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Exciting Career Opportunity at Generation

Exciting Career Opportunity at Generation

Job Title: Program Director – Ghana


Generation is an international non-profit group that aids adults in achieving economic mobility through employment. Working in collaboration with organizations such as companies, governments, and other system players, Generation prepares and places adult learners of all ages into occupations that would not otherwise be available. Generation, which was introduced in 2015, consists of a worldwide hub (Generation You Employed, or GYE) and a network of local affiliates.

The network currently includes 76,000+ graduates from over 11,000+ businesses in 35 professions across 17 countries. 90% of students are unemployed when they join Generation, with over half having been jobless for a long time. Graduates have an 81% job placement rate three months after finishing our program, which rises to 90% within six months.

88% of our employed alumni work in positions that are closely linked to the profession they were trained for, and 67% of them are hired by our repeat employer partners. Graduates who find employment right away make, on average, 3–4 times what they did before. Alumni continue to fulfill their daily financial needs in 70% of cases two to six years after graduation, and 40% of them start saving money.

The salaries of Generation’s global graduates are currently $630 million, and by 2023, they will reach $1 billion. The majority of Generation Graduates identify with underrepresented communities in their country, 54% of them are female, 40% have dependents, and they typically have a history in secondary education. To assist stakeholders in the workforce system in making decisions, Generation GYE performs original research and distributes data insights on high-priority global workforce transition themes.

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In conjunction with the MasterCard Foundation, Generation is entering the Ghanaian market, and we are searching for an excellent program director to oversee its launch and expansion.

In accordance with this cooperation, we will introduce fresh training and job placement initiatives to aid young Ghanaians in securing remote employment (such as virtual assistants, data analysts, digital marketers, web developers, and customer service associates). Also, Generation will lead a coalition of partners to test out various distribution strategies in order to determine “what works” before scaling.

Full-time employment is required for this position from Q1 2023 to June 2025, with an option for an extension. The position necessitates living in Ghana and traveling to Accra and Kumasi. There should be 40 hours worked each week.

Competitive pay and benefits in line with NGO industry standards.


  • The Program Director will oversee the program team (15-25 people) and the program coalition partners to implement pilot training-and-placement programs for 5 job roles in Ghana, with a focus on piloting different approaches (e.g., varying the training partner, full-time vs. freelance, etc.) before scaling up the successful ones.
  • The Program Director will report directly to Generation’s SAMEA (South Asia, Middle East, and Africa) Chief Operating Officer. You will be in charge of directing and expanding the programs, giving them a strategic direction for future expansion, managing the program budget, and maintaining relationships with important stakeholders.

Specifically, you will:

  • You will oversee the implementation of all efforts, including hiring, training, and helping people make the transition to the workforce, in compliance with program requirements, Generation Global functional designs, and financial constraints.
  • Ensure that all launch and scale-up targets and deadlines are met. Organize and staff the operational team appropriately. Manage the team as needed to maintain high program quality outcomes in accordance with the Generation methodology.
  • Build a strong, values-based team culture and develop internal talent.
  • Coordinate the coalition members so that each one complies with the objectives and results of the program.
  • Cooperate closely with Generation’s international functional teams (such as the employer engagement team on sourcing job opportunities) and regularly update the program steering committee.
  • To represent Generation in appropriate forums and serve as the external contact for Generation’s projects in Ghana with business, social, and public sector groups. Create lasting connections with important players in each of these areas to promote a scalable path to systemic change.
  • Support Generation’s partnership with the Ghana Mastercard Foundation and the SAMEA COO.
  • Determine vulnerable areas and take action to close them, including speaking with Generation Global leadership and outside partners.
  • Beyond the present cooperation and agreement, contribute to and assist the development of the growth and finance strategy.
  • In charge of the overall program budget
  • Be a trustworthy spokesperson for Generation’s efforts to both current and new partners.
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  • You’ve had success leading challenging initiatives and collaborating with various international teams.
  • A proven track record, at least 10 years in the company, and at least five years in direct leadership.
  • Even when they do not directly belong to your firm, you can coordinate and manage a large number of stakeholders.
  • You enjoy the fast-paced, high-energy workplace and will always challenge both yourself and others to perform better. You feel at ease in an uncertain or shifting situation.
  • Because of your warmth, empathy, and love of meeting new people, you may establish trusting relationships with a variety of stakeholders in a variety of geographical, cultural, and professional situations.
  • You speak and write with a high level of English communication abilities.
  • You approach issue-solving, influencing, and informing decisions with a staunchly data-driven mindset, and you will put in the work to find the best answer to any situation.
  • You support our purpose, think that meaningful work can transform lives, and are enthusiastic about doing good for others.
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How to Apply for this Career Opportunity at Generation

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Closing Date: 11th March 2023

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