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Jobs In Belgium for International Students 2024 (€12k Annually)

January 10th, 2024 at 01:16 pm

Jobs In Belgium for International Students 2024 (€12k Annually)

Belgium has a large number of job vacancies, and firms are eager to hire overseas students. Although looking for a career can be stressful at any time, it can be particularly difficult and frustrating for overseas students.

Hiring international students is sometimes viewed with hesitation by employers. There are several possible causes for this. On the other hand, the number of foreign students enrolled in Belgium’s computer science programs has increased. Majors in computer science are not the only ones in high demand. A wide range of professions and businesses, including the arts and theology, have demonstrated success. It is always necessary to prepare to obtain employment.

This article will go over the several employment options that are open to foreign students in Belgium, along with information on application processes and typical pay.

Job Description

Belgium is a country in Western Europe that is well-known for its Renaissance buildings and medieval cities. It is also home to the European Union and NATO headquarters. Dutch is spoken in northern Flanders, French in southern Wallonia, and German in the eastern part.

You need to work a part-time job as an international student in Belgium to pay for your education. It will let you study in Belgium with less financial burden. But the money you get from these kinds of employment won’t even come close to covering your tuition, and it won’t help much with other aspects of your education, like entertainment or food expenses.

Your ability to speak the local language, your qualifications, and your previous work experience could all play a big role in the kind of position you secure. On the other hand, working a part-time job speeds up language and cultural adjustment and makes meeting new people easier.

In Belgium, international students are increasingly interested in pursuing higher education. Because they want to pursue an international education and a stable professional path, many Indian students select colleges in Belgium. In Belgian colleges and universities, Dutch, French, and German are the most common languages of instruction.

Types of Jobs in Belgium for International Students

These are the kinds of positions that are open to foreign students in Belgium:

1. Food Runner

Customers of restaurants or cafes receive finished orders from a food runner. To make sure they are available to convey orders, deliver food and beverages to customers’ tables, and answer questions from customers, food runners connect with the kitchen staff. For overseas students living on or close to campus, eateries at many colleges and universities are great places to work.

2. Coffee Maker

Coffee and espresso drinks are among the specialty drinks that a barista prepares and serves. Taking and processing orders from customers, making coffee drinks with different components, and making sure that all kitchenware and prep areas are spotless and well-organized are just a few of their responsibilities. Cafe baristas occasionally can make small foods like sandwiches and pastries.

3. Teaching Assistant

A teaching assistant helps professors and teachers with in-class instruction during the academic year. In addition to grading papers, homework, and tests for instructors, they are in charge of keeping an eye on students during activities when the professor is not there and providing assistance to students upon request. More experienced teaching students may also teach classes on their own, at the request of their supervising professor.

4. Receptionist

A receptionist oversees a building’s front desk and does administrative duties for the business, institution, or group they are employed. A receptionist’s responsibilities could range from taking calls and transferring them to the right departments to welcoming clients and guests as they enter the building, filling out paperwork as needed, locating organizational records, and distributing messages.

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5. Library Assistant

Under the general supervision of a librarian, a library assistant helps to maintain the order and functionality of the library. When a student needs help with research, library assistants can suggest books or other resources, help them find the exact book they’re looking for, and point them in the direction of the right portions of the library. A library assistant can help the librarians they work with by managing administrative duties and organizing events like lectures and live readings.

6. Sales Associate

A sales associate helps consumers who want to buy products from a store. Sales associates can help customers find the exact product they’re looking for by pointing them in the right aisle, offering product recommendations, and handling transactions like returns and purchases. Questions concerning the goods and services offered by a business can also be answered by a salesperson.

7. Tutor

Students who might need extra help in a particular class or with finishing assignments are seen by a tutor. Tutors may be assigned a range of tasks, such as discussing academic objectives with students, helping them with assignments, and teaching them new techniques for focusing in class and studying. A lot of tutors, particularly those who meet frequently, might also design lessons for their students to complete.

8. Student Ambassador

A student ambassador disseminates information about their school to potential or new students as well as their families. In addition to helping with the application process and answering inquiries about their experiences, student ambassadors may visit nearby high schools to talk with kids about their colleges. In addition, a lot of student ambassadors provide parent talks and lead tours of their campuses to promote their institutions on campus.

