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Free the Slaves Invites Job Applications

Free the Slaves Invites Job Applications

POSITION: Country Manager

Company Details

Free the Slaves, which was founded 20 years ago, is the foremost anti-modern slavery organization dedicated to altering the conditions that allow modern slavery to exist. FTS works at the community level to construct resilient and resistant communities against modern slavery while also leading worldwide advocacy.

Currently, Free the Slaves operates in countries such as South and Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Free the Slaves operates the Freedom from Slavery Forum and is a member of Alliance 8.7’s Global Coordinating Group (GCG), which is one of three groups representing civil society.

Position Description

Free the Slaves is looking for a passionate and experienced Ghana Country Manager to spearhead our efforts to prevent human trafficking in Ghana. The ideal candidate will have a thorough awareness of the local environment, good leadership abilities, and track experience in administering anti-human trafficking projects. This position necessitates a commitment to collaborating with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders in order to have a major effect in the fight against human trafficking. The West Africa Regional Director reports to the Ghana Country Manager.


The Ghana Country Manager will do the following:

  • Develop and implement the organization’s strategy for combating human trafficking, forced labor, modern slavery, and child trafficking in Ghana, including identifying and selecting affected countries and collaborating with effective organizations working to build local, national, and regional resistance to modern slavery.
  • Give the team visionary leadership and guarantee alignment with the overarching organizational goals.
  • In Ghana, you will be in charge of the planning, implementation, and assessment of anti-human trafficking activities.
  • Monitor program activities to verify they are on track and producing the desired results.
  • Develop and maintain solid ties with government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), law enforcement, and other critical stakeholders.
  • Represent the group in national and international anti-human trafficking forums.
  • Provide leadership and assistance for the Ghana team’s professional development.
  • Conduct anti-human trafficking best practices training sessions and workshops for staff and partners.
  • Oversee the creation and execution of monitoring and evaluation processes for Ghanaian initiatives.
  • Create and support networks and coalitions throughout the country, such as the survivors network and the NGOs coalition.
  • Make fundraising pitches. Participate in fund-raising activities. This includes attending external stakeholder meetings, keeping track of in-country and regional funding alerts, and coordinating proposal drafting with staff and the development team.
  • Keep an eye out for and take advantage of financing opportunities.
  • Assistance in reviewing program reports and in-country financial reports
  • Prepare and send frequent reports to the headquarters of the organization and relevant contributors.
  • Nationally, advocate for anti-human trafficking laws and legislation.
  • Lead community and key stakeholder education initiatives on human trafficking problems.
  • Follow the West Africa Regional Director’s instructions and attend meetings.
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Important Relationships

The Ghana Country Manager will do the following:

  • Supervise the Ghana team and report to the West Africa Regional Director.
  • Collaborate with the Ghana team to ensure the Ghana office runs smoothly.
  • Develop and maintain critical relationships with in-country partners and stakeholders, including government agencies and civil society.
  • Collaborate with other FTS personnel and stakeholders.

Required Qualifications or Experience

  • A master’s degree or higher in Business Administration (MBA), Social Sciences, project management, law, international development, or a related discipline is required.
  • At least 5 years of progressive experience directing anti-human trafficking programs in Ghana or a comparable setting
  • Strong understanding of the local legal and social structures governing human trafficking.
  • Leadership and team management abilities that have been demonstrated
  • Outstanding writing, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • A strong personal connection and/or evidence of devotion to the organization’s mission.
  • Capability to effectively collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, including government officials and civil society organizations
  • Excellent attention to detail and precise analysis
  • Ability to communicate clearly and consistently, both orally and in writing, with a wide range of technical and nontechnical audiences, including staff, stakeholders, funders, and board members.
  • Outstanding communication, presentation, and interpersonal abilities.
  • Working knowledge and awareness of the human rights universe and the anti-modern slavery struggle.
  • Leadership and teamwork experience in an innovative setting.
  • Capability to work as part of a team
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities.
  • Strong time management and organizational abilities are required to manage workload and related obligations independently.
  • Experience and skills in proposal writing, budget creation and management, financial and narrative report writing, etc.
  • Strong time management and organizational abilities are required to manage workload and related obligations independently.
  • Financial management and reporting experience is required.
  • Experience managing and working with a diverse range of in-country and regional partners and stakeholders is required.
  • Experience with emerging technology, such as social networking, is required.
  • Ability to multitask, operate under pressure, and complete projects on time and on budget
  • The ability to travel globally when necessary.
    location geographically
  • The location of this position is Ghana. The chosen individual will operate out of the Ghana office in Accra.
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Qualifications Preferred

  • Previous experience working in a similar capacity for an international non-governmental organization
  • The ability to communicate in French and/or Spanish is advantageous.

How to Apply for this Free the Slaves Job

Applicants should include a customized cover letter outlining their interest and experience, as well as a résumé and a list of three references from previous supervisors. PLEASE SEND THESE TO CAREERS@FREETHESLAVES.NET AS A SINGLE (1) WORD OR PDF DOCUMENT.
Please include your first and last name, as well as your job, in the subject line of your email.

Closing Date: 26th December, 2023


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