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Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada with LMIA Approval 2024

February 29th, 2024 at 08:03 am

Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada with LMIA Approval 2024 ($15.50 – $17 hourly)

There’s nowhere else to look! For those looking for work in Canada’s agriculture sector, NewsNowGh offers resources and information. Our platform, which focuses on occupations with LMIA approval, is the ideal place to begin your career search. Our job postings and tools can assist you in finding the ideal job opportunity, regardless of your level of expertise picking fruit or desire to pursue a different career route. Take the first step toward your ideal career in Canada by beginning your search right now.

Fruit Harvest Worker Jobs in Canada

A Montréal, Quebec-based employment company called Iris Inc. is looking for capable candidates with strong interpersonal skills and self-motivation for the position of Fruit harvest worker. It will be required of the selected individual to start working as soon as is practical. The positions are full-time or permanent. There are morning, weekend, overtime, and day positions available. The LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) has authorized the employment of Fruit harvest workers.

Job Details

  • Employer Name: Agence de recrutement et de placement des employés Iris Inc.
  • Position: Fruit harvest worker
  • Salary: $15.50 – $17.00 hourly
  • Duration: 40 – 50 hours per week
  • Employment type: Permanent employment, Full time
  • Location: Montréal, Q

Position Description

  • The candidate must choose crops from rows and orchards.
  • Also, fruits and vegetables will need to be sorted and packed by the applicant.


  • Either French or English should be spoken with ease by the candidate.
  • In addition, conventional educational requirements, including a bachelor’s degree, diploma, or certification, are not necessary.
  • Besides that, the ideal applicant will have between one and seven months of experience in a related field.

Work Setting

  • The applicant needs to be prepared to move to the specified location.

Conditions of Work and Physical Ability

  • The applicant must be able to function in a hectic, fast-paced workplace.
  • Also, the candidate should regularly be expected to complete repetitious duties.

How to Apply

By email:

Benefits of Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada

  • Dealing with Labor Scarcities: Fruit picker jobs sometimes require heavy lifting, and there may not be enough willing local workers to take on such tasks. These voids can be remedied by hiring foreign workers through LMIA.
  • Economic Contribution: Canada’s economy benefits greatly from the agricultural sector. Hiring foreign workers might increase production, making it easier to harvest commodities on time and supporting the industry’s overall economic stability.
  • Global interchange of talents: The agricultural sector in Canada benefits from the diverse knowledge, experiences, and perspectives that foreign workers bring to the table. This promotes a global interchange of talents. An increasingly flexible and dynamic workforce could result from this worldwide interchange.
  • Stability for Farmers: Farmers depend on prompt and efficient harvesting to maintain the quality of their produce. The LMIA system ensures the stability and development of agricultural operations by making a reliable labor force available to producers.
  • Sustained Quality of vegetables: Timely harvesting is a critical component in maintaining the quality of vegetables. By harvesting crops at the ideal time of ripeness—which depends on the availability of a stable labor force—farmers can improve the quality of their produce.
  • International Relations: Global diplomatic relations are enhanced by the TFWP and SAWP work exchange programs. It promotes diplomatic ties between Canada and the countries where the foreign workers are originally from.
  • Foreign workers often contribute to the local economy by spending their earnings on accommodation, food, and transportation, among other essentials. These increased expenses could have a positive economic impact on the communities where these personnel are located.
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Fruits Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

For the role of Fruits Farm Worker, S & H Gill Farms LTD. in Abbotsford, British Columbia is looking for capable applicants with strong interpersonal skills and a will to succeed. The selected person has to start working right away.

There is seasonal and full-time employment available. For the Flexible Hours period, the applicant must be available to work. The Labour Market Impact Assessment has approved the position of Farm Worker, Fruit.

Job Details

  • Employer Name: S & H Gill Farms LTD.
  • Position: Fruits Farm Worker
  • Salary: $15.65 hourly
  • Employment type: Seasonal employment, Full time
  • Street Address Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Position Description

  • Cleaning the crops will be the participant’s responsibility.
  • Also, fruit tree training will be overseen by the selected person.
  • In addition, the candidate will grade the exam.
  • Besides that, the candidate will be in charge of crop harvesting.

Position Specifications

  • The applicant’s command of the English language must be flawless.
  • Also, it is not necessary to have traditional educational qualifications like a bachelor’s degree, accreditation, or certificate.
  • Besides that, the selected applicant shall receive training.

Working Conditions

  • Combination farming is the method used to run the farm.
  • Also, the candidate must be able to work completely focused, even in a noisy work environment, due to the nature of the job.
  • Moreover, the candidate needs to be able to work in cold, hot, and muggy conditions.
  • Besides that, the candidate needs to be open to working in a rural setting.


Free parking, on-site facilities, alternative housing, and on-site entertainment will all be available to the applicant.