9. Research Assistant

A research assistant participates in a range of academic disciplines to help instructors finish their research assignments. Using university resources to research a particular subject, obtaining materials for their supervising professor to use in their studies, and maintaining the equipment—such as technological gadgets and laboratory tools—that a professor uses while conducting research are some examples of their responsibilities. By examining and combining their findings, research assistants can also help academics get their work ready for publication.

10. Department Assistant

Within a college or university, a department assistant does administrative tasks for a particular academic department. In addition to scheduling appointments between students and their professors or advisors, department assistants often handle the front desk operations of department buildings and help plan departmental events like special lunches and guest lectures. A department assistant can also answer questions from potential students about their departments and the courses they teach.

Requirements for Jobs in Belgium for International Students

To study in Belgium, overseas students who are not from Europe must apply for a visa. To apply for a visa, you must go to the Belgian embassy in your country of residence; however, you must be sure that you will be admitted before doing so, as you will need to provide your acceptance letter from the institution as identification.

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Besides that, an international student also needs a student residency permit to study in Belgium. However, you will require a long-term visa as a student. It is advised that you start the application procedure 70 days before your trip, as the visa application process might take up to 60 days. Three weeks before your departure, however, can be plenty of time to obtain your visa if you need one for a brief visit.

Salary of Jobs in Belgium for International Students

A student’s annual gross income is limited to €12,657.14.

Benefits of Jobs in Belgium for International Students

  • Financial Assistance: Working part-time while pursuing a degree can provide international students with additional income to cover living expenses, housing costs, and other costs associated with their study abroad.
  • Get Work Experience: Working in Belgium gives international students the chance to obtain real-world experience in a European setting. Their résumé would be strengthened and they might have a competitive advantage in the worldwide job market thanks to this experience.
  • Language Proficiency: German, French, and Dutch are only a few of the official languages spoken in Belgium. Through employment in Belgium, international students can further their language skills, which can be beneficial for future professional chances.
  • Networking Opportunities: Working in their respective fields gives international students the chance to build relationships and professional networks within their sectors. Networking can lead to prospective job possibilities and career advancement.
  • Cultural Assimilation: Through their job in Belgium, international students are exposed to the native work culture, customs, and professional decorum. The process of assimilating into a new culture can have a good effect on one’s personal growth and capacity to function in diverse work environments.
  • Career Development: International students may be able to find internships and entry-level jobs related to their field of study. They will be able to progress in their careers and apply their academic understanding to real-world settings by receiving this hands-on experience.

Additional Benefits

  • Diversity of Industries: Belgium is home to a large number of industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and a host of others. International students may find career opportunities in fields that align with their academic interests and career goals.
  • Student Work Visas: Belgium has its own set of regulations for student work permits, allowing international students to work full-time during designated summer break times and part-time during the school year. This flexibility could be useful in striking a healthy balance between work and school commitments.
  • International Exposure: Belgium’s central location in Europe provides international students with the opportunity to interact meaningfully with people from a variety of backgrounds, both culturally and geographically. Exposure to a variety of cultures has the power to broaden and enrich people’s perspectives.
  • Post-Graduation Opportunities: Employment Prospects After Study Completion: Belgium regularly allows foreign students to extend their stay and look for work. It could be simpler to go from student status to a work permit with several alternative visa options.
  • Social Integration: Working in Belgium allows international students to build relationships with locals, make friends, and get more involved in the community. This helps improve their social integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an international student, Can I work in Belgium?

All foreign students studying in Belgium, including those from outside the European Economic Area, can work during their studies. The sole prerequisites are having a current residency permit and being enrolled in a Wallonia-Brussels Federation postsecondary educational institution.


What is the salary potential for foreign students in Belgium?

In Belgium, there is a maximum amount that a student can make, much like the 475-hour work restriction applies. Up to 14,242.86 euros can be earned without paying taxes each year; any amount over this will result in an increase in your social contribution and the need to file a tax return just like you would for a normal employee.

Is it simple to find employment in Belgium?

Being able to communicate well in at least one of the official languages of Belgium will help you land a job, as the country’s labor market is very competitive.

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