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Germany Driving Jobs with VISA Sponsorship for Foreigners (€32.5 – €38.0 an hour)

January 7th, 2024 at 03:53 am

Germany Driving Jobs with VISA Sponsorship for Foreigners (€32.5 – €38.0 an hour)

Germany draws professionals, whether they are looking for work in the banking industry in Frankfurt, researching automotive innovations for BMW in Munich, or making it big in the marketing sector in Berlin. However, if you are considering changing careers, there are a few things you should be aware of before applying for a position. There is nothing to fear, yet working in Germany, like many other aspects of life, has its peculiarities. Other difficulties to overcome before starting work include acquiring visa sponsorship and obtaining all necessary tax papers.

Rather than focusing on student employment (for which there are several resources), this essay will discuss general employment and the German job market. So let us begin and go over everything you need to know.

According to the Federal Employment Agency of Germany, the country requires approximately 400,000 qualified migrants to enter each year to meet labor demand. Although many factors are driving this requirement, including an aging population, Germany’s expanding economy is the main source of job opportunities.

Job Search in Germany

In the labor market, direct appointments, apprenticeships, and graduate schemes with on-the-job training are all options. This structure is common in German firms that wish to ensure that all staff possess the essential skills. Companies also favor employees who understand Germany’s corporate culture, which emphasizes formality, punctuality, and respect for norms.

The answer to the question of how long it takes to find work is that it depends. Foreigners can find work in Germany in a few months if they use job boards and web portals and engage with experts to manage their search.

List of Driving Jobs in Germany with VISA Sponsorship

1. Reman Truck Driver


  • Accountable for merging or condensing pieces as needed for manufacture.
  • Check part numbers and other identifying details to ensure that the correct parts and materials are chosen.
  • Frequently communicating with production Leads must arrange the delivery of pieces to meet the demands of the workflow or the needs of the lead or manager.
  • Monitors and fills Min/Max demand requests, as well as emails as they come in, and delivers these orders to the appropriate places.
  • Visually inspect the tires, roll-up door, oil pressure, and fuel level on the delivery truck(s) and report any problems to the lead or manager.
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2. Warehouse Driver

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Accept incoming deliveries and inspect them for damage and discrepancies between the delivery document and the actual receipts.
  • Stock products in specific areas and keep track of them.
  • Return any returned merchandise to the designated location.
  • Process nonconforming material according to the stated protocol.
  • Assist in the optimization of warehouse space.
  • Ensure that all goods in the warehouse and vehicles are tracked and logged.
  • Ensure that all incoming and outgoing product documentation is correct.
  • Liaise with other departments, such as purchasing and sales, to detect and fix any stock concerns that may jeopardize the business’s efficiency.
  • Arrange logistics to ensure that things are delivered on schedule and that they are tracked.
  • Organize and prepare stock shipments for delivery to the site/customer.

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3. Demonstration Driver 


  • Assist our Area Sales Manager with LEMKEN machine demos.
  • Educating people about the advantages of modern tillage and sowing equipment
  • Exhibition preparation and participation with LEMKEN machines
  • Starting up machines


  • Expertise and expertise with current AG machinery
  • Excellent social skills in dealing with clients and merchants
  • Flexibility and a strong sense of responsibility

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How efficient is Germany?

Germany is often considered to have one of the most productive economies in the world, with extraordinarily high output per worker. Statistics vary, but most experts think that UK workers accomplish what Germans accomplish in four days in five days. This is true for almost all German industries.

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Manufacturing of aerospace and vehicles, information technology, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, logistics, healthcare, agriculture, renewable energy, and digital marketing all contribute to the country’s robust economy. Because of this diversity, a diverse set of skills is required, and companies want to hire people from all over the world.

Germany’s working hours

How different is your work schedule from that of your own country?

Working life in Germany is generally homogeneous across industries; however, working practices have begun to vary in some emergent fields, such as software development and marketing. In general, employees should anticipate working 36–40 hours per week, or seven to eight hours per day. That is typically seen as a suitable working week, and deviations from the norm are uncommon.

These are not arbitrary hours. They are tied to the Arbeitszeitgesetz (Working Time Act), which establishes a maximum work week of 48 hours. There is considerable leeway in how the limit is imposed, but don’t expect to see many Germans working 70-hour weeks, as is common in other dynamic economies.

German workers are supposed to take regular breaks during the day, and every worker is legally entitled to a 30-minute break. Part-time employment is common. A part-time job is defined by law as one that requires less than 30 hours per week and has distinct work rights and tax arrangements. So-called “mini-jobs” are also common and are frequently utilized to supplement the income of students or low-wage workers.

How to Look for a Job in Germany

So you’ve decided to relocate to Germany and have the necessary qualifications to impress companies. The only remaining question is how to find work in Germany. Fortunately, there is a clear method for foreigners to find jobs in Germany. However, there are a few hurdles that applicants must overcome before they may begin earning. As a result, going through the process to explain how it works is beneficial.

German employment requirements

Newcomers entering Germany need a Job Seeker Visa to work. Germany issues this document through consulates or embassies overseas to allow foreigners to work in Germany. Although there are exceptions, non-EU visitors must usually apply.

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This visa gives immigrants six months

Can a non-German speaker work in Germany?

Job candidates may need to strengthen their German language abilities in addition to the Job Seeker Visa. Most German high-level jobs require an interview, and most employers require proficient spoken and written German.

English speakers may find online jobs in Germany. German companies must communicate with English speakers, especially in the worldwide digital economy. Whatever the profession, expect solid German abilities.

Applying for student courses may be necessary to earn more professional certifications before finding work. Arrivals may need a blocked bank account. Whether they need further courses or not, they must get health insurance.

Additionally, all Germans need health insurance. Many suppliers offer different coverage levels. At Expatrio, we can assist you in determining your coverage needs.



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