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HGV 1 Driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in UK 2024 – Quick Hiring

December 24th, 2023 at 01:14 am

HGV 1 Driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in UK 2024 – Quick Hiring

HGV 1 Drivers with experience and dedication are needed to join ARC (Norwich) Ltd.’s team in the UK. It will be your duty as an HGV 1 Driver to make sure that our clients receive their deliveries of goods in a timely and safe manner.

HGV 1 driver positions that support visas have grown in popularity among those looking to progress their careers and work in the UK due to the rapidly changing nature of the labor market. In addition to making it simpler for HGV 1 drivers to work overseas, visa sponsorship offers numerous other benefits. Let’s discuss the specifics of this work opportunity, such as what it entails, who qualifies, and how to apply for jobs in the UK.

Understanding HGV 1 Driver Jobs

Laying out the Function

Because they operate large vehicles across the nation, heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers are crucial to the transportation industry. Because of the great need for qualified drivers, individuals from other nations must apply for these positions.

Sector Development in the United Kingdom

Because the transportation industry is so vital to the UK’s economy, a large number of people are training to become HGV 1 drivers there. With the expansion of enterprises has come an increased demand for reliable drivers.

Job Details

  • Company: ARC (Norwich) Ltd
  • Title: HGV 1 Driver
  • Employment Type: Full-Time, Part-Time
  • Location: UK
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in a Related Field
  • Experience: 1-2 Years of Experience

Responsibilities of HGV 1 Driver

  • Drive and operate HGV 1 cars securely.
  • Next, deliver goods on schedule to designated locations.
  • In addition, observe all traffic laws and guidelines.
  • Also, examine the vehicle both before and after each trip.
  • Moreover, assure the secure loading and unloading of cargo.
  • Furthermore, efficiently communicate with dispatch and clients.
  • Similarly, maintain thorough delivery and mileage documentation.
  • Above all, reporting issues or incidents should happen as soon as possible.

Education and Experience

  • Foremost, have a valid HGV Class 1 (Category C+E) driver’s license.
  • In addition, Certificate of Professional Competence for Drivers (CPC).
  • Also, it is preferred if you have prior HGV 1 driving experience.
  • Aside from that, outstanding driving skills and a commitment to security.
  • Similarly, outstanding interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • Above all, knowledge of relevant traffic laws and rules.
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Visa Sponsorship

ARC (Norwich) Ltd offers sponsorship for visas to eligible foreign applicants who fulfill the requirements to work in the United Kingdom. Both domestic and international HGV 1 drivers are encouraged to apply.


  • Employment Availability: There is a strong demand for qualified truck drivers and HGV 1 drivers in the UK. This may result in both job security and a respectably high demand for these positions.
  • Competitive salaries: HGV 1 drivers usually get paid competitive salaries. In addition, certain companies might offer bonuses, overtime compensation, or hazard pay for specific kinds of cargo.
  • Benefits Package: A lot of companies provide HGV 1 drivers comprehensive benefits packages that include health insurance, retirement plans, and other incentives.
  • Work Flexibility: Although long-haul trucking can be a difficult profession, there is often some flexibility in the job. Drivers might be allowed to choose timetables or routes based on what works best for them.
  • Independence: HGV 1 drivers often work alone and put in long hours behind the wheel. This autonomy may be appealing to individuals who enjoy working independently.
  • Opportunities for Travel: Truck drivers can go to many locations throughout the United Kingdom and possibly other European nations because of long-distance trucking. This could be a chance to go to new locations and experience other cultures.
  • Driver shortage: There has been a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK in recent years, which has raised demand for certified drivers. This leads to a wealth of employment prospects in this industry.
  • Opportunities for Training: Employers may provide HGV drivers with assistance and training, including help obtaining the necessary licenses and certifications.

Additional Benefits

  • Vehicle Operation: This job gives you the chance to use your driving talents if you want to drive and have an interest in handling large freight vehicles.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Certain firms may sponsor employees’ visas, enabling foreign nationals to lawfully work in specific positions. This may present a chance for foreign workers to secure employment in the United Kingdom.
  • Diverse Employers: HGV 1 drivers may be employed by several companies, such as retail distribution centers, logistics companies, and transportation companies. This allows you to choose an employer who aligns with your values.
  • Financial Stability: Constant demand for HGV 1 drivers and the potential for competitive pay are two factors that may contribute to income security and financial stability.
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Being employed with ARC (Norwich) Ltd as an HGV 1 Driver plays a vital role in the UK’s goods transportation industry. This job offers a route to further your driving career in the UK, and for those who meet the requirements, visa support may be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is operating an HGV in the UK a decent job?

While some could argue that becoming an HGV driver takes a long time, others might think it’s a great job with a decent salary and benefits. Therefore, you should consider if becoming an HGV driver in 2023 is a good career choice.

Can I operate an HGV in the United Kingdom?

The HGV safety permit is necessary for all HGVs hauling more than 12 tonnes while passing through central London, and the Direct Vision Standard governs how much of the road a driver may see via the driver’s window. Applying for an HGV safety permit is a free process.

How can someone from outside the UK become a truck driver?

The job has to be on the list of HGV driver shortage occupations. You must get a sponsorship license from the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) department to apply for a working visa. This enables you to apply for a skilled worker visa on behalf of foreign employees.

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