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APPLY – 2023 Cambridge Trust Scholarships

APPLY – Cambridge Trust Scholarships 2023

Applications are open for students to apply for Cambridge Master’s, Opportunities, as well as Studentships. Kindly read through to submit your application:

1 . Studentships for Masters at Cambridge

The top applicants for one-year postgraduate study receive part-cost awards of a variable sum, usually £12,000 apiece, from the Cambridge Trust each year. These awards are known as Cambridge Masters Studentships.

No of how they are already paying their tuition, applicants for master’s degree programs are eligible for the studentships as long as they:

  • They submit their application by the Postgraduate Funding deadline for the program they want to enroll in, and the university offers them conditional admission;
  • As part of their admissions application through the University’s Applicant Portal, candidates must check the option to apply for financing and complete the online form’s Cambridge Trust component.

Candidates who have already earned a Master’s or Ph.D. degree or who will soon receive one are ineligible.

The Trust is unable to provide financial aid for part-time MSt programs at any University Department. Please be aware that MASt courses and MSt courses are not the same (MASt courses are eligible).

Between March and late July, those who are selected will receive an email.

2 . Get Into Cambridge Studentships and Cambridge Opportunity Studentships

Masters students from low-income households who have experienced educational disadvantage are eligible for Cambridge Opportunity Studentships, which are set at the Home rate for fees.

The Get In Cambridge Studentships is intended to redress the underrepresentation of students from Black, British Bangladeshi, or British Pakistani backgrounds and adhere to the same requirements.

Both studentships are meant to pay for living expenses and tuition when the maximum postgraduate grant or loan is obtained through government student aid. Please visit for additional details on postgraduate loans.

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Essential Qualifications:

A Master’s degree or higher is not required of applicants, nor may they be enrolled in postgraduate studies at the time of application.

Also, you must be able to affirmatively respond “yes” to the following question: “Do I now have the financial resources (in the form of savings, assets, other rewards, or an income independent of hours worked) to fund the proposed course of study?”

Further Qualifications:

One or more of the following should apply to you in addition to the preceding fundamental requirements. If there are any additional difficult life circumstances that you feel should be considered, such as educational disruption from moving schools or illness, working while enrolled in full-time undergraduate study, circumstances that limited your ability to choose a university for undergraduate study, an unusual path to postgraduate study, or anything else, please describe them in the appropriate section on the admissions application questionnaire.

In the UK, you are granted refugee status or humanitarian protection.

At the secondary level:

  • You were a Free School Lunch recipient.
  • You lived in the Foyer or were a child in the care of the local authority.
  • You were a young caregiver for a family member who need your practical assistance to survive.
  • You were a resident in one of the poorest regions of the nation. You can verify your postcode rating using the government website for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. (This is defined in accordance with the government’s IMD database.)

In a university

  • If you began your undergraduate studies before August 2016, you were/are a UK government undergraduate student who received a full or partial Maintenance Grant.
  • If you began your undergraduate program after August 2016, and the UK Student Loans Corporation determined that your residual household income was £42,620 or less, you were qualified for a means-tested maintenance loan.
  • You are/were the first person in your immediate family to complete a master’s or undergraduate degree.
  • Your relationship with your immediate relatives or caregivers is/was strained.
  • You are or were a full-time undergraduate with responsibility for a family member who needs your practical assistance to get by.
  • You are or were a full-time undergraduate who is or was a single parent, lone foster parent, or lone guardian of a minor who was enrolled full-time in school.
  • You are/were unable to complete your undergraduate studies because of health issues or the death of a close relative.
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Only the application for admission to the University of Cambridge, which must be filed by the funding date particular to your program, is necessary for this studentship (please refer to the Postgraduate Course Directory). The admissions application form will include questions that you must respond to in a certain way.



The Trust’s awarding season, which lasts from March until the end of July, is a continuous procedure. The Trust makes the majority of its complete grants in March. Partner-funded awards can take longer to distribute, and the Trust may occasionally be able to elevate reserve candidates when offers are turned down.

About Cambridge Trust Scholarships

The Cambridge Commonwealth Trust and the Cambridge Overseas Trust were combined to form the Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trust on August 1, 2013. These were created as charitable organizations by the University of Cambridge in the 1980s to offer financial assistance to foreign students enrolled in degree programs at Cambridge.

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The Trust supports between 1,100 and 1,400 international students in residence each year from 85 different countries and offers about 500 scholarships annually. The Trust has provided more than 20,000 scholarships to students from all over the world throughout the course of its forty-year history of doing so at the University of Cambridge.

Also, the Trust now offers the most scholarships to overseas students at Cambridge, working with partners throughout the world to help individuals with exceptional academic merit through a range of scholarship programs.

Selected students at the Ph.D., Master’s, and undergraduate levels are granted awards, which include both full-cost and part-cost scholarships, in all academic areas and at all 31 Colleges of the University of Cambridge.

The Trust is run by a board of Trustees and has 13 employees under the direction of a Director. The Trust is sponsored by the former Prince of Wales.



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