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Latest Employment Opportunity at Deloitte

Latest Employment Opportunity at Deloitte

ROLE: Internal Auditor- External 

Key Responsibilities

Policy and Strategy Development

  • As part of the overall corporate strategy, provide technical advice in the formulation of an Audit and assurance strategy/business plan.
  • In leading the Audit & Assurance Department, lead the establishment of Policies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Work Plans, Control Standards, and other support systems, including monitoring techniques.
  • Create and maintain anti-fraud programs and practices that support the firm’s objectives.
  • Evaluate and report on the soundness and applicability of the Firm’s control system.

Audit Planning and Evaluation

  • Responsible for developing the Firm’s Internal Audit Charter in accordance with acceptable risk-based techniques and international standards.
  • Prepare a strategic and yearly audit work plan of his/her actions in a fiscal year in cooperation with the Principal Spending Officer and in compliance with rules provided by the Internal Audit Agency.
  • Submit, within thirty days of the start of the fiscal year, (a) the annual audit work plan to the Firm’s Principal Spending Officer (Chief Executive Officer) and the Audit Committee formed under Section 86 of the PFM Act, 2016 (Act 921); and (b) the annual audit work plan to the Audit Committee established under Section 86 of the PFM Act, 2016 (Act 921).
  • Provide the Internal Audit Agency with a copy of the yearly audit work plan.
  • Submit quarterly reports to the Firm’s Principal Spending Officer (CEO), the Audit Committee, the Auditor-General, and the Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency on the implementation of the yearly audit work plan.
  • Submit an annual performance report on internal audit to the Audit Committee and the Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency.
  • Create audit and assurance procedures as well as work plans for execution.
  • Advice Management and/or the Board on the Audit and Assurance function’s logistical/resourcing needs, including any potential outsourcing arrangements.
  • Lead and direct audits to assess/evaluate the adequacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of established internal controls and processes.
  • Collaborate with the Risk Division to identify important operational/financial risk areas within the Firm and provide appropriate controls to mitigate the risks.
  • Examine the financial information and other disclosures supplied to Management for correctness, timeliness, and relevance.
  • Provide an opinion to Senior Management and/or the Audit Sub-Committee on the adequacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of the Firm’s internal controls.
  • On a quarterly basis, evaluate the efficacy of the disclosure controls and processes.
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Audit Examinations

  • At the request of Management and/or the Audit Sub-Committee, lead specific examinations of the Firm’s activities.
  • Conduct internal investigations into potential fraudulent activity and submit results to Management and/or the Audit Sub-Committee.
  • Ad hoc investigations and evaluations as directed by Management and/or the Audit Sub-Committee.
  • To achieve targeted objectives, provide leadership and direction in monitoring the Firm’s policies, corporate governance, financial/cost management, and budgetary control measures.
  • Review and investigate all complaints received via the Anonymous Reporting Programme (i.e. whistleblower program) and make suitable recommendations to Management/Audit Sub-Committee.
  • To identify any non-conformances of operational processes in a timely/efficient manner, conduct root-cause analysis, corrective/preventive actions, and final dispositions.

IT Auditing

  • Oversee the functioning of existing IT systems and undertake information systems audits on essential organizational and application software controls.
  • Examine IT applications, hardware and software licenses, and Service Level Agreements for compliance with regulatory requirements and IT/audit governance processes.
  • Examine the firm’s disaster recovery plans and backup systems, as well as the level of adherence to authorized policies and procedures.
  • Examine software purchase and implementation methods, as well as in-house software development methodologies, for compliance with established standards.

Evaluation and monitoring

  • Responsible for overseeing the execution of the yearly Audit Plan, as well as any special mandates or initiatives requested by Management and/or the Audit Sub-Committee.
  • Evaluate the efficacy of the Firm’s risk management and governance processes and contribute to their improvement.
  • Follow up on outstanding Management action plans to ensure that serious risks and major shortcomings are appropriately handled within the timeframe agreed upon.
  • Assess the organization’s compliance with laws, policies, standards, processes, and procedures.
  • Ensure that all auditing reporting systems adhere to the Firm’s auditing standards and regulatory obligations.
  • Monitor to verify that Management/Board measures indicated in audit findings are implemented on schedule.
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Management of Stakeholder Relations

  • Coordination of actions with external auditors to maximize audit coverage, save costs, and eliminate duplication of work.
  • Liaison with the Risk Division and give technical assistance in the development of an internal control culture, including staff training.
  • Responsible for the formulation and monitoring of the Audit & Assurance Department’s yearly operating budget.
  • Examine and authorize claims and bills for payment to Service Providers, Consultants, and so forth.

Reporting and Information

  • Keep up to date on legislation, rules/regulations, best practices, and new innovations in Audit & Assurance to help the Firm’s operations.
  • Keep up to date on trends and advances in internal audit and corporate governance processes, and provide advice to Management and/or the Board.
  • Responsible for preparing audit reports in accordance with the authorized audit plan and other statutory reports, as well as making relevant recommendations and taking corrective action in the case of planned and/or special audits.
  • Internal Audit tasks, including planned reviews, investigations, and any other ad hoc activities as needed, must be reported to the Audit Sub-Committee at regular intervals.
  • Discuss audit findings and suggestions with Senior Management, and report major issues to the Audit Committee for corrective action.

Employee Development & Performance

  • Maintain a professional audit staff with the necessary knowledge, abilities, experience, and professional certification to meet the Firm’s requirements.
  • Hold direct reports accountable for handling their tasks in order to fulfill the department’s goals.
  • Conduct performance evaluations, provide feedback for career growth, and recommend performance incentives for lower-level employees.
  • Determine training requirements and enable training for lower staff.

Required Qualifications


  • first degree.
  • A master’s degree in finance, accounting, or business administration, or an equivalent professional qualification in a related field, is required.
  • Member of a reputable professional organization. CIA, ICA, ACCA, CIMA, and CPA.


  • Twelve (12) years of relevant work experience, including at least five (5) years in a senior management role.

Knowledge and abilities

  • Excellent understanding of audit and accounting processes and tools.
  • In-depth understanding of Auditing and Accounting Standards, as well as relevant regulations.
  • Strong financial report preparation, analysis, and interpretation skills.
  • Expertise in internal audit, risk management, and control tasks is required.
  • Excellent grasp and knowledge of risk-based auditing and methods.
  • Experience in public accounting or internal auditing is required.
  • Leadership in audit and assurance or operational risk management is required.
  • Act 921 of 2016 on Public Financial Management
  • Excellent knowledge/understanding of firm management
  • Handling/dealing with confidential information/data requires complete discretion.
  • Proven ability to plan and organize
  • Outstanding strategic planning abilities.
  • Excellent comprehension and grasp of work and auditing schedules.
  • Strong negotiation and conflict resolution abilities
  • Outstanding communication, presentation, and report writing abilities
  • Ability to build and maintain excellent professional connections with internal and external stakeholders, as well as work successfully with all employee types.
  • Excellent project management and administration skills.
  • The ability to fulfill deadlines and carry out projects
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Intel is required.
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How to Apply for this Employment Opportunity at Deloitte

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Closing Date: 15th November, 2023



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