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Service Assistant Jobs in Canada 2024 ($21.03 – $27.49 per hour)

January 13th, 2024 at 04:35 pm

Service Assistant Jobs in Canada 2024 ($21.03 – $27.49 per hour)

Become a member of ISSofBC, one of the biggest and most innovative refugee and immigrant services in Canada. We are a values-driven firm that is also proud of its diversity, inclusivity, creativity, and transparency. You can establish lifelong friendships and relationships when you become a member of our family. We also provide more than most firms with different locations, flexible work schedules, and shorter work weeks.

About Career Paths

The Career Paths Program helps qualified immigrants and refugees in British Columbia find jobs more quickly by streamlining their re-credentialing process. Personalized one-on-one career coaching, self-paced and group online learning on British Columbian standards and career development, local connections to mentors and skilled professionals, employer tours and networking events, and access to skills enhancement services to finance skills upgrading or regulatory requirements in our clients’ chosen occupations are some of the ways we achieve this.

Every client can realign and re-enter their chosen profession in British Columbia with the help of our employer relations professionals, resource advisers, and career strategists. Our services are customized based on each client’s background in school, training, and the workplace.

Job Details

  • Position: Service Assistant
  • Job ID #: CP-06
  • Locations: Metro Vancouver
  • Job Type: Temporary, full-time position at 35 hours per week

Benefits of Service Assistant Jobs in Canada

  • Job Availability: Demand for service assistants is high in several industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and customer service. This may present a range of opportunities for job seekers to find employment.
  • Opportunities at the Entry Level: A large portion of service assistant jobs are entry-level jobs, so they are good choices for people just starting in their careers or with little to no work experience.
  • Skill Development: Working with clients is a common aspect of service assistant roles, which helps to foster the development of critical interpersonal and communication skills. One’s ability to handle a variety of client requirements and overcome obstacles can greatly enhance their problem-solving abilities.
  • Cooperation and Teamwork: Working in a team is a requirement for many service-oriented jobs. Employees can enhance their collaborative skills by being permitted to cooperate and work together in this collaborative setting.
  • Flexible Schedules: Some jobs as service assistants offer the ease of having flexible working hours, which helps people better balance work commitments with personal goals, schooling requirements, or family responsibilities.
  • Promotion in Career: Many people begin their careers as service assistants and then progress up the corporate ladder. Organizations frequently promote from within, which encourages professional growth and advancement.

Additional Benefits

  • Variety of Roles: Depending on the industry, there can be a great deal of variation in the roles played by service assistants. This category includes a broad range of positions, allowing people to explore many career paths, such as retail sales agents and customer service representatives.
  • Employment Stability: Despite economic downturns, service-oriented businesses typically manage employment stability. Service assistants’ job stability is influenced by people’s tenacity in seeking out goods and services.
  • Customer Engagement: Jobs as a service assistant are a reliable source of positive customer engagement for people who enjoy interacting with others. Building a good rapport with clients can be desirable and satisfying.
  • Transferable Skills: Working as a service assistant gives people access to a variety of abilities that are applicable in a variety of fields, such as time management, problem-solving, and communication. Consequently, these people have a diverse range of skills.

Job Description

  • As a service assistant, you will answer phones and handle administrative tasks under the supervision of the Senior Manager of Career Paths.
  • There are auxiliary features in the software. Appointments are made, and clients are checked and registered. You’ll help with programmed tasks.
  • Database; marketing; cost reporting; reimbursement; and/or direct payments.
  • Upkeep, documentation, and event and workshop preparation You will use the required software to maintain files and records.
  • Above all, data entry and programming with the necessary database application.

Job Duties

  • Foremost, carries out reception and administrative tasks related to the Career Paths Program, including word processing, filing, copying, mail processing, document collation, and welcoming guests at our service delivery sites. She answers and transfers phone calls as needed.
  • Next, inputs data into a centralized database from client service records. The data is kept up to date and preserved in the database once it is entered.
  • Also, creates statistical reports tailored to contractual programs and other reports upon request from the senior management. Maintains and creates marketing materials and program information, including desktop publishing and production; arranges for marketing material translations as needed.
  • In addition, aids counselors in organizing the details of workshops, information sessions, and marketing initiatives. Performs client follow-ups per instructions.
  • Besides that, prepare purchase orders and check requests, make sure all necessary supporting documents are included, and sign them for the senior manager. Comply with established finance procedures and expedite the processing of signed papers.
  • To gather information and create productive working relationships, the individual makes contact with both internal and external case managers, as well as subcontractors, ISSofBC staff, service providers, community organizations, employers, professional associations, and educational institutions.
  • Furthermore, prepares bi-weekly expense reports, including payment reimbursement or direct-payment processing on behalf of clients accessing the program’s skills enhancement services.
  • Above all, carry out extra relevant duties as given.
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  • Completion of a certificate or diploma in office administration, business, or a similar discipline, plus a minimum of one year of relevant work experience.
  • Also, 1 year of relevant experience, particularly in a social service-related profession; OR an equivalent mix of education, training, and experience.
  • Besides that, experience deemed suitable by the employer
  • Likewise, being proficient in a second language is advantageous.

What qualifies you as a change agent?

  • Most importantly, a naturally occurring communicator with optimism
  • Also, enthusiasm for client-focused services and a commitment to support the team and the organization in reaching their aims and goals creativity, and uniqueness in promoting the program.
  • Moreover, creative and creative approaches to time and resource management
  • Besides that, curiosity and willingness to learn new technologies, as well as past familiarity with Microsoft Office, Zoom,, Microsoft Teams
  • Lastly, possession of and the capacity to maintain a clean provincial criminal record check.

The ISSofBC places a strong emphasis on inclusivity and appreciating each person’s talents in its mission and principles. We find strength in the diversity of identities, experiences, and backgrounds when hiring and training new employees. Applicants with new experiences and viewpoints are encouraged to apply.

Application Process

  • Send an email to that includes a cover letter expressing interest in the role and a résumé in doc or pdf format.
  • Kindly mention in the subject line for internal applicants—that is, current workers and volunteers—”internal job ID number>.”
  • Applicants need to be able to work in Canada. Although we value every application, we will only get in touch with those who are chosen for an interview. Date of Closure: Open Until Accrued

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a tourist get work in Canada?

To work in Canada, a valid work permit is required. Employment in the nation is not permitted with a visitor’s visa. You are not permitted to participate in any business venture that entails direct entry into the Canadian labor market while you are a guest.

How much time does it take to get a visitor’s visa to Canada?

It usually takes two to six weeks for a temporary residency permit or visitor visa to Canada to be accepted.

How does working as a service assistant feel?

A service assistant’s duties include answering questions for clients and customers, giving information, and supporting clients with issues and concerns. They might be employed in retail, hospitality, food service, or medical.

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