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Factory Worker Jobs in Canada 2024: Visa-Sponsored ($12 – $24 Per Hour)

January 8th, 2024 at 08:22 am

Factory Worker Jobs in Canada 2024: Visa-Sponsored ($12 – $24 Per Hour)

Do you need a sponsor for your visa to work in manufacturing in Canada? We’ll guide you on how to work in manufacturing in Canada; some employers might even pay for your visa. Some of the companies that can help you get a work visa to work in manufacturing in Canada are Linamar Corporation, Magna International, and Bombardier.

You can also look into manufacturing positions in Canada that might sponsor your visa on job search sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. It is beneficial if you visit the websites of potential companies and look into their visa sponsorship policies.

Canadian manufacturers are willing to sponsor foreign employees for work permits. The manufacturing sector in Canada is experiencing a labor shortage, and some of these companies may sponsor work visas for foreign nationals.

Canada Factory Worker Recruitment Methods

Jobs Recruitment Portals

Glassdoor and LinkedIn are indeed great places to look for manufacturing jobs in Canada. By using your location and keywords to search for positions in your area, these websites can assist you in finding manufacturing employment close to you.

Websites for Companies

Second, check out the firm website. A lot of Canadian factories use their websites to post employment openings. Try browsing these websites’ career or employment sections if you’re trying to locate a factory job but are having trouble finding anything.

Employment Organizations

Employers and people looking for open positions are connected by employment agencies. They can assist you in finding industrial workers who meet your needs.

Workers’ Referrals

Employee recommendations are an excellent source of fresh talent. Urge present workers to suggest friends, family, and acquaintances who would be interested in working for the company.

Social Media

Advertise open manufacturing positions and interact with potential candidates on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Employment Events and Job Fairs

Meet possible manufacturing employees face-to-face at job fairs and employment events. Many manufacturers offer booths at job fairs, which are great places to learn about open positions and connect with prospective candidates.

Duties of a Factory Worker

An essential component of the production process is the factory worker. They run the machinery, assemble the goods, and do quality checks. Regular duties for an industrial worker consist of the following:

  • Operation of machinery and equipment.
  • Also, assembling and testing the product.
  • Besides that, packaging and sorting products.
  • Similarly, examining the quality control.
  • Aside from that, maintaining a hygienic and secure workplace.

Migrating to Canada as a Factory Worker

The Canadian government provides a range of immigration programs for skilled individuals wishing to move to Canada. The two most well-liked immigration programs for manufacturing workers are the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Provincial Nominee Program. Candidates for these programs must possess specific manufacturing skills and work experience.

In addition to meeting the language and academic criteria, applicants for the Federal Skilled Worker Program must have at least one year of experience in a skilled occupation. Provinces may use the Provincial Nominee Program to recommend individuals with certain skills and qualifications for permanent residence.

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Average Canadian Manufacturing Wage

The terms of co-payment for employees in the service sector vary according to their company. Pay is influenced by various job variables, including diversity, difficulty, and hazard. What is produced in the majority of Canadian manufacturing facilities is broken down as follows:

  • The range of hourly prices is CA$12 to CA$24.
  • Also, an annual bonus ranging from CA$0 to CA$1,650 in Canadian dollars in exchange for profit shares
  • LAstly, the range of annual remuneration is CA$24,484 to CA$50,860.

Hourly Wages for Typical Factory Jobs

An experienced factory worker may expect to make C$14.60 per hour (gross; includes tips, benefits, and overtime). A Canadian manufacturing worker can anticipate an hourly wage of C$18.16 after 5–9 years of employment.

Benefits for Workers in Canadian Manufacturing

Given Canada’s significant contribution to the production process, applicants looking for Canadian writing chances ought to follow the suggested course of action. If the process is conducted online, you have to send a transcribed request; if not, you have to request their employment website.

Numerous producers and suppliers provide their staff with enticing and affordably priced additional advantages. The following is a list of typical tactics for easing the lives of employees: Jobs for Canadians and a free sponsor for a visa.

Other Benefits

  • Competitive Salary: Several well-paying industrial positions in Canada might result in a steady and possibly wealthy income.
  • Standards for Health and Safety: In Canada’s manufacturing sector, health and safety are crucial. Strict regulations and legislation that prioritize the health and safety of workers safeguard them, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries at work.
  • Benefits for Employees: Many manufacturing organizations provide their employees with comprehensive benefit packages. These can include retirement savings plans, dental and eye care, and health insurance. These benefits often improve the health and financial stability of employees.
  • Employment Stability: Canada’s industrial sector contributes significantly to the country’s economy and offers people a stable place to work. Because of the generally steady demand for produced goods, workers may anticipate having their jobs for an extended period.
  • Skills Development: Companies frequently invest money in programs to support their employees’ learning and development, as many jobs in the industry require specialized skills. Over time, this can improve employees’ job satisfaction and open up new opportunities for them.
  • Opportunities for Advancement: Manufacturing organizations may offer opportunities for employees to develop and advance in their roles. By improving your work and assuming greater responsibility, you can advance in your career as an employee.
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Additional Benefits

  • Work-Life Balance: Many Canadian firms understand how crucial it is to have a strong work-life balance, even though some industry occupations need shift work. To assist staff in maintaining a healthy balance between their personal and professional life, they may establish policies and implement processes.
  • Union Representation: Labor unions assist employees in obtaining improved pay, benefits, and working conditions in Canada. These unions represent a portion of Canadian manufacturing workers. Members of unions frequently can bargain collectively, giving them a stronger voice at work.
  • Innovation and Technology: The Canadian production sector is evolving along with new ideas and advances in technology. Employees may have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment and acquire knowledge of current manufacturing techniques.
  • Numerous Career Opportunities: The manufacturing industry encompasses a wide range of industries, including electronics, automotive, aerospace, and more. Employees can choose from a wide range of career possibilities and get knowledge about various business functions thanks to this variety.

Minimum Qualification to Work in Canada

A report from an approved body evaluating your foreign diploma, degree, or certificate as equivalent to the entirety of a Canadian educational certification—or the foreign credential itself—is needed for immigration purposes.

Factory Worker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Job Role Job Location Salary (CAD) Link to Apply
Production Worker Toronto, ON $15 – $18 per hour APPLY NOW
Assembly Line Worker Brampton, ON $14 – $17 per hour APPLY
Machine Operator Calgary, AB $17 – $20 per hour APPLY
Packaging Operator Vancouver, BC $16 – $19 per hour APPLY
Quality Control Technician Montreal, QC $18 – $22 per hour APPLY


You can obtain your visa endorsed and begin working in Canada’s manufacturing sector in a fulfilling role. Learn about the requirements for employment as a factory worker, the benefits offered, and how to be recruited. The links below allow you to apply for employment in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Brampton, Calgary, and other locations. Don’t pass up this opportunity if you want to work in Canada’s industrial sector.

Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average Canadian factory worker’s monthly salary?

The average salary for a factory worker in Canada is $16 per hour or $31,200 per year.

How can I work at a factory?

Get your GED or high school diploma completed. Gain solid practical skills—like operating a forklift—and educate yourself on the products and processes that the plant produces. Get training while working. You will be able to obtain experience and on-the-job training as soon as you are employed.


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