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Web Designer Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship For Foreigners ($148,800 – $274,600 a year)

January 10th, 2024 at 12:05 am

Web Designer Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship For Foreigners ($148,800 – $274,600 a year)

English-speaking people and a strong economy make ‘The Land of the Free’ a popular expat destination. Visas to live and work in America are difficult to obtain. Do not give up—there are many reasons to work in the US.

Immersion in American culture and not learning a new language are enticing. Business is usually conducted in English, which most Americans speak. Since a large portion of the population speaks Spanish, there are many opportunities to improve your skills.

You can spend your free time exploring 50 states. Landscapes include cities, beaches, mountains, deserts, woodlands, and canyons. The Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, White House, and Yellowstone National Park are all worth visiting.

You’ll also get to eat sourdough bread in San Francisco, deep-dish pizza in Chicago, gumbo in New Orleans, fish tacos in New Mexico, bagels in New York, and pulled pork in North Carolina.

Popular US relocation states include California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and New York.

List of Web Designer Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

1. Junior UI Designer


  • Work in collaboration with the Senior User Interface Designer to create visually appealing user interfaces for a variety of client websites and mobile applications.
  • Maintain a current awareness of the most recent trends and practices in user interface design and usability.
  • Assess the impact of any changes or improvements made to the user interface in collaboration with the manager of digital analytics.
  • Work with a group of user experience designers to make sure that any changes to the user interface design serve to complement the overall user experience and journey.
  • User interface design and usability analysis, as well as reports, should be carried out.


  • A solid understanding of the methods and tools used in user interface design
  • Have a solid working grasp of the tools used for wireframing and prototyping
  • A robust portfolio that effectively showcases a variety of user interface design methodologies
  • HTML5, jQuery, and JxBrowse are the technologies that you have experience with.

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2. Graphic Designer


  • Produce artwork for use in banners, emails, landing pages, websites, mobile devices, social media, presentations, and any other design assets that are relevant to the project.
  • Contribute to the design of user interface and user experience flows
  • The library of creative assets should be organized and maintained well.
  • Capability to work together with other departments inside the company (such as engineers, marketers, and creatives, for example).
  • The capacity to take constructive criticism constructively;
  • Keeping the objective and intention of achieving success for oneself, one’s colleagues, and the organization in mind
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  • In-process or Bachelor of Arts in Design


  • None is required, but you must be hungry to study and be successful.

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3. Senior Digital Designer


  • In collaboration with digital strategists and program owners, you will be responsible for conceptualizing, visualizing, and designing digital experiences that are both successful and beautiful for clients over their entire lifecycle of engagement with Pega.
  • Assure the delivery of interactive and graphic design solutions that are of the highest possible quality for online projects and campaigns that are being run through Pega digital channels.
  • You will be responsible for directing the production of online marketing materials while acting as a Senior Digital Designer and storyteller.
  • Pega digital channels will benefit from the development of design best practices, style standards, and pattern libraries.
  • In collaboration with internal design teams and outside agencies, guide the design direction toward user-centered best practices.
  • Offer support for the development of concepts and production for the web and email.

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Other Job Opportunities in the United States

The United States has the largest and most powerful economy in the world. The country’s population is 331.9 million, while the unemployment rate is 3.6%.

Construction, electronics, information technology, hospitality, financial services, real estate, and retail are all expanding industries.

However, the job market remains competitive, and international graduates must promote their credentials and experience to potential employers.


  • aerospace
  • commodities for consumption
  • electronics
  • food preparation
  • telecommunications
  • Automobiles

Look for employment openings at:

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll be expected to have legal permission to work in the United States before applying for any of the offered positions featured on these job boards.

Graduates looking for work should do their studies because finding work might be difficult due to the rigorous and very restrictive visa process. You will require the appropriate visa to visit the country for purposes other than tourism and travel (see below).


Job Search in the United States

Finding a job with a company in your home country that has operations in the United States and opportunities to transfer may be the simplest approach for international employees to find work in America.

If this is not an option, you will need to apply for jobs before entering the United States due to tight visa restrictions. Employers may sponsor your visa if you have specialized skills and qualifications, but this might be difficult to obtain.

The application process is comparable to that in the United Kingdom. You can apply for positions by sending a CV, often known as a résumé in the United States, and a cover letter. Alternatively, certain positions may require you to complete an application form. If you are chosen, you will be invited to an interview, which may include some type of psychometric testing. There may be numerous rounds of interviews, depending on the position and the business.

US visas

The US is tough to enter due to its rigorous immigration regulations, but certain programs and visas are accessible. Choose the right one, like the J-1 exchange program, which gives students and professionals 18 months of job experience and cultural exchange.

Sponsorship from an employer is rare unless you work for a global firm and move to a US office to enter the country. Corporate employees can apply for an L-1 visa to work in the US for five years.

H visas are available to employers hiring skilled workers. These include the H-1B temporary employment program for ski instructors and the H-1B professional and outstanding individual visa. However, these are restricted, and the corporation must apply.

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows UK nationals to visit an ESTA for a limited time.

Contact the US Embassy or Consulate in the UK for immigrant and non-immigrant working visas.

Non-immigrant visas allow temporary US stays. It covers business, internships, summer work, vacations, and education.

Immigrant visas are required for permanent US residency and employment. Visa holders need a Green Card (permanent resident status) to enter the nation.

Citizenship may be available to US residents. Since the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website requires a five-year Green Card, the process is lengthy.

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InsureMyTrip offers non-US travel insurance and comprehensive visa information. Visit the website to learn what travel documents you’ll need to visit the nation.

US immigration policy is changeable, so people from primarily Muslim nations should monitor any laws or limitations that may affect their admission.

What it’s like to work in the United States

Officially, Americans work a standard 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. day or a 40-hour week. However, in practice, employees frequently go above and beyond. You may find yourself working 12-hour days on occasion, especially if you work in the legal or medical fields.

Although two weeks of yearly leave is common, some US workers must settle for as little as nine paid vacation days per year, which is significantly less than the UK average. Public holidays such as New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (4th of July), Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day are also included in paid vacation in the United States. However, not all private businesses observe national holidays.



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