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New Job Recruitment at Absa Bank

New Job Recruitment at Absa Bank

ROLE: Head of Corporate Communications and External Relations

With over 100 years of history and a strong position as a local bank with regional and international expertise, a career with our family gives you the chance to be a part of this exciting growth journey, reset our future, and shape our destiny as a proudly African group.

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Job Summary 

  • Build an in-depth understanding of the external environment (competitors, market trends, industry issues, and relevant stakeholders) through research, talking to people, and networking in order to advise on the right positioning and messaging for Corporate Communication and External Relations at all levels and make sure the business is in sync.
  • Support the MCRD with the implementation of Corporate Communication and external relations strategies and its execution plan, making sure there is a clear alignment and integration with the bank’s overall business, marketing, and communication plans, including customers, partners, the media, colleagues, and all other bank stakeholders.
  • Make sure that Absa is seen as a key sector policy contributor by the right government sectors, regulators, and policymakers when it comes to issues related to the sector or the economy as a whole. This can be done through strong external relations management and expert input.
  • Develop and keep an effective working structure that makes sure that public/private policy issues that matter to the Bank are well coordinated in a decentralized operating environment. This includes making sure that all potential risks and actions to reduce them are reported accurately and on time.
  • Develop and help the MCRD run a thought leadership program for Absa Bank Ghana that focuses on key public sector stakeholders. This program will be led by the MCRD. Find the key areas where Absa Bank can become a thought leader by using internal resources like research and external bodies like local think tanks and relevant international institutions.
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Key Responsibilities

Plan implementation

  • Help the MCRD grow and improve. Lead and manage the implementation of corporate communications and external relations strategies to promote and protect Absa’s brand and reputation in line with the company’s overall business strategy.
  • Lead the implementation of the business strategy-aligned integrated external stakeholder communication strategy.
  • Research and plan ahead for policy issues that have a big impact on the bank, and work with the relevant functions to handle expected actions to reduce the impact.
  • Build relationships with relevant trade and business associations, chambers, bodies, influencers, etc., and work with business units to take advantage of opportunities.
  • As a member of the National/Regional Public Policy and Government Relations management team, you will take part in different meetings and forums for management.
  • Develop a corporate media relations strategy and oversee its implementation to make sure the bank gets the most out of its relationships with the media and gets good coverage and profiling.
  • Create a business strategy plan for thought leadership that includes a clear profiling part and backs it up. Senior management will use the plan to help build the Bank’s brand and raise its profile.
  • Manage the writing and reviewing of Corporate Communication and help Senior Leadership (including the MD) with Op-Eds, articles, and speeches.
  • Take responsibility for and help solve complaints from stakeholders.

Reputation Management

  • Develop and use the right platforms to handle issues and the company’s reputation.
  • Build and keep relationships with senior stakeholders in the local financial sector and other sectors with director-level influence, such as key players in Absa Africa Regional Operations (ARO).
  • Manage public policy issues that are important to the Bank from a strategic point of view.
  • Work with business heads and relevant enabling units to protect Absa’s business interests and reputation.
  • Prepare briefs for senior executives on changes in the sector, local, regional, and global public policy and offer advice, guidance, and support for the management of reputational issues from a corporate relations point of view.
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People Management:

  • Make sure that people inside the company have a good understanding of brand and reputation risk management and the importance of getting in touch with the Marketing and Corporate Relations Department as soon as possible.
  • Manage the Performance Development (PD) Plans of the supporting teams, making sure that their goals are clear and aligned with the MCR Unit’s overall annual goals.
  • Motivate direct team and MCR coworkers and make sure they are recognized by your own leadership and other programs in the bank.
  • Set up a place where team members can work together and feel like they have a voice, and encourage them to take ownership and initiative.
  • Manage the growth and development of your direct team through Performance Management, regular coaching, and giving them opportunities to learn. This will help them grow and develop their skills.

Management of Operational Risk

  • Watch over all the required compliance training that you and your direct reports have to do and make sure it gets done on time.
  • Find and manage suppliers within the framework of Absa’s procurement policy.
  • Help the MCR Director put policies and procedures into place and make sure they are strictly followed. If necessary, suggest ways to improve them.
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Role Specifications

  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Skills for managing your reputation
  • How to work with the media
  • Strategy/idea development and carrying it out
  • Analysis and development of ideas
  • Taking care of projects
  • How to give a talk
  • How to run a business
  • Getting used to and reacting to change
  • Strength and adaptability

Person Specifications: Knowledge, Experience & Expertise

  • Choosing and starting to do something
  • Putting information on display and sharing it
  • entrepreneurial and business-minded
  • Getting to know people and making connections
  • Help things happen
  • Help and train people to be emotionally intelligent
  • Make sure everyone is welcome.
  • Trying to convince and sway someone
  • Inventing and making new things
  • Thinks in a critical and analytical way

How to Apply for this Absa Bank Job Recruitment

Click Here to Apply Online

Closing Date: 15th August, 2023



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