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Cyber Security Awareness Month for Newcomers in Canada

October 19th, 2023 at 05:15 am

Cyber Security Awareness Month for Newcomers in Canada

Cyber Security Awareness Month in Canada promotes digital safety for immigrants. The Communications Security Establishment Canada looks forward to emphasizing the importance of cyber security in October.

Newcomers entering Canada are more vulnerable to cyber threats. This is why it is critical that they have greater information about cyber security dangers and possible countermeasures. New immigrants spend a significant amount of time online, and they must be aware of existing cybercrime.

Cyber Security Awareness Month in Canada for Newcomers

The theme for 2023 Cyber Security is “Step up your Cyber Fitness.” According to the CSE, this particular theme highlights the possibility of understanding and responding to such cyber dangers by certain small and convenient actions.

Bill Blair, Canada’s National Defense Minister, argues that this month is an opportunity to show Canadians how to use simple cyber security activities in their daily lives. These restrictions have an impact on everyone and contribute to making the country a safer place to live online.

Understanding Cyber Security and Safety

Here are some cyber security themes that will cover various learnings on the same issue. The following themes will assess the various techniques you might use to maintain cyber security throughout the year:

The first week is spent studying the fundamentals.

The first week of October (cyber month) covers all of the fundamental skills relevant to cyber dangers. These include understanding the most frequent sorts of risks, using digital tools to be safe, and taking additional simple precautions. To begin, newbies should understand about frequent frauds that may occur against them, such as the term Phishing. This indicates that an organization establishes itself as respectable in the eyes of newcomers. Furthermore, they may persuade the newcomer to give personal or sensitive information. They might as well offer people the option of clicking on the virus-infected link.

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The second week focuses on account security.

The second week instructs novices on how to secure their online accounts by creating unique and personalized passwords and enabling multi-factor authentication. They can protect themselves from phishing and other social engineering frauds this way. It is critical to instill in children the importance of strong passwords in order to maintain digital security. As a result, they will be able to safeguard their personal or sensitive data from outside sources like hackers. This includes information such as your bank account number and any other personal information.

The third week is all about protecting the devices.

This cyber month in 2023, the third week focuses on gadget protection. A Virtual Private Network, anti-virus software installation, and using home Wi-Fi could all help to protect your device. VPNs, for example, prohibit unauthorized individuals from viewing your online presence while you navigate the web. These are just a handful of the many tools available to newcomers to safeguard their digital safety.

The fourth week entails increased security.

The fourth week of Cyber Awareness Month in Canada educates Canadians on how to use effective security tools such as password managers, default device upgrades, and data backups. Such digital safety precautions can benefit both new immigrants and Canadians. It is critical to add an extra security layer to the personal information stored on your devices, whether desktops or mobile phones.

The fifth week involves sharing digital safety tips with others.

The importance of spreading the message across Canada will be discussed during Cyber Awareness Month in 2023. This means that those who get a direct understanding of the teachings of this month must also share it with their friends and families. This could include children or even senior citizens.

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Cyber security precautions and resources for newcomers to Canada

You can use the following information and tools to secure your cyber safety:

determining the difference between genuine IRCC directives and potential schemes
In today’s digital age, it might be difficult for individuals to distinguish between scammers posing as IRCC communicators and legitimate IRCC resources. To avoid falling victim to internet scams such as IRCC, it is best to respond only to information or links that you searched for. You must avoid any link or information that appears on the screen without your explicit request. Clicking on unsolicited email links or attachments should be avoided at all costs. They may be suspicious, leading to cyber fraud.

Differentiating between reputable and fraudulent immigration websites

All immigration information will be provided in two official languages via official government sources. This means that the material will be available in both English and French. Original websites will have suitable URLs like “” or “” Several websites may imitate those of the Canadian government, but they will lack the qualities listed above.

Go with reputable immigration service companies.

Genuine immigration service providers will have a reputable website displaying their services. However, numerous imposters attempt to pose as the government’s immigration service providers. Newcomers should look into the official Canadian registries and popular directories available online. They may use them to determine whether or not a particular corporation or organization has approved immigration representatives. Furthermore, Canadian immigration lawyers must be licensed in the jurisdiction in which they operate. This means they must comply with provincial and territorial laws.

Use the government’s cyber security resources.

You may look up immigration fraud on the official website of the Canadian government. A website like this will go through the numerous continuing practices of immigration fraud in the country. You will also learn more about how to protect yourself from such immigration fraud.

Maintain your cyber security in 2023.

As a newcomer to Canada, you must protect yourself and your family from such online risks. These fundamental cyber skills will ensure that you can preserve your online safety even in risky situations. Maintain vigilance regarding all such actions, and don’t simply give your susceptible information to unfamiliar websites or hackers.

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