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Highest Paying Agriculture Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024 ($60k – 130k Annually)

January 9th, 2024 at 03:41 am

Highest Paying Agriculture Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024 ($60k – 130k Annually)

A wide range of careers in science, technology, agriculture, and related sectors are available in the agriculture industry. No longer do farming vocations consist exclusively of slaving under the sun while crops grow. The timing is ideal to start a career in agriculture now more than ever. These are the 15 highest-paying and most in-demand agricultural jobs.


Foreign migrants looking for work might make a lot of money in Canada’s thriving farm economy. This article examines the top agricultural jobs in Canada for foreigners, given the growing demand for skilled labor in the field.

Foreign Workers’ Significance

Foreign labor is vital to the solution of the ongoing labor shortages in agriculture. They help Canadian farms expand and remain robust by utilizing a broad range of abilities.

Benefits of Agriculture Jobs

  • Attractive Salary: Canadian agriculture pays fairly, making it a solid investment for foreign workers seeking the highest-paying positions. This could lead to a better standard of life and more solid finances.
  • Opportunities for Career Growth: Because Canada’s agriculture sector is so large and constantly evolving, there are plenty of opportunities to grow in your position and pick up new skills. Foreign laborers may pick up new abilities and pertinent knowledge that will help them land better positions down the road.
  • Quality of Life: Canada is renowned for its high standard of living, general health, and safety. Foreigners who work in agriculture can enjoy a peaceful and friendly atmosphere and easy access to great social, educational, and medical services.
  • Cultural Exchange: Working in Canada offers a chance to learn about various cultures. Foreign workers can learn about Canadian society, establish friends with Canadians, and help make the workplace more culturally diverse.
  • Work-Life Balance: A healthy work-life balance is emphasized in many farming vocations in Canada. Finding this balance is vital for everyone’s health and happiness, as it helps individuals enjoy their leisure time and discover Canada’s gorgeous surroundings and exciting things to do.
  • Immigration Opportunities: Gaining employment in lucrative agricultural positions may open up long-term immigration possibilities to Canada. Numerous immigration schemes in the nation enable talented workers to remain in the nation indefinitely and eventually obtain citizenship.

Additional Benefits

  • Global networking: You can interact and collaborate with people from around the world if you work in Canada’s agricultural sector. You may establish beneficial contacts and relationships with individuals in other nations as a result of this exposure.
  • Access to Cutting-Edge Technology: Canada is renowned for employing state-of-the-art farming equipment. Foreign nationals can advance their knowledge and abilities by learning about new farming techniques and equipment through high-paying agricultural jobs.
  • Stability in Agriculture: Despite weak economic times, Canada’s agriculture industry is renowned for its stability. Foreign employees may feel more secure in their jobs and more able to rely on the nation as a result of this stability.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices are highly valued in Canada. Encouraging farmers to use environmentally friendly practices is one way that foreigners who work in agriculture and receive good compensation can support these efforts.

List of Highest-Paying Agricultural Jobs in Canada

1. Ranch manager

The salary is $71,160 on average per year. One of the highest-paying positions in agriculture is farm manager, but it takes a lot of work and responsibility. Eventually, you may find yourself in the sun, examining crops, and gathering soil samples. After that, you’ll likely be working in an office, negotiating sales to a food processing facility, evaluating market value, and creating financial reports.

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Management of a ranch demands a rare individual who is both analytical and well organized, as well as adaptive to unanticipated change. A related degree in agriculture or business may also be required due to the complexity of large, contemporary farms, which calls for prior agricultural expertise.

2. Purchaser and purchasing representative

The average annual wage is $64,380. When choosing a fantastic job, take into account employment that fully utilizes your passions and abilities. For example, if you’re a social person, this can be the ideal agricultural employment for you. You will have the chance to speak with suppliers and look through providers as a consumer of farming products, such as finding the best cotton for a clothes manufacturer, to find out more about their offerings.

You will attend conferences and trade exhibits in addition to talking about prices. This high-paying role also involves analyzing contracts, economic statistics, and business trends; for this reason, logical and quantitative skills will be helpful.

3. Zoologist/Wildlife biologist

The average yearly salary is $63,270. Most of the time that zoologists and wild animal biologists spend studying animals and marine life is spent observing them in their natural environments. Additionally, you may research how wild animals affect ranches that are used for agriculture or create conservation initiatives for any of the 26% of mammal species listed on the IUCN Red List that face extinction.

This might be the greatest choice for you if you have a passion for wild animals and want to use your biology degree to have a fulfilling career; however, to work at the highest level of clinical work, you will need to obtain a postgraduate degree.

4. Food scientist

The average wage is $68,970 per year. You guessed properly, food scientists are the ones who create the nutritional information that is written on the back of your chip bag. For individuals who possess an insatiable curiosity about the ingredients they put in their bodies, a career in science such as this one might seem like their ideal position.

