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MAC Autos & Spare Parts Ghana Ltd Job Announcement

MAC Autos & Spare Parts Ghana Ltd Job Announcement

POSITION: Human Resources & Administration Manager

Responsible for making sure that HR functions, on-site team safety, facilities service, and administrative projects are done according to MAG’s policies, procedures, and HR/Admin best practices.

Primary responsibilities include overseeing local HR (hiring, employee records, payroll, etc.) and Administration operations, putting in place annual HR/Admin goals and projects, managing HR/Admin staff, making sure local laws and regulations are followed, negotiating with local authorities and labor unions with the business’s best interests in mind, coming up with OPEX and CAPEX for management approval, managing resources in a cost-effective way, and contracting and managing support services.

Things to expect include

  • Help build a professional culture that moves quickly within the scope of MAG’s Mission, Vision, Values, and EVP.
  • Build good labor unions with the best interests of the company and its workers in mind.
  • Serve as an expert on employee relations, local labor laws, and best HR practices in the area
  • Keep good relationships with local government officials to help the business.
  • Best practices in administration and purchasing to help a business run smoothly and efficiently

Duties on the job

  • Achieve specific purchasing goals to support business and facility management standards while following established purchasing systems and protocols.
  • Analyze the needs of a job, find applicants by using things like databases and social media, and then screen and choose the best ones. Find, attract, interview, and choose the best candidates for lower and middle-level jobs.
  • Build good working relationships with local union and/or works council representatives; write briefing papers to support formal consultations and negotiations.
  • Do a wide range of HR data processing tasks as directed. Give advice to coworkers and help them figure out how to do things when needed.
  • At this level, most jobs are held by junior managers or professionals whose job is to get things done within overall frameworks that have already been set up. – Changes to the way things are done;
  • Give expert advice on how to interpret and apply policies and procedures, answer questions and solve problems, and send very complicated or controversial issues to other people.
  • Support the design and implementation of policies and processes for Performance Management and Talent Development; provide relevant operational and organizational analyses and analyses of external practices; and oversee the delivery of training and support materials.
  • Use the organization’s formal framework for development to figure out what each person needs to grow. Plan and carry out actions to improve their skills. Help others improve their performance and reach their full potential by giving them training and coaching.
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Needed Skills and Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or human resources


  • Three to five years of experience in leadership roles in Human Resources
  • Specialized training in employment law, compensation, organizational planning, organizational development, and employee relations is preferred.
  • Since preparing annual budgets is part of this job, it would be helpful if you knew a lot about budgeting and financial planning.
  • Safety and building management Experience with operations
  • Dealing with contractors and suppliers for a long time

Skills needed for the job:

  • Experience with all parts of human resources and with supervising staff and building human capital capacity.
  • Ability to set priorities and deal with multiple requests at once
  • A team builder with great people skills, sensitivity to different cultures, and the ability and desire to find and work with a multiethnic team.
  • Experience making HR policies, procedures, and systems and putting them into place
  • Good interpersonal skills, such as managing people, being a leader, and writing and speaking well.
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) like SAP and SuccessFactors.
  • Knowledge of the most recent laws, customs, and HR practices in the business region where the job is located.
  • Good organizational and administrative skills, and the ability to put work tasks in order of importance.
  • Preferred are advanced or specialized safety certifications.
  • Know the latest laws and rules about safety and security in the business region.
  • Willingness and ability to work early in the morning, late at night, on weekends, during finals, and during quarter breaks
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How to Apply for this MAC Autos & Spare Parts Ghana Ltd Job Announcement

Click Here to Apply Online

Closing Date: 20th August, 2023




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