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Abt Associates Latest Job Recruitment

Abt Associates Latest Job Recruitment

ROLE: Finance and Administration Assistant

Company Profile

The International Development Division aims to improve people’s lives and economic well-being in low- and middle-income nations. We have scientific experience in health, agriculture, climate change, food security, and governance, in addition to international evaluation. Policy, health promotion and disease prevention, health financing, and health systems management are all part of our multifaceted health portfolio. Our high-quality initiatives in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East are known for their impact and innovation, thanks to our collaboration with government clients and local specialists.

We at Abt Associates are dedicated to fostering a culture of equality, diversity, and inclusion, and we know that in order to attain full participation, our methods must be devoid of prejudice, discrimination, and bias, which result in inequitable outcomes. We are actively trying to advance equity for all, and while we still have a long way to go, we realize that racial and cultural diversity is beneficial to our company and the communities in which we live and serve. Our continued commitment is centered on developing business practices that promote racial and social equity, investing in community impact programs that assist Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), and expanding on racial equity and social justice project work.

Position Description

Feed the Future Resilience in Northern Ghana Systems Strengthening will increase the nutrition and resilience of vulnerable populations in northern Ghana, particularly reproductive-aged women and children under the age of five. The action will seek to accomplish three major goals: 1) Local governments plan, finance, and deliver services that meet the needs of the population; 2) Local governments, non-governmental organizations, and private entities collaborate to achieve measurable improvements in nutrition and resilience; and 3) Citizens influence local service delivery to meet their needs.

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Over the next five years, Feed the Future Resilience in Northern Ghana Systems Strengthening will improve the health, agriculture, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), and education sectors to help vulnerable populations get better nutrition and become more resilient. This will be done by improving local governance systems, making the best use of resources to make social services more accessible, and sharing resources. The activity involves a grant program to accelerate investment, develop multisectoral nutrition and resilience programming, and engage communities in northern Ghana to demand better services and participate in local planning processes.

Job Description

Northern Ghana’s tenacity System Strengthening action aims to strengthen service delivery systems in northern Ghana in order to achieve quantifiable gains in the nutrition and resilience of vulnerable populations, particularly women of reproductive age and children under the age of five. To deliver on the F&A department’s objectives, the Finance and Administration Officer will report to the Finance and Administrative Director (F&A Director). Accounting duties such as bank reconciliations, general ledger entries, liquidating staff expense reports, and other general accounting functions will fall under the purview of the Finance and Administrative Officer. He/she will also ensure that donor and Abt Associate financial rules and procedures, regulations, controls, and reporting systems are followed in the field.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Accountants must do financial, and bank reconciliations, general ledger entries, and other general accounting responsibilities.
  • Assist the F&A Director in the implementation and maintenance of in-country policies, processes, templates/forms, and record-keeping systems that meet Abt Associates, donor, and Ghanaian government standards and criteria.
  • Assist the F&A Director in establishing robust internal controls and ensuring that they are followed throughout the project.
  • Assist the F&A Director in the generation, recording, execution, and reconciliation of payments at all stages, including purchase order preparation, check and wire request generation, data input into financial management software (QuickBooks, Excel, etc.), and bank statement reconciliation.
  • Assist in reviewing all expense supporting documents for accuracy, relevance, and validity in accordance with Abt Associate policy, and ensuring that expenses are reasonable, allocable, and required before payment is processed.
  • Support procurement functions within the operational area.
  • Assist in the preparation of monthly payroll for employees, including the calculation of all salaries and income tax liabilities, as well as the recording of all applicable accruals, including fringe, bonuses, and so on, in accordance with signed employee agreements.
  • Assist with the regular reconciliation of all bank accounts and petty cash, and report any anomalies to the F&A Director.
  • Monthly reconcile debt and asset accounts, and verify the advance aging account is reduced or cleared.
  • All project financial and accounting records and files must be organized and maintained in compliance with Abt Associate policy, general audit standards (GAAP), and donor regulations.
  • ROV (Remote Office Voucher): Assist the F&A Director with entering the monthly ROV into QuickBooks.
  • Assist the finance staff in reviewing and processing grantee invoices based on milestone deliverables.
  • Assist in the monitoring of grantee performance to ensure compliance with grant conditions and duties.
  • Collaborate with the Grants team to guarantee the timely submission of financial and activity reports, as well as other deliverables.
  • Assist the grants and finance teams in tracking grantee spending against the total committed award for activity implementation.
  • Assists with project inventory updating and tracking.
  • Help with manually tracking staff timecards and reconciling their time balances on a monthly basis.
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Other responsibilities may be allocated.

  • Assist the procurement and logistics managers with logistical planning.
  • Assists the Director of Finance and Administration in updating the project inventory list.
  • Assist the Procurement and Logistics Manager with some procurement responsibilities.

Required Qualifications or Experience

  • Preferred Qualifications: A high school diploma plus four years of applicable experience, or an associate’s degree plus two years of relevant experience.
  • Financial management and reporting standards demand knowledge and experience.
  • Accounting systems/packages must be known and used.
  • Understanding and knowledge of tax rules and compliance.
  • Experience in decision-making, as well as the ability to employ sound judgment and professionalism.
  • Analytical abilities that are second to none
  • Excellent Microsoft Excel abilities and accounting software knowledge (QuickBooks is recommended) are required.
  • Precision and attention to detail.
  • Excellent written and oral communication abilities.
  • Interaction skills with overseas personnel.
  • Excellent knowledge of internal controls and accounting standards
  • Prior knowledge of international donor legislation is preferred.
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How to Apply for this Abt Associates Job Recruitment

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Closing Date: 15th November, 2023



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