5. Agricultural designer

The compensation is $80,720 on average per year. A career in farming engineering can be appealing if the movie Transformers has captured your attention and you find the idea of machines assisting people appealing. Engineers not only develop farming tools and equipment but also test them to make sure they work properly and are manufactured in compliance with regulatory laws. It’s not all fun and games, though, as many firms need agricultural designers on the weekends, so they often put in extra hours.

6. Professional study coordinator

The compensation is $129,100 on average per year. Take into consideration following one of these financially profitable but lesser-known options if you’ve been struggling to locate a suitable career. Would you be interested in learning more about the benefits of eating only organic food? How do pesticides affect the families who live on ranches? Clinical study planners oversee the daily operations of related medical research and need a wide range of abilities to be successful in this position.

Coordinators manage all aspects of a medical trial’s planning and execution, including budgeting, staff assignment, and legal compliance. They also create strategies for prospect recruiting, screen possible research subjects, and coordinate activities with organizations, enrollers, and clinical groups. If you’re looking for a career where you can use both your technical and interpersonal talents, this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

7. Water/Wastewater engineer

The compensation is $87,060 on average per year. We are accustomed to turning on the faucet to receive fresh, clean water and we rarely consider the extensive network that makes this possible. The masterminds behind the design of pipes, pumping stations, drains, treatment plants, and all other connections are the water and wastewater designers.

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The United Nations claims that the continuous rise in chemical pesticide and fertilizer use on farms contaminates groundwater and puts agricultural workers’ health in jeopardy. Water and wastewater engineers must come up with safe ways to refine wastewater for use in agriculture and the environment. If you want to help people and the environment while exercising your logical engineering skills, this is one of the greatest agricultural occupations to pursue.

8. Environmental engineer

Annual wage average: $88,860. There won’t be a harvest if the growing and expanding conditions aren’t right, which is why ecological engineers’ work is so important to agriculture. Ecological engineers use concepts from several scientific fields to design systems that are intended to stop future harms including soil erosion, pollution, and deforestation.

This could be the right career choice for you if you want to work in one of the highest-paying green occupations while supporting farmers and the environment. There are numerous other growing and in-demand engineering careers that you might pursue.

9. Water source expert (connection)

The compensation is $129,100 on average per year. Water resource specialists identify the source of the clean water while water engineers build the infrastructure to deliver it to communities. This is also a highly recommended professional choice if you’re seeking strategies to help the environment.

10. Water resources engineer

A water resource engineer creates and constructs innovative tools and systems for water resource management. These engineers design the systems that supply communities with clean drinking water. They also keep an eye on and improve the machinery and protocols to make sure they are working as efficiently as possible. They also oversee and manage the infrastructure processes related to water and sewage.

11. Agricultural equipment technician

Agricultural equipment technicians operate farm machinery and equipment. These people are in charge of putting new technology together, running it, and keeping it maintained. They might also work on projects involving the design of equipment.

12. Agricultural specialist

Experts in agriculture offer guidance and support to farmers and livestock producers. They provide advice services in a variety of fields, such as nutrition, animal husbandry, soil and water management, crop selection and rotation, cultivation, and harvesting. Agriculture specialists usually specialize in one area, such as field crops, agricultural mechanics, economics, animal science, or agricultural mechanics. The average annual wage is $67,978.

13. Agronomy manager

Sales and management experts, and agronomy managers counsel and market agronomic goods to clients in the agricultural sector, including farmers and industrial food producers. Regarding seeds, fertilizers, soil nutrients, and other agricultural products, they offer advice and support. Clients receive assistance and information regarding their agronomic goods. The average annual salary is $68,943.

14. Dairy Farmer’s Assistant

Dairy farm assistants oversee a variety of duties on dairy farms, such as feeding the animals and milking the cows. They need to be knowledgeable about agriculture and able to communicate with the dairy farmer regarding the health of the cows. Dairy farm assistants earn an average of $25,000.

15. Horticulturist

The upkeep and preservation of plants in gardens and other public spaces is the responsibility of horticulturists. They need to have professional experience with plants in a garden environment in addition to a degree in horticulture or a similar discipline. They must also be capable of handling a variety of planting care duties on their own and work autonomously. The typical salary for horticulturists is between $35,000 and $50,000.


Start a fulfilling career in Canada’s agriculture industry, where a wide variety of positions are available. This book provides information on the highest-paying occupations and the demand for qualified workers across a range of industries, including environmental engineering, food science, and ranch management. Begin your path to a fulfilling career in Canada’s agricultural sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest salary in Canada for a farmer?

The average wage in agriculture in Canada is $24.44 per hour or $47,664 per year. Experienced workers can earn up to $97,671 annually, while entry-level salaries start at $35,100.

Are jobs in agriculture in Canada in demand?

Unquestionably, Canada’s agriculture sector needs to grow to feed the country’s expanding population, both domestically and internationally.

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