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Top 20 Quick Hiring Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024

January 12th, 2024 at 10:52 am

Top 20 Quick Hiring Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024

Are you trying to find the most recent Canadian job openings for international workers? Greetings and welcome to the comprehensive guide to recruitment. Here, you will discover a multitude of job options across multiple industries. The greatest places to look for work in Canada and appealing job alternatives are discussed in this article. Currently, around 100,000 Quick positions are available in Canada for foreign workers.

High-paying positions with salaries for foreign workers are often posted on Demand in Canada by NewsNowGh. Many Canadian businesses may hire non-Canadians for low-skilled positions, creating a wealth of employment opportunities for new graduates and immigrants. Additionally, some businesses offer positions in Canada that sponsor visas for foreign nationals.

There is a labor shortage in Canada’s manufacturing, construction, information technology, health, and medical sectors for both public and private enterprises. To close the gap between the supply and demand of labor, businesses are hiring a lot of skilled entry-level workers and offering foreigners attractive employment opportunities in Canada.

List of Quick Hiring Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

1. Web developers

The demand for web developers has surged as a result of an understood and intentional shift toward technology to create jobs. It is necessary to create applications, which call for web developers. They can work in government agencies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and other types of workplaces.

The average income for web developers is estimated to be $69,305. Web developers are often required by leading Canadian companies such as Azura Digital, Symmetries, Plentitude, Essential Designs, Ankit Designs Inc., Computan, etc.

2. Doctors

In Canada, there is a great demand for doctors. They must perform physical examinations and identify both acute and chronic disorders in healthcare settings. They also strive to treat the recognized illness or affliction. Among the best hospitals in Canada for physicians include the Toronto General Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, North York General Hospital, and others.

3. Full Stack Developers

The present technological development in Canada is making full-stack developers more and more necessary. Due to the great demand for superior IT skills, professionals in the aforementioned area can expect to earn significant wages. It is estimated that full-stack developers in Canada make an average yearly pay of $87,915—much more than the average for all occupations. Some of the top Canadian companies that are hiring full-stack engineers are Freshbooks, CGI Inc., and Telus.

4. Attorneys

In Canada, legal opportunities are growing. Despite being a lucrative job, the legal area offers a wide range of specializations that let workers select the specialization they want. However, business law and intellectual property law are the most profitable fields with the biggest potential for growth.

In Canada, the average lawyer’s salary is expected to be $97,944. There are numerous renowned and successful legal practices in Canada, such as Dentons, Gowling WLG, Baker McKenzie, etc.

5. Architects

Because of the growing infrastructure in Canada, there is a higher need for architects than previously. Architects are in such great demand that their pay is higher than those of other career categories. In addition to the financial rewards, pursuing a profession in architecture allows architects to pursue their creative interests.

In Canada, the average yearly compensation for architects is $94,153. Cutler, Hager Design International Inc., and Jack Pine are three of Canada’s leading architectural firms. Nonetheless, it’s a career that allows people to work for themselves without having to resort to a large company.

6. Licensed Nurses

The need for healthcare workers in Canada has expanded due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Over the past few years, there has been a greater demand for nurses. Furthermore, the career pays a great deal more than other Canadian occupations. The average yearly pay for registered nurses in Canada is $89,579. Some of the best hospitals in Canada that need registered nurses are Mount Sinai Hospital, North York General Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, etc.

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7. Dentists

State insurance does not cover the practice of dentistry. Thus, subject matter specialists can work in private practices. Private practice is extremely profitable because of the industry’s vast earning potential. The average annual salary for dentists in Canada is expected to be $177,266. Popular dental practices in Canada include Silver Hill Dental, Canada Way Dental, Upper Canada Dental Centre, and more.

8. Psychologists

As a result of initiatives to increase public understanding of mental health, psychiatry is starting to receive more attention. There has been a notable movement in favor of psychologists seeking mental health treatment as a result of increased public awareness. After the COVID-19 outbreak, the profession of psychiatry has seen an increase in patients with poor mental health.

In Canada, psychologists make $138,000 on average a year. Among Canada’s top mental health facilities include CAMH, Margaret, Rotman Research Institute, and Charles Joravinsky Center.

9. Human Resource Managers

In addition to creating human resource procedures and deciding on firing procedures, human resource managers are in charge of overseeing the hiring process and interacting with employees in office environments. If HR managers want to get the most out of their workers, they must be skilled people managers. The annual salary of human resource managers is $89,003 on average. Canada is home to top HR firms like ScaleX, Recruitment Canada, Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions, and more.

10. Electrical Engineers

The utilization of electrical circuits and gadgets is increasing. Electrical engineers can earn more because they are in great demand as a result. Electrical engineers are in charge of designing electrical systems. Additionally, they continuously test these electrical systems to make sure that safety procedures are being followed.

