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Mechanical Engineering Jobs in UAE 2024 (AED 1,300 – 35,500)

February 11th, 2024 at 04:29 pm

Mechanical Engineering Jobs in UAE 2024 (AED 1,300 – 35,500)

There is an urgent demand for mechanical engineers in the United Arab Emirates, which is why this page has been made to provide you with access to them all. In the United Arab Emirates, there are requirements for mechanical engineering jobs that include educational background, skill set, and anticipated duties.

Securing a job in mechanical engineering in the United Arab Emirates offers numerous benefits, such as a substantial salary and a comfortable work environment. Please fill out the application form after viewing the list of the most recent urgent mechanical engineering jobs in the UAE below if you would like to be considered for this position.

It is highly beneficial to study mechanical engineering because, as was previously mentioned, it is in great demand across many nations and businesses. By pursuing a profession in mechanical engineering, you may enhance both the future of the planet and yourself. This explains why 89% of engineers would choose the same career path again and over again because they are so happy in their professions.

Working in the United Arab Emirates in mechanical engineering could lead you to the Antarctic, oil rigs, deserts, and the ocean’s depths. Mechanical engineering credentials and experience are equivalent to a passport that allows employment in many different industries and locations.

Available Mechanical Engineering Jobs in UAE

The mechanical engineering jobs in the UAE listed below are those that candidates should apply for right away:

1. Mechanical Engineers

Currently seeking Bachelor’s Degree-holding Emirati Mechanical Engineers for a prestigious global company headquartered in Dubai. This job is a part of the company’s Emiratization initiative, which aims to help graduate engineers start their engineering careers by providing them with training across the firm.

Principal Responsibility:

  • Create, create, and plan mechanical designs for new products.
  • Develop testing protocols, then evaluate and test newly designed products.
  • Build working prototypes for customer demonstrations and beta testing.
  • Compute engineering variables to make the design process easier.
  • Make and examine technical drawings, plans, and specifications with the software.
  • Engage in vendor and contractor management as well as multidisciplinary engineering team collaboration.
  • To keep an eye on the project’s development and design process, keep detailed documentation.
  • Ensuring that the budget is followed and the project timeframe is met.


  • Undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering
  • UAE national with ancestry
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Applicants who are devoted, passionate, and focused will succeed the most.
  • Experience ranging from one to three years
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2. Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • Senior Mechanical Engineer on Site
  • Department: Site Management
  • Middle Eastern region
  • Reports to: Resident Engineer / Mechanical Site Operations Director

Resume summary

To produce high-quality installations that adhere to the relevant international standards, contract papers, and other requirements, it is necessary to implement and oversee all facets of the quality management systems and site supervision activities related to the Mechanical Works throughout the project.


  • Together with the MEP contractor, establish quality procedures for site monitoring and assess the project’s submission requirements.
  • Examine each construction document, and report any design or contractual concerns to the RE or SHOM.
  • Check that the construction site has all NOCs, permissions, and design approvals required by law.
  • Make sure the prime contractor and the assigned MEP contractor communicate with the appropriate government agencies and make sure their requirements are appropriately taken into account.
  • Make every attempt to stop the contractor or contractors from claiming expenses or delays.
  • In conjunction with SHOM, create a process control sheet for the mechanical work during the Enabling Works / Main Contract Works.


  • A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering required
  • Between 10 and 12 years of experience

Benefits of Mechanical Engineering Jobs in UAE

  • Compensation: In the United Arab Emirates, mechanical engineers are often compensated with competitive pay and benefits, particularly in the industrial, oil and gas, construction, and infrastructure development sectors. Because skilled engineers are in great demand, salary packages tend to be more alluring.
  • Tax-Free Income: Compared to many other countries that charge income taxes, citizens of the United Arab Emirates can keep a larger percentage of their wages due to the country’s tax-free income policy. This is especially true for mechanical engineers. This can significantly increase the net income that is available for savings or other discretionary spending.
  • Possibilities for Professional Development: Abundant Prospects for Professional Advancement The rapid economic growth of the United Arab Emirates has created several opportunities for career advancement in a variety of areas. Mechanical engineers can work on large-scale projects, gain knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, and take on leadership roles as their careers develop.
  • Various Projects and Industries: The United Arab Emirates is well-known for having a diverse economy that includes thriving industries including aircraft, renewable energy, building, energy, and transportation. The construction of skyscrapers and the promotion of renewable energy programs are only two of the many rewarding and diverse efforts in which mechanical engineers can get involved.
  • Multicultural Work Environment: The UAE’s foreign expatriate community has led to a cosmopolitan and multicultural work environment. Working with people from different cultural backgrounds allows mechanical engineers to improve their cross-cultural teamwork and communication skills.
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Additional Benefits

  • Modern Infrastructure and State-of-the-Art Facilities: The United Arab Emirates provides mechanical engineers with access to state-of-the-art resources, technology, and equipment. Working in such an environment allows engineers to stay at the forefront of their field and create cutting-edge projects.
  • Possibilities for Professional Development: Professional development possibilities abound in the UAE, including training courses, conferences, seminars, and workshops. By obtaining qualifications, expanding their skill sets, and staying up to date with industry developments, mechanical engineers can progress in their professions.
  • High level of Living: The United Arab Emirates has a high level of living due to its top-notch healthcare system, contemporary conveniences, safe and stable environment, and excellent educational possibilities. A wide range of leisure and recreational activities as well as an opulent lifestyle are available to mechanical engineers and their families.
  • International networking: By opting to work in the United Arab Emirates, mechanical engineers will have the opportunity to build relationships with professionals throughout the world. Building contacts in the United Arab Emirates, a hub for global trade, can help with future job opportunities and cross-border partnerships.

Mechanical Engineering Salaries in the UAE

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a mechanical engineer makes, on average, 5,000 AED a month. The normal additional financial compensation for a mechanical engineer in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates region is between AED 1,300 and AED 35,500.

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What is the UAE’s cost of living?

The average monthly cost of living in the United Arab Emirates for an individual is AED 4,000, while the average cost of living for a family of four is AED 14,000 a month. This includes necessities like groceries, rent, transportation, and entertainment expenses.

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