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Newmont Mining Corporation Latest Job Offer

Newmont Mining Corporation Latest Job Offer

POSITION: Support Equipment Supervisor

Newmont Mining Corporation is one of the biggest gold producers in the world, and its most important properties are in Nevada, Peru, Australia, Ghana, and Suriname.

The Ahafo Mine is in the Brong-Ahafo region, and the Akyem Mine is in the Eastern region. Both are owned by Newmont’s Africa Operations. Ghana is also putting a lot of effort into near mine exploration and development in order to replace its gold reserves every year. Newmont Africa also has programs in Ethiopia and Morocco that are just getting started.

Newmont was the first gold company to be chosen for the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index in 2007. It is the only gold company in the S&P 500 index. Newmont’s high standards for environmental management, worker health and safety, and creating value and opportunities for employees, host communities, and Newmont’s shareholders show that the company is a leader in its field.

About This Role:

  • Are yommitted to making maintenance processes better and better?
  • Do you like helping people and your staff?
  • Do you have a degree in Mechanical Engineering or a field related to it?
  • Do you have a strong work ethic and believe that safety comes first?

Join the Mine Maintenance team as a Support Equipment Supervisor. Your job will be to make sure that operational and production plans are met by making sure that support equipment is maintained.

In this role, you will:

Maintenance Planning

  • Manage maintenance to make sure it meets all of Newmont’s requirements for Health, Safety, and Loss Prevention (HSLP), Environment, and Social Responsibility (Newmont’s vision and values).
  • Help put auxiliary equipment and light vehicle maintenance plans into action so that auxiliary equipment and light vehicles are available as much as possible at the best cost.
  • Contribute to the making of budgets, forecasts of operating costs, and monthly reports on maintenance.
  • Set up, distribute, and coordinate the maintenance of all auxiliary equipment and light vehicles in the mine areas to help with all of the tasks assigned to mine maintenance, such as planning.
  • In addition, Accept notifications and requests for work.
  • Work with the stores/procurement department to make sure that all the parts and supplies needed to keep auxiliary equipment and light vehicles in good shape are available.
  • Also, Take the steps that are needed to fix cost mistakes.
  • Help make and review the standard task procedures for maintenance (STPs).
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Maintenance Supervision

  • Watch over the maintenance of auxiliary equipment and light vehicles in all mining areas.
  • Then, Help out with the day-to-day operations and make sure safe work practices are followed.
  • Alos, When major repairs are done to any of the equipment or vehicles, you should help with the technical side of things.
  • Moreover, Oversee quality improvement monitoring, condition monitoring, and PM-based backlog collection and monitoring systems.
  • Additionally, Give your employees good training and coaching on the job to help them learn new skills and reach their full potential.
  • Lastly, Daily corrective actions need to be managed and coordinated.

Health and Safety Management

  • Take personal responsibility for the health and safety of every employee who works for him or her or who is assigned to him or her.
  • Help with the day-to-day running of the business and make sure safe work practices are followed.
  • Hold safety meetings and inspections on a regular basis.
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  • Make different reports (on progress, on problems, on jobs, etc.) and give them to the General Foreman

Work Scheduling and Allocation

  • Plan out the tasks for the team based on the plan.
  • Help the team do the maintenance work in a timely way by giving them support and coordinating it.

Staff Supervision

  • Supervise the assigned staff member(s) by training, mentoring, and coaching them on the job.
    • recommending more/relevant training courses and actions for development.
    • improving communication with staff by getting feedback, getting in touch, having meetings, briefings, etc. more often.

Your Checklist of Training, Skills, and Experience:

Formal Qualifications (including Professional Registrations):

  • Degree or HND in mechanical or electrical engineering or Engineering Technician III.
  • MINCOM certification as Sectional Engineer

Additional Knowledge:

  • Advanced knowledge of the standards and rules for keeping auxiliary equipment and light vehicles in good shape.
  • Expertise in the basics of maintenance and industry standards.
  • Knowledge of how to manage work at a high level.
  • Planning and scheduling skills at a high level.


  • At least 5 years of work experience in mechanical maintenance or a similar field.
  • At least three years of experience as a supervisor.
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Technical Skills:

  • Expertise in analyzing and solving problems.
  • Good written and spoken communication skills, as well as people skills.
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) and ERP/CMMS are good computer skills.
  • Advanced skills in keeping track of and managing information.
  • Strong planning, organizing, and prioritizing skills.
  • Ability to use mechanical tools to install, maintain, and fix power plants and equipment.
  • Skills for coaching and mentoring.
  • Manage conflicts and know how to persuade people.

How to Apply for this Newmont Mining Corporation Job Offer

Click Here To Apply Online

Closing Date: 5th April2023

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