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UK IHS Increases Scheduled for January 2024 ~ UK Immigration News 2023

October 27th, 2023 at 05:18 am

UK IHS Increases Scheduled for January 2024 ~ UK Immigration News 2023

The new IHS fees were recently revealed for UK candidates. As everyone knows, maintaining compliance with the Immigration Health Status (IHS) is essential for immigration to the UK. All applicants from the UK are now concerned about this fee increase. It appears that the fee will soon be in effect.

This article will address the annual new IHS price surcharge for adult applicants, the IHS fee increase, and the effect of the fee increase on businesses.

The current state of the Situation?

The government announced in July 2023 a significant increase to the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), which is scheduled to go into effect on January 16, 2024.

IHS fee increase for adults

There anticipates a 66% increase in the annual Immigration Health Surcharge payments for adult applicants. This translates to an incredible £1,035 per person as opposed to the existing £624. Additionally, the annual cost per applicant for students, their dependents, and their children will rise to £776. Thus, a 65% Increase from the £470 of today

What effects would the increase in IHS fees have on businesses?

Companies who employ foreign nationals through the UK immigration system or intend to do so must review their application methods and budget in light of the new fees. Additionally, companies attempting to advance any personnel, transfers, or extensions will find that the current rates are advantageous.

Reasons behind this Massive Hike

In summary, the government decided in mid-2023 to raise the average wage by 6.5% for the years 2023–2024 in response to the public sector workers’ frequent strikes. This choice was made per the advice of multiple independent compensation review committees.

This hike in IHS is a component of a larger plan that also includes other ideas to offset the wage increase and an increase in the visa charge. Make sure to mark January 16, 2024, on your calendar, as the IHS rise has been approved by both chambers of the UK Parliament.

TB Test for UK Visa Application

When applying for a UK visa, who needs to take a TB test? Check if a TB test is required for your UK visa application by reading this. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with all the requirements if you plan to apply for a UK visa. For many applicants, TB tests are a prerequisite for the visa application process. Read this page to find out if you’ll need one.

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Who needs a TB test for their UK visa application?

A TB test is not required for every applicant. This test’s requirements vary depending on several variables, such as the type of visa, the applicant’s home country, and the places they have recently visited.

Visa type

Whether or not a tuberculosis test is required depends largely on the type of UK visa you intend to apply for. You will need to get tested if you come from a country where tuberculosis is highly prevalent and you want to stay in the UK for longer than six months. These visas come in three varieties: work, family, and student.

Home country or recent travel history

The necessity of a TB test is also determined by your recent travel history or country of origin. A test can be necessary if you reside in or visit a nation with a high rate of tuberculosis infection. The list of these nations is available on the official UK Immigration website.


Certain applicants are not required to take the tuberculosis test. If you are a UK resident returning home after a two-year absence, a diplomat accredited to the UK, a resident of a country where TB screening is not mandatory for UK residents for at least six months, or if you have not left the country for more than six months, you will not need one.

Obtain a certificate

If your test results are negative and you do not have active tuberculosis, you will receive a certificate—a crucial document. This certificate, which attests to your compliance with the UK’s health screening standards, submits together with your visa application.

Latest UK Immigration Visa Fees for 2023/2024

Learn about the most recent UK immigration visa costs. For many immigrants, the United Kingdom is a top choice for a promising future. UK immigration fees have recently generated a lot of discussion due to rumors of rising UK expenses. However, it appears that application fees for applicants outside the UK remain unaffected.

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We have provided you with a brief explanation of the immigration visa fees for applications made outside of the UK to clear up any confusion.

Fees for Visas and Applications outside the UK

The cost is 100 British pounds for a short-term visa valid for up to six months. A lengthy visit visa that is valid for up to two years costs 376 British pounds. The cost of the electronic Visa waiver is thirty pounds. The full certificate of entitlement costs 388 pounds.

Nationality Right of Abode outside the UK

Fees for work applications outside the UK

For the primary applicant and any dependents, the innovator founder cost is 1,036 British pounds. When an approval letter deems necessary, the main applicant must pay the Global Talent cost of 167 British pounds. Skilled workers having sponsorship certificates valid for three years or fewer must pay 625 British pounds.

Fees for Study Applications outside the UK

The main applicant for a student visa and any dependents pay 363 British pounds. The young student continues to pay 363 British pounds.

Optional Premium Services outside the UK

The Priority Visa service settlement amount is 573 British pounds. The cost of the super-priority Visa service is 956 pounds.

Optional Premium Services in the UK

In the UK, super priority service costs 800 pounds. 500 British pounds remains the priority service cost for faster processing.

Are you preparing to relocate to the UK to establish yourself, seek employment, or pursue a degree? Then, to avoid obstacles in your application procedure, it is crucial to stay current with the current cost structure. Visit the official UK Government website for a complete list of the costs.

Visit for the most up-to-date information on visa-sponsored jobs, prospective paths benefits, application processes, and others.

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