The average yearly compensation for electrical engineers is estimated to be $91,832. Among the top engineering firms in Canada are AECOM, Jacobs, Stantec, and others.

11. Financial Advisors

The respect that counseling services merit is starting to emerge. This has increased financial advisors’ earning potential. Giving clients guidance on financial management is the main duty of financial advisors. They also strive to advertise the company and its products and services. The average salary for financial advisors is $62,971 annually. Prominent financial consulting firms in Canada include Raymond James, Deloitte, BMO, Sia Partners, and others.

12. Welders

The welding industry may not usually require a professional degree. However, it falls under the category of skilled work. Welders are in high demand in Canada as a result of the lack of skilled laborers. Many seasoned professionals are retiring, and there aren’t enough new hires to fill the void.

Welders now make an average yearly salary of $73,504 as a result. Investigate the underwater welding sector if you’d like to earn more money than this. Some of Canada’s top welding companies are Cana Weld Inc., STH Welding, MWC Major Welding, Construction Ltd., and others.

13. Commercial Drivers

Due to the lack of commercial drivers in Canada, there is a greater need and greater opportunity for pay. To transport goods, commercial drivers must use commercial vehicles. Applicants must possess the necessary driver’s license for this field. The average yearly compensation for commercial drivers is projected to be $44,836. The top transportation companies in Canada are Canada Cartage, Mullen Group, Morningstar Trucking Company, etc.

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14. Pharmacists

Pharmacists are required to work in pharmacies, drug stores, and hospitals. Protecting patients’ health is a major responsibility of pharmacists. The need for pharmacists has skyrocketed in recent years due to a lack of trained workers in the field.

In Canada, the average salary for a pharmacist is $45 per hour, or $129,600 per year if they work a 12-hour shift. Among the top pharmaceutical companies in Canada are Astellas Pharma Canada, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc., Contract Pharmaceutical, etc.

15. Veterinarians

Pet ownership is growing in popularity in Canada. In the past, there was not much demand for veterinarians. Consequently, professionals are scarce at the moment. Veterinarians are now predicted to make $95,804 on average a year due to the enhanced earning potential. Canada is home to several well-known veterinary hospitals, including Animal Care Hospital, Beckett & Associate Vets, and Duncan Animal Hospital Ltd.

16. Account Managers

Account managers can find employment in a range of industries, such as banking, sales, marketing, consulting, and information technology. They need to have a strong rapport with their clients and be proficient with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Account managers are anticipated to earn $86,104 on average in Canada. Prominent Canadian account management companies consist of Soft Choice, Dell Technologies, RBC, and additional names.

17. Merchandisers

Retail store buyers should be the ones making the purchases. They must also determine the day on which the stock will be sold. They are necessary for the business to succeed. It is estimated that the average yearly wage for entrepreneurs is $48,610. Merchandisers can be employed by retailers based on their credentials and expertise. Among the massive retailers in Canada are Walmart and Amazon.

18. Aerospace Engineers

The primary goals of aeronautical engineers are the development, analysis, specification, optimization, and assessment of aviation vehicles and systems. The engineering profession is severely lacking in personnel as a result of the high number of retirements in the last several months. Because of the rise in demand, aerospace engineers now have better earning potential.

The average yearly compensation for aerospace engineers is $98,347. Among the leading aerospace engineering companies in Canada are Sandvik Aerospace Solutions, GE Aerospace, and Northrop Grumman.

19. Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants are in high demand in Canada. Many of their colleagues’ tasks are aided by administrative assistants. Those with bookkeeping or accounting specializations have a higher probability of landing a job because of the market’s high demand. An administrative assistant’s average yearly pay is projected to be $45,927. Administrative assistants can work for a wide range of Canadian organizations because there are so many chances for this vocation in Canada.

20. Project Managers

Project managers require operating across multiple sectors. They need to oversee multiple initiatives. They must have superior management abilities to do this. Besides that, they ought to oversee the funding allotted for the projects as well. Professionals possessing the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential have an increased chance of landing a job in the sector.

The average yearly salary for project managers is $91,425. Among the top project management companies in Canada are Knickerbocker & Associates, Deloitte, and Bluescape Construction Management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What steps must a foreign applicant take to obtain employment in Canada?

Through a variety of outlets, such as social media platforms, recruitment firms, and online job boards, foreign workers can apply for positions in Canada. On the website of the Canadian government, they can also apply for a work visa.

Is it hard for a foreigner to get a job in Canada?

While it’s not impossible, it might be challenging for foreigners to get employment in Canada. Possessing the appropriate abilities and credentials remains crucial, as informed about the employment landscape.

What are the advantages of being a foreign worker in Canada?

There are numerous advantages to working in Canada as a foreign worker, such as having access to a good quality of living, a friendly and varied culture, and excellent career opportunities.

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