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Study In Netherlands: Leiden University Excellence Scholarships 2024

January 11th, 2024 at 03:44 am

Study In Netherlands: Leiden University Excellence Scholarships 2024

With great pride, Leiden University announces the availability of the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LExS) for the 2024–2025 academic year. This is an excellent chance for overseas students to complete their Master’s degree in the center of the Netherlands.

This esteemed scholarship has been carefully crafted for extraordinarily gifted individuals who have proven to have extraordinary academic achievement and who are fervently motivated to start a life-changing educational adventure at Leiden University.

For individuals who are committed to achieving academic success, the LExS program offers an opportunity to enroll in a full-time Master’s degree program at one of the most prestigious universities in Europe.

Professor [Name], [Title], at Leiden University, stated, “Leiden University is dedicated to fostering global talent and nurturing the aspirations of bright minds from around the world.” “The LExS program demonstrates our dedication to excellence by giving exceptional students a chance to thrive and make significant contributions to their fields of study.”

Through a wide range of academic programs in the humanities, sciences, law, medicine/LUMC, archaeology, governance and global affairs, social and behavioral sciences, the African Studies Center, and the International Institute for Asian Studies, the scholarship recipients will have an unmatched opportunity to pursue top-notch education.

Applying to Leiden University can open doors to an exciting academic experience for prospective students who are passionate about global involvement and intellectual advancement.

Concerning Leiden University:

One of Europe’s top research universities, Leiden University, was established in 1575 and offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in several subject areas. Leiden University, renowned for its rigorous academic program and unwavering dedication to excellence, is a shining example of learning and creativity in the Netherlands and beyond.

Level of degree:

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships 2024–25, Netherlands. (Step-by-Step Application Process) is accessible to enroll in Leiden University’s master’s degree programs.

Subjects Available:

  • Archaeology
  • Humanities
  • Medicine/LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center)
  • Governance and Global Affairs
  • Law
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Science
  • African Studies Center
  • International Institute for Asian Studies

Benefits of the Scholarship:

The LExS scholarship offers three award levels and covers the full cost of the study program.

  • €10,000 will go toward the cost of tuition.
  • €15,000 for the cost of tuition
  • Pays the entire cost of tuition, excluding the mandatory tuition fee
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It’s crucial to remember that the LExS only pays a portion of the tuition. It is still necessary for recipients from non-EEA nations to submit proof of sufficient cash with their application for a student visa or residency permit.

Nationalities That Qualify:

There are particular nationality restrictions for the Leiden University LExS (Leiden Excellence Scholarship) eligibility criteria.

Holders with non-EEA/EFTA passports:

The passport of the applicant must originate from a nation that is not a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). In addition to the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland are also members of the EEA.

Programs for Exemptions:

  • The non-EEA/EFTA regulation has the following exclusions for particular programs:
  • Every LLM program in Advanced Studies
  • International Relations and Diplomacy Master of Science
  • UK Nationals Post-Brexit: Following the UK’s departure from the EU, UK students are no longer eligible for the LExS if they hold non-EEA/EFTA passports.
  • Applicants who were already residents of the Netherlands and registered before January 1, 2021, in their Dutch municipality’s BRP (Basisregistratie Personen) are exempt from this rule. These applicants’ residency status may prevent them from being eligible for the LExS.

Qualification Standards:

Academic prerequisites

Candidates must have exhibited exceptional academic achievement in prior coursework that is pertinent to the Master’s program for which they are applying. Successful applicants often place in the top 10% of those who completed their prior course of study. Ranking documentation is not necessary; the purpose of this data is to illustrate the degree of competition.


Recipients of the scholarship (LExS) must attest to their approval of the program’s terms and conditions. The scholarship cannot be awarded until this acknowledgment is submitted in writing.

Not Included

Those who meet the following requirements are not eligible for the scholarship:

  • Candidates who have already earned a master’s degree from Leiden University, except in some programs (such as LLM Advanced Studies) where completion of a prior master’s program or work experience is required.
  • Candidates enrolled in Leiden Law School’s MSc or LLM (non-advanced) programs.
  • Students registering for courses at the Leiden Law School, Faculty of Humanities, or Faculty of Sciences that start in February.
  • Those who don’t match the required nationality criteria aren’t qualified for the scholarship.
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Additionally, the LExS and a full scholarship from an outside source cannot be combined. If recipients obtain such full external assistance, they are required to notify the scholarship department. On the other hand, the LExS may occasionally be paired with a partial scholarship from an outside source.

To obtain comprehensive details about this opportunity, candidates ought to get in contact with the Scholarships Team.

How to Apply:

Request for Admission:

  • Fill out an online application to Leiden University’s Master’s program.
  • Given that creating and submitting an application can take up to two days, make sure it is filed well in advance of the LExS deadline.
  • If necessary, pay the application cost.

Verifying LExS Eligibility:

  • Return to the Apply screen in your online application and select the Scholarships section after submitting your admissions application.
  • It will be available in the area of the scholarship if you qualify for the LExS.
  • You may not be eligible for the scholarship or have an incomplete admissions application if you are unable to view the LExS.

Application of LExS:

  • Declare your desire to apply for the LExS.
  • Upload your LExS motivation letter as a 500-word or less PDF file.
  • In this letter, you should justify your award consideration.

Submission and Modifications:

  • Send in your application for a scholarship before the LExS deadline.
  • Please be aware that once the scholarship application is filed, it cannot be altered via email or the Internet.

Applications for several programs:

If you are requesting a LExS for more than one study program or specialization, you must submit a separate application for LExS and a motivation letter for each program.

Applications received after the deadline:

  • Late applications for scholarships will not be accepted.
  • The student must make sure that the scholarship application and the admissions application are sent in before the LExS deadline.

Procedure for Selection:

  • Within six weeks of the LExS deadline, faculty selection committees will propose LExS beneficiaries.
  • An email informing each applicant of the status of their LExS application will be sent out:
  • November 3rd (for programs that begin in February)
  • April’s end (for programs that begin in September)


It is the student’s responsibility to submit a completed application by the deadline by following the instructions given.

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Applications submitted after the deadline or with errors cannot be held against Leiden University.




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