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Singapore Skill Shortage Jobs with Free Work Visa 2024

February 13th, 2024 at 04:51 pm

Singapore Skill Shortage Jobs with Free Work Visa 2024

Many foreign job searchers undervalue Singapore’s employment market in favor of high-paying positions in the US, UK, Europe, and Canada, as we have observed. Due to this, it is simpler to obtain employment in Singapore. It may surprise you to hear that the average monthly wage in Singapore is approximately SGD 7650, which is significantly more than the average salary in most other nations.

For this reason, we strongly encourage our job-seeking audience to capitalize on Singapore’s skills shortage labor market. There isn’t much competition, and if you meet the requirements, you can be selected for a permanent position in Singapore that comes with a work permit or visa for Singaporeans. Let’s have a look at it together; I’ve covered everything in detail in this post.


Known as the “Little Red Dot,” Singapore is a bustling city-state renowned for its diversified people and steady economy. The need for skilled labor has increased over the last few years across a wide range of businesses. This has afforded individuals from different nations numerous opportunities.

Singaporean Job Market

It’s important to comprehend how the Singaporean job market operates before you begin your employment search. Singapore’s economy is robust and diverse, encompassing industries like manufacturing, finance, technology, and healthcare.

Identifying Skill Shortages in Singapore

If Singapore hopes to attract foreign experts, it must address the talent shortages that have been identified. Due to these shortages, individuals with the appropriate abilities and expertise can become extremely wealthy.

Benefits of Singapore Skill Shortage Jobs

  • Economic Growth: Inadequate skills can obstruct production and innovation, which can limit economic development. Singapore can potentially address severe labor market inadequacies and subsequent economic growth by carefully providing work visas to talented workers.
  • Diverse Talent Pool: Singapore has access to a diverse pool of talent from across the world thanks to the easing of work visa requirements for occupations requiring specialized knowledge. Bringing in fresh perspectives, experiences, and expertise, improves the workforce and fosters an environment that encourages creativity.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Skilled workers with work visas who come to Singapore often have transferable skills and knowledge that help the local workforce. The possibility of increasing the domestic labor force’s skills through the spread of this knowledge results in increased output and competitiveness.
  • Handling Demographic Challenges: Singapore faces aging populations and falling fertility rates, among other demographic issues, like many other developed countries. Work visas intended for positions in shortage of skills may be able to lessen labor shortages brought on by demographic shifts, ensuring that essential industries have a enough number of employees to operate at their best.
  • Taking on Crucial Positions: Some industries require workers with highly specialized knowledge that may not be readily available in the local labor pool. By granting work visas for certain skill-deficit positions, Singapore can efficiently ensure the usage of competent workers in essential areas like healthcare, technology, and engineering.

Additional Benefits

  • Increasing Creativity and Innovation: Improving Creativity and Innovation: Work permits that are necessary for jobs needing particular talents often enable a diverse workforce, which can stimulate creativity and innovation. People from different backgrounds and cultures create an atmosphere that is favorable to the creation of creative concepts and the best possible solutions.
  • Worldwide Talent Center: Singapore may position itself as a global talent hub and draw in the best applicants from across the world by offering work permits for positions where there is a shortage of skilled labor. This strengthens the country’s reputation as a desirable place to live for intelligent people, which boosts its economic growth and competitive advantage.
  • Developing Global Professional Networks: Skilled workers entering Singapore on a work visa often maintain connections with their home countries and international networks. This has benefits for both Singapore and the global community since it can promote cooperation, ease the sharing of knowledge, and create cross-border alliances.

List of Singapore Skill Shortage Jobs

Before choosing to hunt for work in Singapore or elsewhere, it’s critical to learn which positions are in high demand there and how much they pay. After doing some research, I discovered that the following positions are in great demand in Singapore and are listed as “skill shortage occupations” by the government, which will expedite the work visa application process.

