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Nursing Jobs in Australia for Foreigners 2024 ($32.86 – $50 per hour)

December 29th, 2023 at 03:59 am

Nursing Jobs in Australia for Foreigners 2024 ($32.86 – $50 per hour)

The term “Nursing Jobs in Australia for Foreigners 2024” describes the employment prospects in Australia for foreign nurses in 2024. Those who are competent and eligible to work as nurses in Australia but are not citizens or permanent residents may be offered these positions.

Australia has a strong demand for nurses, and international nurses can be extremely helpful in supplying the nation’s healthcare needs. To legally practice nursing in Australia, international nurses must get the required visas and fulfill the nursing registration requirements of the nation.

Foreign nurses may be able to find employment in a variety of healthcare settings in 2024, such as clinics, hospitals, and elderly care institutions. These jobs could range from entry-level jobs to senior responsibilities in nursing specializations.


  • Structured Programs: For career advancement, research graduate paths, and structured programs.
  • Salary Packages: Compensation ranges from $32.86 to $50 per hour, with additional benefits such as salary packing.
  • Opportunities for Sponsorship: A few hospitals will cover the cost of hiring foreign nurses.
  • Diverse Roles: A wide range of vocations are available, from care providers and midwives to registered nurses with specialized training.
  • Professional Development: Gain access to prospects for career advancement and continuous training.

Available Nurse Jobs

1. Registered Nurse – Casual Jobs in Australia

Eyre and Far North Local Health Network, Cummins, and Tumby Bay

Salary: $35.58 – $48.55 per hour + 25% casual loading

We are seeking experienced RNs who have a sincere desire to improve the quality of life for our patients as well as the communities of Tumby Bay and Cummins. You will evaluate each patient’s unique needs and then plan, carry out, and/or organize the necessary treatments in conjunction with other professionals or organizations.

In addition, you will receive professional and personal support as a member of the Eyre and Far North Local Health Network. You will also benefit from flexible work schedules, access to education and training opportunities, and an inter-professional approach to holistic health care.

How to Apply


2. Registered Nurse Emergency Department Jobs

  • Southern Adelaide Local Health Network
  • Flinders Medical Centre, Division of Medicine and Critical Care
  • Hourly Rate: $35.58 – $48.54/hr plus 25% Casual Loading
  • Casual hours: 7-day roster | RN1

In your capacity as the unit’s registered nurse, you will work in tandem with the NUM and ANUM to deliver comprehensive nursing care that is both high-quality and reasonably priced. In this role, you will be expected to set an example of professional conduct and practice, as well as participate in the creation and implementation of relevant nursing practice standards.

Along with your proven commitment to providing consumer/client and family-centered care, you will possess good communication skills, problem-solving, conflict-resolution, and negotiation talents, as well as the capacity to work well in a multidisciplinary team. When dealing with challenges in a healthcare context, you’ll be resourceful, inventive, and flexible in addition to having the capacity to prioritize tasks.

The public sector in South Australia promotes flexible work schedules, including part-time work, and diversity. It is advised for applicants to talk about the flexible work schedule for this position.


3. Registered Nurses Surgical/Medical

Do you have experience in Surgical or Medical Wards in Cardiac, Orthopedic, Neuro, Urology, or Palliative Care, and would want to work for a recognized healthcare organization?

  1. Not for Profit: Generous salary-sacrificing options
  2. Career progression options
  3. Competitive Salary: $64K – $90K + Superannuation
  • You are a dedicated nurse who enjoys the challenge of providing patients with the highest caliber of care.
  • Also, possess exceptional people skills.
  • In addition, have previous experience working in a medical, surgical, orthopedic, neurology, urology, or palliative care ward.
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Concerning the Department

Acute care for general medical patients (gastro, neuro, nephrology, hematology, palliative care, etc.) admitted from the community or our Emergency Department is provided in this 33-bed hospital. To make sure that predetermined goals are reached, we work together as a multidisciplinary team with patients and their families.


  • Foremost, determining, organizing, carrying out, and reviewing patient care in compliance with standards and established nursing practice.
  • Next, coordinating patient care in concert with other health professionals and members of health teams.
  • Also, administering medications as therapies, treatments, and interventions, as well as keeping track of patient responses to treatment and care plans.
  • In addition, managing and directing the work of other medical staff members including enrolled nurses.
  • It is necessary to have at least two years of relevant experience in a similar role.
  • Above all, willingness to participate in a seven-day rotating roster.

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4. Registered Midwife Jobs

Registered Midwives are needed by MOR Healthcare to work in the maternity department of a regional public hospital in Victoria. To care for maternity patients in the SCN, neo-natal, birthing suites, and post-natal wards, we are currently seeking experienced Registered Midwives. Two years or more of experience is required.

You will be employed by a regional public hospital at a midwifery facility that includes eight antenatal/postnatal wards, a three-bed birth suite, a two-bed midwifery assessment unit, and a four-bed special care nursery. PR 186 work sponsorship visas are available to foreign nurses who are citizens of the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, and New Zealand.


