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Farm Jobs in UK with No Experience Required 2024 (£12 per hour)

January 17th, 2024 at 01:13 pm

Farm Jobs in UK with No Experience Required 2024 (£12 per hour)

Looking for agricultural jobs in the UK without experience? You’ve come to the right site, as you’ll be the first to know about all the latest listings covering such positions. For those with a strong desire to work in farming who are unsure of their qualifications, finding a farm job in the UK that does not require any prior experience can be extremely beneficial.

Position Description

Since all benefits and earnings are equal, applying for and getting a farm job without experience does not lessen a candidate’s qualifications for a farm post in the UK. In the UK, there are so many different kinds of agricultural jobs available that experience is not necessary—all you need is the right mindset and work ethic.

For those without prior experience, the following agricultural jobs are possible in the UK:

1. Aviagen General Farm Worker

To help with agricultural tasks, Aviagen is seeking general farmworkers to join them at their chicken farm in Vogrie. The chosen candidate will be expected to handle eggs, feed animals, inspect irrigation systems, weigh birds, keep an eye on the welfare and behavior of birds, adhere to biosecurity regulations, and do routine farm maintenance.

Submit an Application to Email:

2. Hooks, P.D.

Over the years, P.D. Hooks has grown to be the biggest independent hatchery company in the UK and a major force in the chicken market there. At their poultry, they are hiring for a variety of positions, which are all highlighted below. None of the positions listed below require much to no experience, and they include;

Lincolnshire – Farm Worker (Apprentice)

You have an amazing opportunity to start your career in the poultry sector with P.D. Hooks. As a Poultry Production Farm Worker Apprentice, you will learn about the daily operations of a modern poultry facility. You won’t need any prior experience for this great agricultural job because you’ll be hired, given training, and eligible for all benefits.

  • The pay is competitive.
  • Great opportunities for personal and professional growth inside the organization.
  • You will receive coaching and training to help you develop professionally during your job.
  • Also, generous leave of absence.
  • On-site parking is provided.
  • There’s a two-day trial available.
  • In addition, uniforms are provided.
  • Aside from that, a pension from the business.
  • Program for Employee Referrals

Oxfordshire Farm Worker (Part-Time)

At Britwell Hill Breeder Farm in Watlington, Oxfordshire, P.D. Hooks provides an excellent opportunity for motivated farmworkers to work with their birds on a part-time basis. Although it would be helpful, knowledge of poultry would not be necessary because thorough training would be provided. As a result, you will receive mentorship and training during your job to help you advance and develop your career.

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If you’re interested, click the application link below to apply for a position in your desired area from among the over 15 occupations in the P.D. Hook that don’t require any experience.


3. Bruce Farms

From May to October, throughout the pre-season and harvest season, Bruce Farms is hiring laborers for its bustling soft fruit farm. Positions in Packing Hall and strawberry and raspberry picking are open to committed individuals who possess a strong work ethic and the capacity to meet deadlines and high standards.

Picking work is a great method to make a lot of money because it is paid and calculated on a “piecework” basis


4. Hugh Farms Ltd. Fruit Picker

Hugh Farms Ltd. is a large soft fruit grower looking for dedicated people to join our highly driven team and carry on delivering excellent products to customers. They are hiring someone to work with an outside group that handles getting the crops ready for picking. It should be taken into consideration that this employment requires workers to be on their feet for the majority of the day. The hours are 07:30 to 16:00, Monday through Saturday.


Benefits of Farm Jobs in the UK

  • Entry-Level Opportunities: Farm occupations that don’t require any prior experience are frequently considered entry-level positions, making them available to people who are new to the agricultural sector.
  • Training and Skill Development: For those without any prior experience, many farms are eager to offer on-the-job training. As a result, employees can learn vital agricultural skills including crop harvesting, taking care of livestock, and farm upkeep.
  • Variety of duties: Entry-level employees may be exposed to a range of duties due to the diversity of farm work. This can provide a well-rounded experience by involving planting, harvesting, caring for animals, operating machinery, and other tasks.
  • Physical Activity: Farm employment usually requires physical labor, which gives people the chance to regularly work out and participate in outdoor activities. Both general health and physical well-being may benefit from this.
  • Flexible Work Schedule: Some agricultural jobs may allow for flexible work schedules, depending on the particular farm and the nature of the labor. For those looking for seasonal or part-time work, this may be helpful.
  • Connection to Nature: Experiencing the change of the seasons and fostering a connection with nature are two benefits of working on a farm. Outdoor enthusiasts may find personal fulfillment in this connection.
  • Community Involvement: A lot of farms play a significant role in their surrounding areas. It may be possible for farm laborers to interact with and support the neighborhood, which will promote a feeling of community.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: Whether it’s tending to the animals or planting crops, finishing duties on a farm may bring one a real sense of achievement. When employees witness the tangible fruits of their labor, it can be gratifying.
  • Knowledge of Agricultural Practices: People with no prior experience can learn about agricultural practices directly from the source, such as crop rotations, sustainable farming techniques, and animal husbandry.
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Additional Benefits

  • Opportunities for Seasonal Employment: Certain farm employment is contingent upon particular agricultural cycles. This enables people to experience farm labor during peak seasons without having to commit to a full-time job.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Working on a farm frequently calls for teamwork with other individuals. People get the ability to collaborate with others, which enhances the work atmosphere.
  • Possibility of Career Advancement: Although beginning in entry-level roles, people who show commitment and pick things up fast may be able to progress their careers in the agriculture industry.
  • Contribution to Food Production: Farm employment directly affects the process of producing food. Employees support the agriculture sector and the food supply chain by helping to cultivate crops and tend to livestock.

Final Thoughts

With the further advantage of working and learning in a strategic atmosphere, you can see the aforementioned Farm Jobs In The UK – No Experience listings. You have no restrictions on using our list of Farm Jobs in the UK – No Experience In the UK to start and maintain your enthusiasm.

Before applying for Farm Jobs in the UK – No Experience 2024, folks must read the material in the article above. After looking, applying, and eventually getting hired, you can work to get a lovely experience and enjoy a rich and fulfilling extra dimension to your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are agricultural laborers in great demand in the UK?

In the UK, the agricultural sector is currently evolving to fulfill regional food demands and adopt more environmentally friendly food production techniques. Due to their direct influence on the industry, farmers will be in higher demand.

How much do farmworkers in the UK get paid?

In the UK, the average income for a farm worker is £12 per hour, or £23,400 annually. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is £21,624 annually, but the majority of experienced workers can earn up to £30,000.

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