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University Of Tasmania Australian Government RTP International Student Scholarships

University Of Tasmania Australian Government RTP International Student Scholarships

Scholarships for international students are available through the Australian Government’s Research Training Program (RTP) at the University of Tasmania, where they can study for a master’s degree or a doctorate.

Description of the scholarship:

A prestigious scholarship program, the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship, is financed by the Australian Government to assist domestic and foreign students seeking Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) at approved Australian higher education institutions.

The scholarship offers financial assistance by paying for tuition, living expenses, and research expenditures, allowing students to concentrate on their academic and research endeavors.

It provides adaptable funding options and awards grants based on academic achievement and research potential, promoting cooperation among higher education institutions, businesses, and other research end users.

The grant can be used for up to two years for Master by Research applicants and up to three years and six months for doctoral candidates. Following their studies are over, recipients are under no obligation to post a bond and are expected to continue making adequate academic progress.

The RTP Scholarship offers gifted individuals a priceless chance to succeed in their research activities and improve their knowledge in numerous sectors.

The following are the major objectives of the Research Training Program (RTP):

  • To offer flexible financing options to assist the education of both domestic and international applicants seeking Higher Degrees by Research at Australian Higher Education Providers.
  • To give graduates the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in the academic and other fields of the workforce.
  • To promote cooperation among institutions of higher learning, business, and other research end users.
  • To provide assistance to international students pursuing higher degrees through research at Australian higher education institutions.

The RTP is the Commonwealth Government’s main initiative for assisting promising researchers in all academic sectors. The Commonwealth Department of Education and the University of Tasmania collaborate to run the program.

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Award recipients are entitled to everything stated in the award, according to the university. The University offers the RTP Stipend to the chosen students to help with living expenses while they pursue their Higher Degrees through Research.

Additionally, an RTP Allowance is offered to help with moving costs so that the research program can be carried out in Tasmania. Note that international candidates will be responsible for the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) as decided by the University if they become Australian citizens or permanent residents while they are candidates.

Available Topics

Under this scholarship program, you can study any subject.

Benefits of the scholarship

Rate of RTP Stipend:

A non-taxable stipend of AUD$ 31,500 per year (2023 rate, subject to annual indexation) will be given to full-time candidates. The stipend rate for succeeding years will be calculated using the same formula as in the year before, as described in Parts 5 and 6 of the Higher Education Support Act of 2003.

RTP Stipend Support Term:

With the exception of cases when the RTP Scholarship is given after the start of the candidature, the period of assistance starts on the day of enrolment in the Higher Degree by Research. The award is valid for 2 years for master’s candidates and 3 years and 6 months for doctoral candidates. Extensions are not allowed.

For authorized paid leave as described in section 14 and approved by the University, a candidate’s support period will be extended proportionately. However, any periods of study toward the degree completed prior to the start of the RTP Stipend would diminish the support period of the stipend. There are no provisions in place to extend the RTP Stipend.

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Relocation Allowance under RTP Allowances:

Following receipt of the award, recipients are able to apply for a one-time relocation grant of up to AUD$ 2,000 to help with moving expenses to Hobart, Launceston, or the Cradle Coast from within Australia or from abroad.

The stipend covers the least expensive round-trip economy flight to Hobart, Launceston, or Burnie for the award recipient, their spouse/partner, and any dependent children. If the recipient of the award chooses to drive themselves, they will be given a per-kilometer amount set by the university. Submission of claims for the relocation allowance is required:

  • Following the conclusion of the trip and enrollment of the award holder.
  • Within six months of the start date of the award.
  • Making use of the Service Portal’s HDR Relocation Claim form and electronic copies of receipts.

Please be aware that relocation claims do not cover expenses for lodging, rental deposits, or meals.

Nationalities that qualify:

  • All nationalities of international students are eligible for this grant.

Eligibility Requirements

RTP Stipend and RTP Allowance Eligibility:

  • You must be enrolled in a university-accredited higher degree by research.
  • The candidate may be domestic or foreign.

Candidates for the RTP Stipend:

Should not obtain money to cover general living expenses during the Higher Degree by Research that is greater than 75% of the candidate’s RTP Stipend rate.
Income unrelated to the study program or not needed for basic living expenses won’t be taken into account.

Reimbursement of RTP Fees:

  • Should not receive a Commonwealth Government prize or scholarship for research-based higher education.
  • If no domestic applicants get an equivalent award or scholarship in 2023, they will all receive an RTP Fees Offset.

Beginning and Postponement of RTP Scholarship:

  • Awardees are required to accept and start working by the dates specified in their offer letter.
  • Delaying commencement requires a formal application, reason, revised enrollment date, and supervisor approval from the Dean of Graduate Research.
  • Extensions past December 1, 2023, will not be permitted.
  • If you don’t enroll and start without permission to delay, the offer will be withdrawn.
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Support Period for RTP Scholarship:

  • Pending adequate academic advancement.
  • Ends when the award expires or the thesis is submitted for review, whichever occurs first.

Application Process:

Application forms should be filled out by applicants and their supervisory team. If you want your application to be reviewed for a scholarship, please specify it on the form.

Future applicants should read the scholarship details above before visiting the Apply Now page for more information. Scholarship applications will be evaluated and ranked in a competitive manner.




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