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Remote Nursing Jobs in Maryland 2024 – CircleLink Health ($15.00 hourly)

February 11th, 2024 at 05:03 pm

Remote Nursing Jobs in Maryland 2024 – CircleLink Health ($15.00 hourly)

This is an online service. CircleLink Health is looking for motivated, tech-savvy registered nurses to work remotely with patients enrolled in Medicare’s Chronic Care Management Program. A group of patients will be assigned to an RN Care Coach in this part-time (20–25 hours per week) role each month to monitor and contact.

You will inform, coordinate care, fix gaps in preventative care, and offer self-management techniques and advice to keep patients out of the hospital during these monthly contacts.

Key Responsibilities for Part-Time Remote Nursing Jobs

  • Make monthly phone calls to Medicare patients who have two or more chronic diseases (diabetes, CHF, chronic pain, COPD, etc.) by using our specialist care management software.
  • a relationship with patients and help them achieve better health by teaching them self-management skills and helping them set SMART objectives.
  • Update the patient’s prescriptions, future visits, biometrics, symptoms, and treatments to execute and improve the Plan of Care.
  • As needed, put the patient in touch with neighborhood resources for social services, personal care requirements, prescription and DME help, and transportation.
  • Assist high-risk patients being released from the ER and hospital with transitional care management tasks to avoid unnecessary readmissions.
  • By encouraging and supporting preventive care practices, such as yearly physicals, immunizations, cancer screenings, follow-up/specialist appointments, etc., care gaps can be filled.

Benefits of Part-Time Remote Nursing Jobs in Maryland:

  • Flexibility in terms of location and work hours is a benefit of remote part-time nursing positions. Choosing one’s hours is often an option for nurses, which promotes a better work-life balance.
  • Decreased travel time: Remote nursing saves time and money on transportation by doing away with the necessity for a daily drive to a healthcare institution. Less stress and more free time could arise from this.
  • Geographical Flexibility: Nurses can work remotely from any location in Maryland, which increases their housing possibilities while enabling them to work inside the state.
  • Work-life balance: Part-time, remote nursing jobs help nurses better manage their personal and professional lives. Those who are responsible for taking care of family members or others may find this flexibility very helpful.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Remote nursing positions are available in telehealth, case management, education, and administrative settings in many healthcare settings. Because of this diversity, nurses have a wide range of options at their disposal.
  • Enhancement of Capabilities: Regular usage of telemedicine platforms and technology in remote nursing can assist nurses in gaining important digital skills. These skills enhance professional opportunities and are transferable.
  • Cost Savings: Nurses who work remotely can cut costs on transportation, office supplies, and food. There may be long-term financial savings from this.
  • Status as an independent worker: Remote nurses often have more autonomy over their workdays and responsibilities, which can boost their sense of control and job satisfaction.
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Additional Benefits

  • Access to Telehealth Tools: Electronic health records (EHRs) and telehealth tools are frequently used in remote nursing roles, enabling nurses to deliver safe, effective care from a distance.
  • Continuing Education: Remote nursing roles may offer chances for professional progress and continuing education as long as healthcare organizations invest in preparing nurses for remote care delivery.
  • The importance of networking: Through internet platforms, nurses can connect with coworkers, doctors, and other healthcare professionals even when working remotely, thereby broadening their professional networks.
  • Lower risk of illness: Working remotely can help nurses become less exposed to infectious diseases, which is especially crucial during pandemics and other crises involving public health.

Requirements for Part-Time Remote Nursing Jobs

  • Standard English
  • Self-driven, able to do tasks with little direction, passionate about nursing, and able to improve patient outcomes while fulfilling performance standards
  • Proficiency in technology and a readiness to acquire and utilize novel software.
  • Outstanding phone and communication skills
  • Superior capacity for critical thinking and problem-solving

Education and Experience:

  • Accurate and unimpeded Small-size License
  • Proficiency with web-based applications and electronic health records
  • Three or more years of experience as a registered nurse; experience and education are preferred but not necessary.
  • Proficiency in managing chronic diseases or cases
  • A qualified diabetic educator with a background in behavior modification strategies such as motivational interviewing

Scheduling and Other Requirements

  • A dependable PC with internet access is necessary for RNs.
  • A minimum of 20 to 25 hours per week of availability are needed.
  • You are going to stick to your agenda by using our software.
  • Work needs to be done between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on WEEKDAYS.
  • This job has a 1099 non-expiring contract.
  • Taxes and insurance are the responsibility of care teachers.
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The monthly stipend is $15.00 for each patient’s first clinical visit. When the patient has a successful clinical call and their chart timer has at least 20 minutes remaining, a clinical encounter takes place.

About CircleLink Health

A group of committed physicians, technicians, and business professionals called CircleLink Health are working to solve the $600 billion problem of avoidable chronic and post-acute problems. To help providers expedite the shift from reactive to preventative care—which is currently the norm—we are building a state-of-the-art Care Management platform. Learn more about who we are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a remote area nurse?

In Australia, nurses who work in rural and isolated areas—particularly in Queensland, the Northern Territory, and Western Australia—are referred to as remote area nurses (RANs). In addition to supporting the mining, agricultural, and tourism sectors, remote area nurses also assist with indigenous populations.

What kind of degree is required in Maryland to become a nurse?

A bachelor’s degree in nursing is offered by eight universities and four-year schools in Maryland. These four-year programs lead to either a bachelor of Science (BS) or bachelor of Science (BSN) degree with a nursing concentration.

Who makes the least money as a nurse?

Some of the lowest-paid nursing positions are those of licensed practical nurses (LPN) and licensed vocational nurses (LVN), however, this is because their educational requirements are lower than those of most other nurse specializations.

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