  • Most importantly, registered with AHPRA Division 1 (Registered Midwife).
  • Also, have at least two years of experience providing maternity care.
  • In addition, work experience in SCN, neonatal, maternity, and ward services.
  • Additionally, exceptional writing and communication skills.
  • Above all, an excellent team player.


  • Packaged salaries
  • Allowance for Relocation for Foreign Nurses
  • Housing for nurses and their families
  • Operating in a recently refurbished space

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5. Care Worker

It will be your responsibility to help residents of residential care facilities lead fulfilling lives marked by maximum independence and self-determination regarding their care requirements.


  • Assist the senior in maintaining and/or enhancing their mental, emotional, physical, and social wellness.
  • Next, observe and participate in the care plan for the resident.
  • Also, help the care home’s occupants lead fulfilling lives
  • Moreover, collaborate with a multidisciplinary group to promote the inhabitants’ well-being.
  • Similarly, performing household chores, everyday living activities, and activity assistance
  • Likewise, continue to keep proper records.

About You

  • A gifted and driven caregiver.
  • Also, want to accomplish what you do best, maximize your knowledge, and enjoy the challenge of giving our clients high-quality care.
  • It would be ideal if you had prior experience in the healthcare industry.
  • Candidates with experience are much desired.
  • Moreover, outstanding verbal and written communication abilities
  • Likewise, a strong commitment to promoting autonomy and choice
  • In addition, superior level of customer support expertise
  • Above all, spread the values and culture of the ACH Group.
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You’ll require

  • Foremost, concerned about helping senior citizens lead fulfilling lives.
  • Second, Certificate III in Elderly Care, Individual Support, or a related program
  • Next, pursue a nursing degree after completing clinical rotations
  • Also, a recent COVID-19 vaccination statement (at least three doses) and a current flu vaccine statement will be required of the selected candidate.
  • Moreover, a police check for vulnerable groups or unsupervised interactions with children younger than 12 months
  • Furthermore, career growth through possibilities for external learning and internal skill enhancement
  • In addition, a welcoming and inclusive environment that values diversity and the well-being of employees
  • Likewise, a free flu shot clinic is available on-site
  • Similarly, financial guidance for HESTA members, our go-to provider for superannuation
  • Additionally, a wellness initiative with a complimentary staff support program
  • Program of recognition for noteworthy contributions
  • Pay packing to increase your net income
  • Cheap Corporate Membership – BUPA Health Insurance

A not-for-profit company in the healthcare industry is called ACH Group. This implies that you can lower your annual tax liability by taking a compensation package of up to $15,900. Through our Employee Benefits Program, we also provide several benefits (e.g., discounted private health).

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6. 457 Visa Sponsorship for Nurses in Australia

With employment accessible at 72 institutions, Australia’s largest private health care provider offers a structured 2-year program that will help you further your nursing career. Strong relationships, continuous improvement, and long-term growth for our community and the wider world are prioritized in Ramsay Health Care’s work strategy, which is embodied in the phrase “People Caring for People.”

Concerning You:

  • You are eager to impart the knowledge and skills you have gained to fulfill your dream of becoming a nurse!
  • Complete or almost complete a nursing or midwifery degree (diploma or bachelor’s)
  • Also, fully authorized to work.
  • Before beginning your work, you can fulfill the prerequisites to become an Enrolled Nurse, Registered Nurse, or Registered Midwife with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

What We Provide:

  • Paid time off for studies and parents
  • Free or heavily discounted parking
  • Also, discounts on Allied Health, Pharmacy, and Private Health Insurance in addition to hospital stays
  • In addition, the Program for Flexible Leave: buy more yearly leave
  • Moreover, tech savings on purchases of Apple and Microsoft
  • Likewise, opportunities for salary sacrifice
  • Above all, a fitness passport can assist Ramsay employees and their families in reaching their wellness objectives by providing a subsidized gym membership.

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Nursing Jobs in Australia Salary

The average salary for a nurse in Australia is $47,754 per year or $45 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level positions is $75,992, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is $118,794.

Learn about exciting nursing positions that will be available in Australia in 2024 for foreign nurses. Seek positions with good compensation and benefits in clinics, hospitals, and senior living communities. The article discusses several work positions, the qualifications for each, and how to grow in your profession. Whether they are recent graduates or seasoned professionals, Australia has much to offer nurses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can overseas nurses be employed in Australia?

Indeed, provided that you possess up-to-date registration papers and are registered with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board. possess a visa that permits them to work in Australia (apart from residents of New Zealand).

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What will be the salary for nursing jobs in Australia in 2024?

The average salary for a nurse in Australia is $47,754 per year or $45 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level positions is $75,992, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is $118,794.

Is the IELTS recognized for nursing in Australia?

In all modules, a 7.0 IELTS score is also necessary for registration as an Enrolled Nurse (EN).

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