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Unskilled Jobs in Birmingham with Visa Sponsorship 2024 (£10.62 – £12.90 per hour)

December 24th, 2023 at 01:22 am

Unskilled Jobs in Birmingham with Visa Sponsorship 2024 (£10.62 – £12.90 per hour)

Are you a foreign applicant seeking work in Birmingham for unskilled positions? There’s nowhere else to look! Birmingham, a thriving city in central England, provides alternatives for visa sponsorship for a variety of unskilled vocations. We will discuss the options available to foreign workers looking for work in Birmingham’s unskilled labor market and how obtaining a sponsored visa can lead to interesting career opportunities.

List of Unskilled Jobs in Birmingham

1. Care Assistant Jobs

  • Hours: Full Time & Part Time to suit
  • Permanent roles
  • Hourly Rate: £10.62 – £10.90 per hour

In these uncertain times, do you want to work for a company that will secure your employment and income? Would you like to help your town get past its current problems? Are you looking for a long-term “key worker” role with a business that values both its clients and its staff? With on-demand pay, you can use an app to retrieve the money you’ve earned.

Working with one of the biggest domiciliary care providers in the area will be your responsibility.


  • Pay rates are excellent.
  • Also, both full-time and part-time employment are open.
  • Besides that, scheme for pensions.
  • Additionally, full training is provided.
  • No prior experience is necessary.
  • Aside from that, there is a chance for the individual to pursue further study in the healthcare industry if they are interested.
  • Furthermore, Maring Care offers excellent referral incentives to its employees who refer new clients.
  • Lastly, a strong operational framework with round-the-clock after-hours service to support you in your role.


  • Assist clients with personal hygiene tasks such as food preparation, cleaning, and dressing.
  • Next, simple cleaning tasks include sweeping, dusting, and changing bed sheets.
  • Also, helping customers take their medications.
  • In addition, aids in the handling and transportation of clients in a safe manner.
  • Lastly, offer a shopping service upon the service user’s request.


  • Most importantly, having a great desire to give our service users the best treatment possible.
  • Next, able to change to meet service users’ needs.
  • In addition, able to express oneself clearly.
  • Also, organizes well and is flexible.
  • Besides that, the capacity for independent action.
  • Lastly, a DBS check will be performed on each candidate.

2. Housekeeper Jobs

Our Premier Inn on Birmingham’s Broad Street (Canal Side) is currently hiring. Come work at the Premier Inn Birmingham as a housekeeper. As a member of our energetic housekeeping team, you’ll help us maintain clean, comfortable rooms for our guests. It is not necessary to have any prior experience.

  • Pay Rate: Up to £11.02 per hour
  • Contract Type: Fixed Term Contract of 3 Months
  • Hours: 20 a week—guaranteed hours to plan your week around
  • Location: Birmingham Broad Street (Canal Side) Premier Inn, Birmingham, B1 2JR
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  • Instruction and assistance: We are known for our pleasant greetings and have extremely user-friendly features that will make your life easier immediately. We offer a career path for those who aspire to greater things!
  • Card of Whitbread Benefits: Take advantage of 25% off meals at all Whitbread Restaurants and up to 60% off Premier Inn lodgings.
  • Plans for pensions and savings: Plans for pay-as-you-earn and company pensions
  • Rebates: Reduce the cost of groceries, movies, shopping, utilities, transportation, and more.
  • Make a friend work with us, and you may get up to £500.
  • Join us for breakfast: You will receive a complimentary Premier Inn breakfast for two when you join us.

3. Cleaning Operative Jobs

We are looking for a motivated team player who loves to clean and uphold standards. Although it is not necessary to have any prior experience, it would be helpful if you did. As a lone worker, you will receive extensive training for this role.


  • Workers are eligible for a 70% discount.
  • Also, flexible work schedule: shifts are planned outside of regular business hours.
  • In addition, gain instant access to hundreds of savings and freebies with Beanbox access.
  • Besides that, a chance to participate in the Barista to Boardroom program of the C#1 Career Pathway and win up to £1000 through the Refer a Friend Scheme.
  • Additionally, prospects for apprenticeships.
  • Above all, excellent Recognition of Service Length.

4. Care Assistant Jobs

  • Location: Worcester
  • Salary: Up to £750.00 a week
  • Hours: Live In care

Our care assistants have the chance to significantly improve people’s lives in their homes and communities. Helping the most vulnerable individuals in our society and offering a sense of fulfillment that is hard to replicate are two aspects of this career that vary from day to day.

In the National Awards, Caremark Worcester had just won “Best in Midlands.” The best in-house training available will be provided to any new care worker, and the award-winning team will be happy to answer any questions.

As a Caremark Worcester employee, it would be your duty to meet the support needs of our clients in a way that values each person and encourages independence. As agreed upon by the customer and Caremark, you will be required to visit the customer’s home in Worcestershire and help them with daily tasks.

There is no distinction between the kind of support you would offer and that of a family member. For instance, you could offer home support or help with clothes and bathing.


One of your duties would be to help customers with things like:

  • Meal preparation and shopping
  • In addition, using medicine as a prompt
  • Also, assistance with daily tasks
  • Moreover, services for respite
  • Besides that, having fun and interacting with others
  • Above all, facilitating clients’ access to the community
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Your position

The kind of assistance you should expect to offer is the same as what a family member would. For instance, you can be providing personal care or housekeeping assistance to a single person.

You individually

Caremark Care Workers must respond to our clients’ assistance requirements in a way that promotes independence and values each individual. You will need to visit the client’s home and assist them with the daily duties specified in their care plan.

Additional Information

Required Education, Skills, and Qualifications

We would be happy to speak with both individuals who are considering a career change and those who have extensive experience in the care sector. Even if all you want is a few hours a week to kill time, we would still love to hear from you.

Complete training is provided to all new hires at Caremark, and individuals who wish to progress in their careers can take advantage of further opportunities with training specialists.


  • Visa Sponsorship: Those who choose to sponsor their visa to work overseas may be able to take advantage of interesting career prospects.
  • Competitive Pay: Earn a good wage; hourly rates and pay for housekeeping positions, for instance, can reach £11.02 per hour.
  • Career advancement refers to having more training options and career pathways available to you as you grow and advance in your position.
  • Special Benefits: Benefits include money when you need it, savings plans, accommodation and food discounts, and referral schemes.

Visa sponsorship gives up a variety of chances for foreign workers looking for unskilled work in Birmingham. Birmingham is a desirable location for people wishing to obtain work experience while living in a culturally diverse city because of its diverse job market, which offers a choice of unskilled roles across many industries.

Through the implementation of the aforementioned tactics and the utilization of visa sponsorship alternatives, you can start a successful professional path in Birmingham. Investigate your alternatives right now to open the door to unskilled employment in Birmingham with a sponsored visa!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which businesses sponsor visas in the United Kingdom?

  • QuantumBlack
  • NHS Various
  • Deloitte
  • GSK Chemicals
  • Barclays

Is it simple to obtain a work visa for the UK?

UK-based businesses will find a wealth of highly skilled people if they are open to hiring from outside the nation. In the UK, sponsoring an employee visa can be difficult, and the process could take months if you don’t already have a sponsorship license. We understand that you have a lot on your mind, but don’t worry.

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