Overview: LMIA Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

Work and Social Development Canada (ESDC) publishes the Work Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), a report that evaluates the effects of hiring foreign workers on the Canadian labor market. To ascertain if foreign workers are required to perform a specific position and whether Canadians or long-term residents are available to do so, the LMIA system is utilized.

The majority of businesses that wish to employ a foreign worker in Canada must finish an LMIA. The LMIA approach guarantees that recruiting foreign workers won’t negatively impact the Canadian labor market and that Canadian workers have priority in applying for and filling job vacancies.

To use the LMIA procedure, you must apply to ESDC with details regarding the employment offer, the foreign employee, and the employer. ESDC will then review the application to determine whether a post may be filled by a foreign worker and whether no qualified Canadians or permanent residents are available. The foreign employee can apply for a work permit if the LMIA is accepted.

It is important to keep in mind that not every Canadian employment requires an LMIA. Certain positions, including those covered by the International Movement Program (BRAT) or those designated as “LMIA-exempt,” are exempt from the LMIA requirement. Examples of LMIA-exempt employment include intra-company transfers, specific expert and social exchanges, and different job license exceptions under international trade agreements like NAFTA.

Harvesting Labourer Jobs in Canada

For the position of Harvesting Labourer, Rossland Mushroom Farm Ltd., located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, is looking for self-driven people with excellent interpersonal skills. A company that imports commodities into Canada is Ross Land Mushroom Farm Ltd., according to Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED) Canada.

The business Ross Land Mushroom Farm Ltd. is in the greenhouse, nursery, and floral production sectors. It will be required of the selected individual to start working as soon as is practical. The positions are full-time or permanent. There are shifts available that include day, night, weekend, shift, flexible hours, early morning, and morning. The LMIA has approved the Harvesting Laborer position.

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Job Details

  • Employer Name: Rossland Mushroom Farm Ltd.
  • Position: Harvesting Labourer
  • Salary: $15.20 – $18.20 hourly
  • Employment type: Permanent employment, Full time
  • Location: Abbotsford, BC

Position Description

  • The applicant is required to maintain tidy, clean, and orderly workspaces.
  • Also, choose crops from rows and orchards.
  • Moreover, pick and choose items according to size and ripeness, avoiding overripe and decaying food.
  • Besides that, be in charge of harvesting crops that are in demand.
  • In addition, load, unload, and transfer crates, supplies, agricultural goods, cattle, and poultry.
  • Aside from that, verify each fruit item to ensure that it is fresh.
  • Similarly, mowing down untidy and overgrown crops.
  • Likewise, in charge of making sure the garden’s crops don’t wilt in moist soil.
  • Additionally, load packages and bags onto trays and racks.
  • In a similar vein, record the amount, weight, date, and time of packaging.
  • Oversee and support the filling of containers.
  • Above all, label fruits using the given rules.
  • Lastly, responsible for packing fruit containers for delivery trucks accurately.


  • The applicant must speak and write English proficiently.
  • Conventional educational requirements, including a bachelor’s degree, diploma, or certification, are not necessary.
  • It is not necessary to have prior farming industry experience.
  • Also, it would help to know the best farming practices.
  • The perfect applicant will have excellent interpersonal and decision-making skills and be a solid team member.
  • Aside from that, be in good physical condition.
  • Moreover, the perfect worker will be able to put in a lot of overtime on the farm.
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination would be a need for the perfect applicant.
  • Furthermore, be flexible and well-organized.
  • Besides that, the candidate ought to put ethics and values first.
  • Similarly, the perfect applicant must be flexible and well-organized.
  • The ideal applicant should be able to work well in a diverse team environment.
  • In a similar vein, the applicant needs to be familiar with the equipment required for this role.
  • A great sense of organization and time management would be attributes of the ideal candidate.
  • The applicant must be able to complete tasks quickly without compromising their quality.
  • Most importantly, for the candidate to finish all tasks quickly, successfully, and efficiently, they must be in good physical and mental health.
  • The candidate is required to swiftly and thoroughly examine the fruit to check for worms, rot, insect manifestations, and illness indications.
  • Above all, an extensive criminal background investigation must be carried out on the applicant.

How to Apply

By email:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can one apply to pick fruit in Canada?

You can call farms to find out about seasonal vacancies, or many will post job openings on their websites. You can also find out about agricultural jobs in your area by asking at your neighborhood fruit and vegetable stand or farm gate market.

What is the salary for picking fruit in Canada?

What is the pay for workers in Canadian fruit farms? In Canada, the average yearly salary for an employee on a fruit farm is $27,719, or $14.22 per hour. Starting earnings for professionals are $27,300 annually, while the highest-paid professionals get up to $31,541 annually.


In Canada, how can I locate employers who provide LMIA?

  • First and foremost, navigate to the “Temporary Foreign Worker” section by scrolling down on the official Canada Job Bank website.
  • There is a “search” option with the number of job postings on the Temporary Foreign Worker page. Utilize that option to find employers with LMIA in Canada

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