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Job Opening at Louis Dreyfus Company

Job Opening at Louis Dreyfus Company

POSITION: Administrative Assistant


Louis Dreyfus Company is the world’s largest trader and processor of farm goods. It uses its global reach and a large network of assets to serve customers all over the world in a safe, responsible, and reliable way. Today, we help feed and clothe about 500 million people by growing, processing, and shipping about 81 million tons of goods every year.

Summary of Position

The Administrative Assistant will help the Managing Director and other team members with their work in a professional way. The job also aims to help run the Ghana Office on a day-to-day basis.

Main Responsibilities

In addition to the tasks mentioned below, the employee should do anything else related to the job that the boss tells her or him to do.

Office Support

  • Helps with secretarial tasks to make sure the office runs smoothly.
  • Take care of office communications and be the go-to person for complicated business questions, making sure that priorities and urgent issues are identified and dealt with, and that all stakeholders get consistent and high-quality services.
  • Uses all forms of contact to talk to both internal and external stakeholders in a polite and professional way.
  • Helping with general office operations as needed, such as managing the front desk, photocopying, printing, collating, and entering data, dealing with confidential waste and recycling, writing emails, letters, and spreadsheets, and setting up meetings.
  • Makes trip plans for staff, such as booking flights, cars, hotels, or restaurants, with the help of HR.
  • Manage the renewal of immigration and other travel permits, such as business contractual papers, under the direction of HR.
  • Make sure that stationery and other general office items are kept in good shape and are restocked when needed.
  • Make sure the office is clean and that all planned maintenance is done on time and correctly.
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Business Support

  • Help the Managing Director in every way possible and keep everything completely private.
  • Manage and review digital content, complex correspondence, and paperwork to make sure that the Managing Director’s deadlines are met and that the right things get done in the right order.
  • Help the MD by keeping track of his schedule, setting up talks, and taking notes during them.
  • Review documents and materials made by the team for quality assurance reasons when needed, and help the team with secretarial and administrative tasks like answering questions, word processing, keeping records, and writing letters.
  • Coordinate and oversee the maintenance of records to make sure information is well organized and easy for staff and other parties to find.
  • Head of West Africa, Human Resources, and all other offices are internal stakeholders.
  • Visitors, suppliers, third-party groups, etc. are all examples of external stakeholders.
  • Ability to speak and write fluent business English. Being able to speak and write French would be a plus.
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Required number of years of experience: At least one to four years of experience in a similar job.


  • Experience managing a general office;
  • Experience working as a personal assistant;
  • Good communication and people skills;
  • Ability to handle private information;
  • Good record-keeping skills;
  • Computer literate (MS Office tools);

How to Apply for this Job Opening at Louis Dreyfus Company

Click Here To Apply Online

Closing Date: 30th April 2023

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