Makes sure that the Regional Office’s IT infrastructure and strategy are kept in good shape.
  • Helps plan the Regional Conference, World Food Day events, and other important gatherings.
  • Communicates with headquarters units to solve complicated problems and with Internal and External Auditors; prepares management responses to audit observations and questions; communicates with other UN agencies in the Regional Office about common services; and, as needed, attends meetings of the UN Operations Management Team (OMT).
  • Makes sure the office is well-kept and has enough space; makes sure the office has enough security and is MOSS and E-MOSS compliant.
  • Helps the Subregional Offices, FAO Country Offices, and FAO Liaison Offices in the region with advice and administrative tasks.
  • Does other related work as needed.

Different tasks

  • Gives advice to the ADG/RR and the Chief, Integrated Operations Support (Chief of Administration, Logistics, and Operations) on how to run the Regional Office in general and make sure it runs smoothly. They also give advice on a wide range of administrative, building, and security issues in the Regional Office.
  • Makes sure that all spending is accurate and follows the rules set up, and that internal control systems are adequate and working.
  • Makes sure that spending and regular reports are under control and stay within the limits that have been set.
  • Works with the Designated Official for Security and the UNDSS Chief Security Adviser on all security issues and takes part in coordination meetings about security.
  • Communicates with headquarters units and Internal and External Auditors to solve complicated problems. Prepares management responses to audit observations and questions communicates with other UN agencies about common services and attends UN OMT meetings as needed.
  • Makes sure that the current UN Common Security policies, procedures, and standards are followed, as well as making sure that specific UNDSS recommendations are followed up on.
  • Makes sure that security alerts are shared in a timely manner and helps UNDSS brief them as needed.
  • Keeps risks to a minimum by keeping an eye on the maintenance, upkeep, insurance, and running of the technical facilities and installations.
  • Makes sure that records are managed properly in the office, both online and offline, and gives advice to program and project staff on how to do this well.
  • Takes part in meetings about coordinating the work of the Regional Office, keeps track of how each team member is doing and gives them any advice they need to improve.
  • Helps come up with ideas, policies, and methods for monitoring and reporting on results-based management.
  • Put plans into action and keep an eye on the company’s activities. Identifies operational, administrative, IT, and other problems and suggests ways to improve quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Sets up good working relationships with government counterparts at the right level for government contributions to the work program.
  • Takes part in review meetings to evaluate the managerial and operational skills of selected implementing partners and to check their reliability and financial stability.
  • Optimizes the way the Regional Office’s building is managed, including how space is used and what services are offered for renovation and upkeep. Also makes sure that the building has enough security and is in line with SRM (UN Security Risk Management measures).
  • Talks with the government of the host country about logistics negotiates lease agreements and runs operations according to the Host Country Agreement.
  • Plans meetings, workshops, celebrations, and other events and takes part in them.
  • Helps the Subregional, FAO Country, and Liaison Offices in the area with advice and administrative tasks.
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Minimum Requirements

  • A graduate degree from a college or university in business, public administration, accounting, or a similar field.
  • Ten years of experience managing money, running a business, and making plans for it.
  • Knows English well enough to get by (level C) and knows a little bit about French (level B).


  • Experience working in more than one place or area, especially in field jobs.
  • Extent and usefulness of experience in financial management, administration, and planning; knowledge of and ability to apply rules, regulations, and procedures; and proven ability to plan, organize, and develop effective and efficient work practices based on good management principles and a focus on customer service, as well as to lead, plan, and supervise the work of others.
  • How much and how well do you know how to manage, track, and evaluate work programs and resources.
  • Proven ability, initiative, and judgment to improve, modernize, and innovate business processes and support change management initiatives. This includes using new technologies, approaches, and tools to manage teams, business processes, and managing for results.
  • The amount and usefulness of your knowledge and experience, preferably with UN system operational procedures and databases, accounting and financial modules, and corporate applications.
  • How much and how useful the risk management experience is.
  • Know how to use computers, including computerized accounting systems that are used in large, complicated international organizations.
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How to Apply for this Food and Agriculture Organization Job Postings

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Application Deadline: 10th February 2023

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