Healthcare Sector skill shortage occupations

  • Dietician
  • Doctor
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Dentist
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Pharmacist
  • Medical laboratory technologist
  • Physiotherapists
  • Clinical audiologist
  • Medical social staff
  • Nursing staff
  • Medical diagnostic radiographer
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Podiatrist

Construction Sector skill shortage occupations

  • Geotechnical and design engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Architectural engineers
  • Resident technical officer
  • Soil testing & commissioning engineers
  • Building and construction project managers
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Aircon engineers
  • structural engineers
  • Jet grouting staff
  • Hoist operators
  • Crane operators

Manufacturing Industries skill shortage occupations

  • Media process engineer
  • Environment (Water) engineer
  • Nano engineers
  • HDD-related R&D engineer
  • Electrical technicians
  • Design engineers
  • Reservoir engineers
  • Automation or process engineers
  • Chemist or process development chemist
  • Wafer fabrication process engineers
  • QA/QC experts
  • Firmware R&D engineers
  • Petroleum engineer
  • Well engineers
  • Project engineer
  • Network storage engineer

IT Sector skill shortage occupations

  • Animators
  • Computer graphics (CG) artists
  • Matchmove artist
  • Producer (film/TV, animation & games)
  • AI project manager
  • Character artist
  • Riggers
  • Director (TV/Film, animation & games)
  • Technical artists
  • Games designer or level designer
  • Analyst programmers
  • Production assistant (animation & games)
  • Gaffers
  • Environment artist
  • Chief information officer
  • Storyboard artist
  • Line producer
  • Visual effects (VFX) supervisors
  • Modeler and texture artist
  • Systems analyst
  • Lighting and rendering artist
  • 2D and 3D artists
  • Software engineer
  • Game producer
  • Visual Effects (VFX) artists
  • Database/network and computer systems administrators
  • Security consultants
  • Rotoscope artists
  • Game programmer
  • Screenwriter and scriptwriter
  • Character designer
  • Concept Artists
  • Solution or software architects

The tourist, banking, digital media, and retail industries all require qualified personnel, according to a report from Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM). You can also obtain a well-paying job in Singapore if you meet the requirements and have experience working in any of these fields.

Singapore Work Visa/Work Pass

If you receive a job offer in Singapore, you must apply for a “S pass,” the local term for a work visa. You must determine which of the four “S passes” is appropriate for your position.

1. Unskilled or Skilled staff workers pass

The S Pass, which includes subcategories such as work permits for performing artists, domestic workers, maids, and migrant workers, is what you can apply for if you are heading to Singapore to begin a job as a semi-skilled or skilled worker.

2. Singapore Employment Pass

If you are planning to work in Singapore as an entrepreneur or business owner, or if your job offer is at the executive or manager level, you can apply for a Singaporean employment pass. In these situations, you will select a Singaporean employment pass, which is further divided into entrePass, personalized employment pass, and overseas expertise pass.

3. Short-term S Pass

Should your position come under the seasonal staff criteria, you will have to apply for a Singapore short-term pass. After that, you’ll need to apply for a miscellaneous work permit, which will allow you to remain in Singapore for a maximum of six months to engage in activities like conference attendance, research, workshops, and public speaking.

4. Training Pass of Singapore

For those who wish to participate in graduate programs, trainee employment, trial jobs, or work while on vacation, we now offer another alternative for a Singapore visa. You may stay in Singapore for up to six months for the aforementioned purposes if you obtain this training pass.

For competent professionals worldwide, Singapore’s labor shortage presents an attractive opportunity. If you possess the necessary abilities, are self-motivated, and have a solid plan, you can begin a rewarding career in this vibrant city-state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Singapore allow foreigners to work?

To work in Singapore, an individual who is not from Singapore must possess a valid work permit or legal pass. The type of pass you require depends on your circumstances and ability level. There are various types of passes. One kind of pass is the Employment Pass, which is intended for foreign professionals, managers, and executives.

Does Singapore currently grant work visas?

The three primary work visa categories in Singapore are Employment Pass (EP), S Pass, and Work Permit. Entrepass and the Personalized Employment Pass, on the other hand, are specifically designed for individuals.

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