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Engineering Jobs in UK With Visa Sponsorship 2024 (£33,000 Annually)

January 6th, 2024 at 10:48 am

Engineering Jobs in UK With Visa Sponsorship 2024 (£33,000 Annually)

Are you an engineer looking for a new place to work? Are you ready to move to the UK and work for an industry leader in appliance repair? Do you enjoy fixing and assisting other people? If that’s the case, Domex would be a great place to work. We can help you with your visa application and your relocation to the United Kingdom on a three-year work visa as a licensed sponsor.

This opportunity may help you improve your financial situation as well as become a permanent resident of the United Kingdom.

Understanding the UK Engineering Job Market

Current trends and growth in the engineering sector

The UK’s engineering sector has expanded rapidly as a result of technological advancements and the construction of new highways and bridges. Because there is a rising need for skilled engineers, there are many job opportunities in many different areas of engineering.

Desired skill sets

Engineers with extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and renewable energy are in high demand. Professional capabilities and innovative problem-solving abilities are highly valued by employers.

UK Visa Sponsorship Landscape

Foreign engineers must be fully informed about the process of obtaining a sponsored visa. You must be aware of policy changes and know which visa to apply for to ensure a smooth application procedure.

Benefits Of Joining the Domex Community

  • Highly competitive base salary of up to £33,000 for certified engineers, with clear prospects to earn additional performance-related bonuses every two weeks
  • In addition, goal earnings of $40,000+ overtime, pension, paid time off
  • Also, health & and lifestyle benefits.
  • Aside from that, smartphone, equipment, fuel card, business car, and uniform
  • In-depth instruction in both technical and customer service at our head office training academy and on the job
  • One-on-one meetings with a field supervisor and ongoing support.

Other Benefits

Opportunities for Networking:

Meet others who share your interests, aspirations, and professional backgrounds. Expand your professional network to discover opportunities for collaboration, advice, and career advancement.

Exchange of Knowledge:

You will discover a wealth of helpful guidance and information in the Domex Community. By sharing what you know and have accomplished, you may increase the body of knowledge within the community.

Enhancement of Skills:

Locate people with whom you might like to collaborate on initiatives, studies, or commercial ventures. Find out what other people have done incorrectly and stay informed about the changes occurring in your business.

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Possibilities for Collaboration:

Find possible partners for studies, projects, or commercial endeavors. Utilize the community’s varied viewpoints and skill sets to accomplish shared objectives.

Assistance and motivation:

Seek assistance and encouragement from fellow members during times of difficulty or setbacks. Stay informed about significant events, job openings, and news in your field.

Obtaining Resources:

You have access to exclusive learning resources, tools, and templates. Stay informed about significant events, job openings, and news in your field.

Professional Awareness:

To gain more recognition in the community, showcase your abilities and accomplishments. Seize the opportunity to receive recognition and commendation from your colleagues.

Individual Development:

Engage in discussions that help you reflect on yourself and advance as a person. Experiencing diverse concepts and occasions might broaden your perspective.

Activities and Events in the Community:

Participate in workshops, meetups, and community events that provide special opportunities to learn and network. Engaging in regular activities will keep you connected and foster a sense of community.

Companionship and friendship:

Create strong bonds with people who have similar interests and beliefs to your own. Make friends and get a sense of belonging in the Domex Community.

Skills And Experience Required

  • A degree from a university program in HVAC, electronics, or electrical engineering, as well as the ability to use this knowledge effectively.
  • Also, a minimum of B1 or above in the CEFR for intermediate English language proficiency
  • In addition, practical technical role experience, as opposed to customer-friendly, office-based methods and attitudes
  • Lastly, Full Manual Driver’s License

The Domex Community

The Domex Community goes past the details on your résumé to discover more about you when we’re seeking new members of the Domex family. In particular, we think the following qualities are a wonderful fit for our team:

We place the utmost importance on honesty and reliability. You will receive assistance from the team if you can put their needs ahead of your own to become an essential part of the Domex family. A reciprocal relationship exists here.

  • Professionalism: To us, professionalism is not about qualifications or identity, but about adhering to the policies and procedures that have enabled Domex to achieve such great success. For this reason, we are patient with new personnel, giving them time to form good habits and make wise choices.
  • Our success is based on this conviction. If we don’t succeed, we keep a positive attitude, adjust, and try again. We can impart the necessary skills, but you must develop your perseverance.
  • Pride: Being proud to be a part of the Domex family is all we ask for; we do not mean to imply arrogance.
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Available Job Vacancies

Below is a list of jobs at Domex that are currently open. Kindly click the job title to get more information.

For engineers seeking employment in the UK, Domex has a unique position available. Because Domex promotes productivity, pride, and perseverance, it’s a great environment to grow both personally and professionally. Come work for Domex and support the growth of a market leader. It’s going to be a fulfilling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What engineering positions are in demand in the UK in 2024?

As of the start of April 2023, Indeed and Reed indicate that there were, on average, 22,063 available positions in the United Kingdom. Of all the job postings in the United Kingdom, Greater London has the biggest demand for design and development engineers, accounting for 12,399 of them.

Are engineers still in demand in the UK in 2024?

In the UK, 5.5 million workers, or 18% of the labor force, are employed in the engineering and manufacturing sector.

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